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Directions:  Pick a character from one of your stories...preferably the one you're currently having problems with.  Then answer as many of these questions as you can. Go!  :D

Alternate Directions Using More Than One Character:  (To make the rotation come out even this will work best for 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, or 15 characters)  Pick a random letter from each of your chosen characters' names - make sure the letters are all different.  Then find that letter on the list below and make a note of that number.

A = 13
B = 17
C = 1
D = 14
E = 18
F = 3
G = 7
H = 11
I = 12
J = 25
K = 22
L = 10
M = 5
N = 6
O = 4
P = 19
Q = 9
R = 20
S = 15
T = 26
U = 16
V = 24
W = 2
X = 8
Y = 21
Z= 23

Once you have all the numbers written down, put them in a list with the largest number first and the smallest number last.  That will be the character rotation for the questions.  Here's an example:

My characters are going to be

Emiko Nagataki, Sam Warren, Melina Zachary

And I've picked the following letters from their names:
Emi = O, Sam = W, Mel  = H

Based on the list above that means that
O = 4 , W = 2, H = 11

So, my character rotation would be Melina, Emiko, Sam.  Thus, question 1 would be about Melina's weird dream, question 2 would be about Emiko buying a gun, question 3 would be about Sam's new religion, question 4 would be about a movie Melina hates, etc, etc.

Why make it so complicated?  Well...I guess you don't have to...but it helps me keep myself from "rigging" the questions to fit the characters.  :roll:  If you don't think you have that problem, then there are plenty of easier ways to rotate through the questions.  :laughing:  

Oh, also, there's no rule that says you have to answer them all (although you can if you want to.)  Instead, you could pick 2 or 3 of them and write something a bit more in-depth.  It's really all up to you.  :)

Alrighty, so without further ado, here are your questions.  Have fun!  :D

1)  Your character has a very weird dream that involves them having a good time with someone they absolutely hate!  What does the dream entail and what would happen if the other person ever found out about the dream?

2)  What reason would your character have to buy a gun?  And what would it take to make then use that gun on someone important to them?

3)  If your character were to suddenly decide to practice a different religion what would it be and why?

4)  What movie would your character have to be dragged to kicking and screaming and who would be most likely to be doing the dragging?

5)  How would your character react to crossing paths with a creepy stranger in a dark alley?

6)  If your character were suddenly to get very sick, who would help them get through it?  Would they be happy to have that help?

7)  Your character suddenly wins the lottery!  What's the first thing they'd do with their winnings?  

8)  Your character decides to form a band.  Who else would be in it?  What would the band's name be?  What kind of music would they play?  Would they be any good?  How long would it take before the band broke up?

9)  Your character suddenly finds themselves trapped in a notoriously haunted house.  How do they react?

10)  Someone is blackmailing your character with some rather...interesting photos.  What's on those negatives?!

11)  How would your character react if technology suddenly ceased to exist?

12)  Your character has a choice - face their worst fear...or let someone die.  What is that fear and what choice would they make?

13)  How far would your character be willing to go to survive if there were suddenly forced to live out on the streets?

14)  What job would your character most likely have if they worked at the circus and why?

15)  There's been a natural disaster in the town where your character is living (flood, tornado, earthquake, etc.)  How would they react to the aftermath?

16)  Your character discovers that someone they care about is actually a criminal hiding from the law.  How would they react?

17)  If your character had to pick another place and time to live in what would it be and why?

18)  When your character goes grocery shopping what's the one thing that must ALWAYS be on the list?

19)  Think about the one trait your character likes most about themselves.  What if they were to wake up tomorrow and it was replaced by something completely opposite?  How would they react?  If it's not a physical trait, how would it change their personality?

20)  Your character discovers that they need to get (or will be forced to get) a roommate - what would their want ad say?

21)  What are your character's chances of survival if they got lost in the wilderness?

22)  If your character knew they only had 24 hours to live how would they spend that time?

