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A special letter has arrived
We received a very interesting letter this morning here at the Double Horseshoe! These breedings will take place after Christmas day! These fawns will only be available to accepted members of the Fae Realm found here..:iconfae-equus:

Stay tuned to see the very special does and bucks that will be bred straight from the North Pole! The parents will not be up for this adoption just the fawns.
These special Artic deer species are larger than normal deer breeds. Doe tend to have feathering around thier legs as well as a slight mane and longer tails. Bucks can have almost mane like hair as well as feathering on thier legs. Strong minded and not easily spooked like white tail. 
It will be your job to raise and train these fawns for a very special sleigh team, you will need to start with halter and ground manners then as they mature train them to harness and maybe even to accept a rider if the fawn grows to a larger size. Some of these fawns may have special features! If your fawn passes the sleigh team test when they are grown, they will be used as part of the very special sleigh team every year but they will be returned to your ranch or farm after the Christmas season. These fawns will belong to you to breed they will just be loaned to Mr. S for one special night! 

Disclaimer: Artic deer do not fly, a special feed is only produced in the North Pole, a closely guarded secret.
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United States
                             Horse Randomizer
Use, simply take each section you want to use and fill in the number blanks.

For example: Training Issues
You would fill in 1 to 20 and whatever number came up when you click generate, would be what that particular training issue was.

Single or Twin birth
   1. Single Foal
   2. Twin Foals
        *If twins, then roll for each gender

Foal Gender

  1. Filly
  2. Colt

Training Issues

   1. Spooky
   2. Mean
   3. Bites rider/trainer
   4. Breaks tack
   5. Excels
   6. Had to bribe with treats
   7. Pinned ears for entire session
   8. Steps on trainers/riders feet
   9. Responds well
 10. Calm
 11. Bolts
 12. Kicks Trainer/rider
 13. Pulls tack off
 14. Falls asleep during
 15. Alert
 16. Does not understand anything/ confused
 17. Pushy
 18. Throws rider
 19. Balks
 20. Acts goofy and silly the entire time

Injuries and illness

  1. Small cut
  2. Slight Limp
  3. Colic
  4. Bowed Tendon
  5. Hoof Abscess
       *1 for small abscess, 2 for large abscess
  6. Dehedration
  7. Snake bite
      *1 for non venomous, 2 for venomous
  8. No Injuries
  9. Thrush
10. Large cut required stiches
11. Trips and falls, minor scrapes
12. Coughing
13. Choke
14. Stone bruise, requires rest
15. Breaks out in hives
16. No injuries
17. No injuries
18. Saddle rubs causing sores
19. Stung by bee or wasp
20. Bolted through fence, scraped up

Basic Training

 1. Gound manners
 2. Learning to lunge
 3. Halter
 4. Learning to stand while tied
 5. Trailer loading
 6. Learning to lead
 7. Farrier training
 8. Saddle training

Advanced Training

  1. Driving
  2. English
  3. Cross Country
  4. Reining
  5. Trick training/Trick riding
  6. Trail/Normal/Extreme
  7. Roping/Sorting/Ranch work
  8. Western
  9. Show Jumping
 10. Barrel Racing
 11. Cutting
 12. Vaulting
 13. Team Penning
 14. Dressage
 15. Therapy Horse
 16. Lesson horse
 17. Mounted shooting
 18. Packing
 19. Saddle Seat
 20. Polo
 21. Racing
 22. Harness Racing
 23. 3 Day eventing
 24. Steeple Chase
 25. Fox Hunting
 26. Halter / Showmanship


1. Mean Tempered
2. Spooky
3. Alpha
4. Lazy
5. Dangerous
6. Bright
7. Bold
8. Timid/Shy
9. Calm
10. Aggresive
11. Fearful
12. Mischevious
13. Spiteful
14. Stubborn
15. Fearless
16. Loner
17. Beta
18. Very Protective
19. Diva
20. Goofy / Silly
21. Ditzy / Stupid
22. People pleaser


1. Broke fence, escaped, found later
2. Jumped fence bred mares/Jumped fence bred by stallion
3. Infertile
4. Fights with another horse
5. Kicks stall, gets hurt
6. Panics in trailer, injuring themselves
7. Tripped in gopher hole
8. Stolen
9. Accidently bred to unknown stallion/mare by careless groom
10. Escaped stall
11. Dragged trainer
12. Reared, fell backwards
13. Escaped, joined wild herd
14. Threw a shoe
15. Ate spoiled grain
16. Tangled in fencing
17. Pasture injury, caused some vision loss
18. Pasture injury, minor
19. Attacked in pasture by another animal
      *Dog, wild animal, etc.
20. Decided to befriend a weird animal
21. Became obsessed with an inanimate object
      *Stuffed animal, Jolly ball, Dog squeaky toy, etc.
22. Opened ALL the gates
23. Did something embarassing in front of everyone
       * Slobbered on riders hair, Spit water in boots, Fell in the mud, etc.
24. Found old paint cans, paint will not wash off. You are now waiting for the paint to      wear off
25. Went for a swim in the pond and will not get out
26. Fell in love with a non horse

Basic Facial Markings

1. Star
2. Snip
3. Stripe
4. Full bald face
5. White muzzle
6. White chin
7. Blaze
8. Broken blaze
9. No face markings
10. Star with connected blaze and muzzle
11. Half bald face
12. Badger face
13. Faint star
14. Narrow blaze
15. Wide blaze
16. Irregular shaped star
17. Star and snip
18. Irregular shaped blaze

Basic Body Markings

1. No leg markings
2. Dapples
3. Lacing
4. Brindle
5. White cornets
     *Roll 1,2,3 or 4
6. Socks
     * Roll 1,2,3 or 4
7. Stockings
     * Roll 1,2,3 or 4
8. High whites
     * Roll 1,2,3 or 4
9. Primitive leg barring
10. Black points
11. White heel
      * Roll 1,2,3 or 4
12. Blood mark
13. Birdcatch spots
14. Bend Or spots
15. Broken white on legs (ex. Lightning marks on an Appaloosa)

Paint Patterns

1. Splash white
2. Overo
3. Rabico
4. Soild
5. Tricolored
6. Medicine Hat
7. Tobiano
8. Tovero
9. Sabino
10. Minimal white patterns expression
11. Maximum white pattern expression
12. Frame
13. Ink spots

Appaloosa Patterns

1. Soild
2. Snowcap blanket
3. Spotted blanket
4. Varnish
5. Roan blanket
6. Leopard
7. Near leopard
8. Few spot
9. Roan blanket with spots
10. Snowflake
11. Reverse Snowflake
12. Frost
* For spots
    1. Haloed
    2. Peacock
    3. Crisp
    4. Blurred

For Pintaloosa foals roll once from Paint markings and once from Appaloosa markings
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  • Reading: the computer screen
  • Watching: PBS


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