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Jeholopterus was a small pterosaur from the Jurassic. It belonged to a family of odd-looking fllyers called Anurognathids. Unlike most pterosaurs that have narrow and long snouts, these had an unusual blunt head that mostly resemble a frog or toad (hence the family name that means frog jaw)

In life these creatures would have looked like flying half-reptiles, half-frogs and half-bats (combined with a short fur covering their bodies)

This species of Jeholopterus has been done in the most innacurate way possible. There was a theory that this species was a vampire with long fangs that can fold out like rattlesnake's fangs when there was time to feed. It had also an unusual mane (or fin?) over its back, long limbs and fingers with the wings having a functional claw at the tips and a overly long and thin tail with a brush at the apex (All anurognathids had a very short tail actually). The most striking feature maybe is a long antenna coming from the neck that perhaps acted as a lure to attract prey, quite similar to that used by anglerfishes. Despite all these almost-fantastical traits, there is no scientific support for that description and their ecological behavior.

Just consider that are flying half-reptiles, half-frogs and half-bats and not any other type of chimaera.

PD: There isn't evidence that the animal used bioluminiscence either.
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