23)  What animal does your character most closely indentify with?  Is it the same animal that you (the writer) identify your character with?  Why or why not?

24)  Your character suddenly finds themselves in a world entirely opposite from their own and there's NO WAY back.  How well would they adjust to the change?

25)  Your character has signed up for and gotten a spot on a reality TV show - what show is it and how well would they do? (Note: It does not have to be a show that's currently on the air)

26)  Consider other popular universes you're familiar with (i.e. Naruto, Doctor Who, Narnia, Star Trek, Twilight, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc.)  Which one do you think your character would fit into most comfortably and why?  If your character is ALREADY a part of one of these universes, please pick a DIFFERENT one.

27)  Your character is being forced (or has agreed) to babysit a very inquisitive 5-year-old.  What happens?

28)  Your character somehow manages to get completely plastered.  What kind of drunk are they - depressed, goofy, angry, talkative, etc.?  Describe the situation that led to this turn of events.  

29)  How does your character feel about their birthday?  What would a typical birthday celebration entail?

30)  Your character receives an anonymous love letter.  How do they react?  Do they suspect someone they know of sending it?  If so, are they correct in their assumption?  Would they confront the suspected person?

Okay, that's all of least for now.  If enough people seem to find this useful and/or are interested in me making another one of these, then I might consider it.  :)
So, these are just some questions I came up with to help me with my own writer's block. Generally when I develop writer's block it's because I'm either trying to force my characters to act in a way contrary to what they actually would OR I can't decide how my character should/would react to a given situation. However, I find that when I force myself to "think outside the box" of my story, I can sometimes come across insights about my characters that I hadn't considered before.

Then I realized that if they were helpful to me they might be helpful to someone else, too. So, here they are. Please feel free to use this - I don't mind you reposting it on DA as long as you've FILLED IT IN with your personal responses and you credit me for the original. I'd also LOVE for you to share links to your responses in the comments if you do decide to post them somewhere. :aww:
© 2011 - 2021 Aposiopesis
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Wait, i dont understand something about the numbers... Does that mean "the higher the number, the more likely a certain character will go first?", or is it something else im missing?
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Well...technically, yes?  You can really do it any way you want to.  For example for something truly random, put your characters into a Random Choice Generator and use that for your rotation instead.  ^_^  For me, this was just the easiest way to force myself to not give my characters 'easy' questions.  For example, I can think of several reasons Sam Warren would buy a gun, but giving Emiko a reason is more of a challenge.  Basically, it was to help me to keep myself from 'cheating'.  *chuckles*  If you want you can even answer all the questions using just one character.  It's really up to you, but the main idea is to force yourself to think outside the box and look at your character in ways you might not have before.  Granted, it doesn't always work.  For example, I've got characters who would never buy a gun because guns don't exist in their universe, but in a situation like that you can always alter the question to best suit the world your character is in.  I hope this answers your question.  :)
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Ok I love doing this meme. It helps me so much with understanding how my characters think. I have just found this and have only done this with one of my characters, but I see myself doing it for many more.
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7) Buy a lifetime supply of pomegranates! I am a dummy! 
9) Da fuq? How'd the cornflake did i get here?! :o (Eek) 
11) MEH IPOD!!!!!!!!! Nuu 
12) biggest fear is letting my brothers die. Anyone else, i couldn't care less. Less expectations for me to fallow anyway....Grump 
14) The Circus Monster of course. So i can sing peacefully, and sulk in the cage.Glaree 
18) Pomegranates......cuz their fluffin' pomegranates!
21) 100% She's a witch! Pikachu Like It Plz 
24) Celebrate. She finally gets the death she wants, but the man who loves her will do anything to make her death less lonely Llama Emoji-51 (Content) [V3] 
26) Narnia. Cuz she's a witch and she kicks ass. Kudryavka Noumi (Fangirling) [V3] 
27) BEST DAY EVER. Austria (Objection) [V1] 
28) Stipping, Britney Spears singing drunk. Goes up to the man that loves her and tells him to 'do it already' over and over. Hilarity insures.....Jean Kirschstein (Brokenhearted) 
29) She goes insane on her birthday. Yui Funami (Shy) [V1] 
30) Da trash. She doesn't have eyes for someone who's too afraid to confess their feelings in front of her.Shintarou Kisaragi (Look) 

