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Sirius B

Beyond the Frontier II - Centre of Power ends in a couple of hours, so it's time to finally finish work!

I proudly present you "Sirius B", my submission to the contest.

This was quite hard to achieve, because it's actually the first time I seriously tried to do some space related stuff.

Credits: "The last Supernova Tutorial" by =keepwalking07.

Inspirations from: :iconjoejesus: :iconkeepwalking07: :iconmark-s: :iconr3v4n: :iconbaro: :wave:


With a mass nearly equal to the Sun's, Sirius B is one of the more massive white dwarfs known (0.98 solar mass.); it is almost double the 0.5–0.6 solar mass average. Yet that same mass is packed into a volume roughly equal to the Earth. The current surface temperature is 25,200 K. However, since there is no internal source of energy generation, Sirius B will steadily cool as the remaining heat is radiated into space over a period of more than two trillion years. [wiki]


Technical Details:

:bulletred: native resolution: 4000x2000 300dpi
:bulletred: program used: Photoshop CS4 only
:bulletred: time: at least 20 hours B-)


now listening to: Joe Satriani - Is There Love in Space

Comments & Criticism are very appreciated! :)

edit: text alignment fixed...
and for anyone wondering: as i promised this is the overhauled version of the piece i uploaded a week ago. i deleted the asteroids and mainly worked on the background.
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I hope you don't mind, I used your image on my blog, We Are Star Stuff. It was such a powerful image.
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Ladies and gentlemen, proof that wizards become stars when they choose not to be ghosts.
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Such a beautiful planet right ...
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Also, if you ever finish Sirius A, here are some important colours you must use:
Sirus A is covered with white fire and also it has a little bit of blue. Also, some of the flames it makes ends with Gold Fire (Or Something like Gold).
I really hope you finish it. Trust me, if I had the drawing skills you have I would do it, but not all people are special like you.
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Can You Please Do that, if You Can...
Make a Drawing of Sirius A. Sirius B is Blue. Sirius A is White and Brighter!
Please, Do that if You Can. + You will be the first in the Internet to create a Drawing of Sirius A, this beautiful! If you make it, please inform me. I want to use it as WallPaper in my Desktop, and make a Poster for my room.
hi, may I use this as top graphic in my website? its about Sirius of course :D when this is online, adress should be, but please be sirius, I dont have money to pay for rights :P and THIS IS MOST AMAZING SIRIUS GRAPHIC !!!!
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Used this on me and a friend's wikia, hope you don't mind.

Take the link. [link]
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Great work! I really like the composition and colors!
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Cool, Looks Like An Enlightened Earth :meditation:
Very nice! Can i use small thumb of this image for my flash game (as mission briefing background)? You will be credited
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Really amazing work, one of the best I've ever seen! I look on it and I feel its heat... Tempestuous surface with those fiery eruptions totally blows my eyes into the space enchanted by bright rays of energy... And background is great too - with millions of stars shining quite faintly(but I get shivers when thinking that they can be even hotter than this one!) compared to such powerful fusion reactor...
In fact - brilliant!

...And new, epic wallpaper! :D
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Wow, its incredible !
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That; is. Amazing.
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Probably the best thing I've seen on DeviantArt. Serious Kudos for that. :D
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very nice! good luck for the contest!!
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Holy CRUD this is fucking awesome!!! I only wish I could do stuff like this :(
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nice work! keep up :)
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i will, thanks :slow:
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