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This is my art gallery. You can see my oldest art at my old account.



Adoption is Not a Trash Can or a Pet Shop by Unicornarama Adoption is Not a Trash Can or a Pet Shop :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 152 436
Christianity Does NOT Promote Murder or Rape.
Modified (verses in Scriptural order) version of the description of this stamp: 
In 1 Kings 20:31-32, the servants of the King of Syria, Ben-Hadad, say that the kings of Israel are (and I quote) merciful kings. The accusation that the Bible supports murder, rape, and ant-bellum slavery is against the Bible, and this verse is straight from the horse's mouth. If the people alive during the times in question believed that the Israelite kings were merciful, who are we (we who live about 3,000 years later) to say that they were not? It seems that the culture of the Ancient Near East was far, far bloodier than anti-Christians want you to believe.
Who will tell you that "Christians promote murder, rape, and slavery"?
Some interesting videos:
Anti-Christians and perverted Christians trumpet this myth. What I mean by "perverted Christians" are people who profess to believe that Jesus d
:iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 39 54
Seeing Red Comic by Conservatoons Seeing Red Comic :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 9 1
Why Christianity?
7/23/17 - Forgot a detail from before, so I'm updating this journal with it. It is under Point #4.
One question asked of me (or questions, rather), were how we can know the God of the Bible is the true God, and why any belief contrary to Christianity is false. Even suggesting such an idea today is automatically deemed "bigoted" and "arrogant," but yet, logic itself would dictate that if there is a singular truth, then anything contradicting it would have to be false. A simple example would be if I said, "1+1=2, and 1+1=3." Can both be true? Of course not. If there can only be one solution to a scenario, then you can't have another solution that's different. We will investigate in this journal the claims that the Bible makes, because it is the only book by which we may know God, and find out if the ecumenical idea that "all paths lead to heaven" holds any water. I write this, of course, with Colossians 3:12 and 14 and in mind.
"Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and belo
:iconthywordistruth:ThyWordIsTruth 5 8
LIMITED EDITION - YOLO then you face JESUS by PourSonFils LIMITED EDITION - YOLO then you face JESUS :iconpoursonfils:PourSonFils 13 4 Pornography Is Adultery by EmpathicDesign Pornography Is Adultery :iconempathicdesign:EmpathicDesign 5 30 Sharia Free Zone MEME by Cambion-Hunter Sharia Free Zone MEME :iconcambion-hunter:Cambion-Hunter 21 25 Islam's Own FANFICTION Books - The HADITH by Cambion-Hunter Islam's Own FANFICTION Books - The HADITH :iconcambion-hunter:Cambion-Hunter 9 16 Religious, not stupid by Sykadia Religious, not stupid :iconsykadia:Sykadia 118 45 SJWs by ThePhilosophicalJew SJWs :iconthephilosophicaljew:ThePhilosophicalJew 72 156 The New Hate Speech by ThePhilosophicalJew The New Hate Speech :iconthephilosophicaljew:ThePhilosophicalJew 104 44 Armenian Genocide by ThePhilosophicalJew Armenian Genocide :iconthephilosophicaljew:ThePhilosophicalJew 19 24
Very Unpopular Opinions that I Have
don't read if easily offended 

Bullet; Red There's only two genders: male and female. Non-binary, genderfluid, demigirl/boy, agender...are not real. Stop trying so hard. and stop creating so many genders to be "special" because you're not. Dressing in masculine clothes one day and feminine clothes the next doesn't mean you're "genderfluid".
Bullet; Red I hate fake sexualities, some of the sexualities that SJWs come up with seem like parodies.
Bullet; Red There's only five sexualities, Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Asexual, and Pansexual.  Any other sexuality is fake and doesn't exist.  Things like demisexual and Androsexual is bullshit.    

Bullet; Red  If you're 16+ who say you're non-binary/genderfluid/whatever else there is
:iconthephilosophicaljew:ThePhilosophicalJew 16 37
Whoops, sorry for not changing who I am. by World-Hero21 Whoops, sorry for not changing who I am. :iconworld-hero21:World-Hero21 624 0 I don't want to please ASSHOLES. by Little-rolling-bean I don't want to please ASSHOLES. :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 160 115 Yes This is How I Really Feel by SionnaDehr Yes This is How I Really Feel :iconsionnadehr:SionnaDehr 87 39


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General Buzzkillington
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United States
Hello. I am Aposteri. I first joined this website as mjduniverse on Oct 13, 2013. However, I moved to this account because my old one has a bunch of poorly drawn artwork and a bunch of nubby comments. Here I am on other websites:

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If you see anyone breaking these rules on my profile, please tell me.

Me on other websites:


  • mjduniverse (Old Account, I don't recommend going there because I have a bunch of nubby and stupid things on there.)

I am also a Christian.


My DeviantART account is a block of ice.
Please report luramiwhal1978. It is some user with an inappropriate avatar and is spreading some suspicious link.
I have not seen any ToriTheWolfy alts in quite a while. Have any of you seen any recently?
There you go.


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