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1)  Your character has a very weird dream that involves them having a good time with someone they absolutely hate!  What does the dream entail and what would happen if the other person ever found out about the dream? C=1=Sia
The dream entails Sia and his twin brother Jake happily fing their friends and then the celebration commencing afterwards lights up everywhere.Plenty of food for them all to eat noone being hungry.Sia would wake up remembering how sad he felt that he and his brother were exact opposites,or even how he had not responded with any emotion since their aunt died.It would be a dream come true to see Jake smiling wouldn't it?If jake found out about the dream he would probably just tell him he was stupid and that we havent found them yet anyways.

2)  What reason would your character have to buy a gun?  And what would it take to make then use that gun on someone important to them?
Damien?Buy a gun!Wow that's really out of charector.
If in any case even in the best chances I would still need a gun.It's just for survival I thought to myself,deciding on picking up the loose gun I had seen on a nearby corpse but then as I saw the face on the corpse I cringed.To think this virus took over everyone I knew.A chuckle bounced off the back of my throat.I really didn't know what was funny at the time etheir.Nothing was,everything was?I picked up the gun untriggering the saftey immeaditly.There and then I decided everything was funny.My life was funny and lived in enough optimism to where death could be funny too right?Only one way to see if the joke can continue I thought.I pulled the trigger.Hopefully the next person won't need that last bullet.
3)If your character were to suddenly decide to practice a different religion what would it be and why?
Everyday,it was everyday now.Her mother pestered her.Her friends.Even her aunt pestered her.Why you ask?Religion,that stupid mumbo jumbo that only creeps belive."Lilliy why not just go to the sermon with us today?Lilliy we sure did miss you at the sermon today."Her mother would state,question,prod and poke.Lilliy's friends whispering as she walked the hallways about the atheist girl in a catholic town,and now today with her aunt saying how uncomfortable she looked with her sprit not in gods palms.She wished they would all just shut up.That's why today she just as she walked into the livingroom she stated upsetly,"I'll go to church today."Lilliy will just have to except noone understands what its like when noones on your side.
4)  What movie would your character have to be dragged to kicking and screaming and who would be most likely to be doing the dragging?
"I don't want to see twilight!Damn it david!""Well you are going to see it anyways Sky""David stop being evil and mean to me! D::"
5)  How would your character react to crossing paths with a creepy stranger in a dark alley?
I saw a dark figure in the alleyway.I held my tounge dashing past the strange figure.Usually I get pretty tripped up about those type of things.'m suprised I'm not shaking.That is I would be suprised if I hadn't just almost broke a leg trying to run fast enough.

*and now shes off again*
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This is downright brilliant!
I have to try this some time
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This is amazing! I always seem to come to it when I need help with a writers block, and I always seem to be able to overcome it! Thank you thank you thank you!
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im really confused about how to do it! ^^''
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KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I have a short story due on friday, 12 pages, times new roman, 12 pt font, double spaced (thank god!). This is the first time I've ever done anything serious besides fanfiction. as in my own original work this is the first time.... I don't know how to get to know a new character that is not a fan OC.... This is helping me soooooo much!
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So using this. It's already forcing me in :D
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this is really cool. Great idea!
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I'm soo confused
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Is there something I can do/say to alleviate your confusion? :?
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:blushes: LOL! Happy to have helped. :D
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Helped me a lot, thank you!
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Excellent! That always a wonderful thing to hear! :aww:
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This looks great! I'll link it back here when I'm finished filling it out ^^
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Yay! :happybounce: Can't wait to read it! :D
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this might actually help me! THANKS!
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Being helpful is what this meme is all about. :aww: Best of luck with your writer's block!
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