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some of the things i do.

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mostly due to a lack interest.... so, ok.


carbine, pistol caliber - 274

largely based on the ubiquitous mp 40, it has an open bolt, blowback design though designed to fire at a much higher rate of 1200 rpm. to help control recoil, a recoil absorbing spring tube is fitted under the barrel in the barrel jacket. it also has 4 picatinny rails built into the barrel jacket with an optional side-mounting scope rail. finally it retains the mp 40's folding stock, though this can be replaced with any modern side folding stocks or a fixed plastic butt stock.

its made for security work and use by police forces. the standard magazine can hold up to 50 rounds in a triple stacked plastic magazine. chambered for 9x19mm but can be re-chambered for old soviet 9x18mm and the new +P 9x21mm though the bolt will need to be changed as well.

by :iconapotheosi: / loose tangent

plot twist... SAMs for mid-close range defence. rail cannon with flak rounds for long ranged defence

by :iconapotheosi: / loose tangent
kurz maschinenpistole - 4045

basically? smashed an uzi into a ump 45

made as a personal defence weapon for second line troops, security personnel or people who need a relatively small discreet weapon that can spit out a large volume of fire in short order. the standard version fires .45 acp at a high rate of fire of 900 rpm. the idea is to overwhelm a target while overcoming light armor. the modified 9mm has an even higher fire rate of 1200 rpm. accuracy is... not so great because of the short default barrel though this is fixed somewhat thanks to the roller delayed blowback.

not quite so easy to conceal but relatively handy enough that you wouldn't really mind in tight spaces. i think i made a 3 stack mag.... should hold slightly more than 30 rounds... estimate bout 35 rounds -ish of .45acp / 10mm. likely more if its 40 s&w / 9mm, bout 40 rounds i guess.

added 3 safeties. a manual safety above the trigger, a switch safety and a grip safety.

empty cases are by default kicked out on the right... for right handers, so the shells don't hit your face. can be modified to kick th shells out the left, though you will also need to adjust the quick mount optic rail.

decided to go with a ghost ring rear sight instead of the UMP diopter drum sight.

idea & sketch by :iconapotheosi: / loose tangent
mostly due to a lack interest.... so, ok.
YMS - 189 / Geofon
Principality of Zeon Prototype Assault use Mobile Suit

height: 18.5m
weight: 72 t
output: 2500kw
thrust : 101.2 t
armor : Super-hard Steel Alloy with anti-beam coating

fixed armament:
2x 40mm vulcan
1x high output beam saber / heat wire

optional hand armament:
1x combi-shield
    = 4x 200mm rocket propelled needler grenade launcher (outer tubes)
    = 4x 200mm canister shock guns (inner tubes) 
    = 120mm 6-barrel minigun
1x 380mm giant bazooka

developed towards the end of the war but never put into official use, the Geofon was designed as a high speed shock attack mobile suit. it was built along similar lines to both the gouf and gyan, combining aspects of both. this makes the suit an extremely potent melee and close quarters combatant.

a versatile unit, it can be used in both land and space conditions without much preparation. the high output beam saber by necessity needs to be tethered to the unit to achieve full output for continuous periods and so it was connected to the gouf's heat rod system. the saber combined with the heat rod wire allows the Geofon to launch the saber from its under fore-arm holster and into targets. the heat rod can also be heated up to slice or be charged electrically to damage enemy mobile suit systems. the saber may be fired out with the saber active in order to pierce a nearby target with the saber.

rounding out the Geofon's weaponry is a mid-to-short range weapons combi-shield. the minigun allows the Geofon to engage enemies at mid-range with enough firepower to suppress or shred them. Needler rocket grenades are rockets with a hardened penetrator head that explode after penetrating a certain amount of armor. A simple weapons system, the Needler rocket grenades rely on an impact fuze within the penetrator head to ignite the explosive package in the middle of the rocket. this does mean that if the Needler overpenetrates a target, it may not detonate. This however, makes the Needler a good anti-ship weapon. For closer targets, the combi-shield is equipped with 4 canister shock guns that function like shotguns with a flechette load. Intended to be a last-ditch weapon, the shock guns fire an extremely dense spray of metal spikes into a target at close range, shredding or otherwise blasting the target backwards. the shock guns can be fired individually to conserve ammo or altogether for a very forceful blast. even if the spikes fail to penetrate the target, the cloud of spikes is dense enough that errant rounds will likely penetrate or destroy sensors, thrusters or even jam up limb joints.

for longer range fights, the Geofon relies on the ever reliable giant bazooka from the Dom line. This giant bazooka has been modified with a larger ammo magazine with spare magazines being clipped onto the Geofon's rear skirt armor. Each magazine can hold up to 8 rounds. The Geofon's giant bazooka fires a specialized anti-mobile suit round which can damage even gundalium armor. the round has an initial charge at the head to defeat reactive armor and a larger explosive charge behind it to penetrate the armor.

to deal with incoming missiles, infantry and light armor, the Geofon's head contains a pair of 40mm vulcans. the vulcans can also be used to damage or destroy the sensors of enemy MS.

Geofon by :iconapotheosi: / loose tangent



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