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November 2008

What is Apophysis?

Apophysis is a freeware tool that allows one to create fractal flame images or animations. Now what exactly are fractal flames?

Fractal Flames are algorithmically generated images and animations. The shape of each image is specified by a long string of numbers - a genetic code of sorts. Flames are an extension of the iterated function system class of fractals (IFS), so what you see is essentially a histogram of a complex system.
Those of you more interested in the mathematical background behind Apophysis you can find a detailed description on flam3.

What can Apophysis do?

In the hands of an expert, Apophysis can be used to manipulate iterated function systems to produce truly unique and artistic images and animations. Make no mistake about it, though the program aids in the computation and placement of the image, in the end the user has total control over image quality, form, and color placement.

To showcase some of the best Apophysis based art on deviantART we have assembled a selection of what we feel are images that personify fractal art in its best and most impressive form, both visually and in terms of technique used with the program itself.

schizophysis by grinagog   :thumb7447302:    Death is an Angel by Sya

Voraginosus by Phraktalous    Marti Gras Glass by Platinus    Fractal Highway by ClaireJones

Enter The Twisted Bull Horns by Wick5ter    Broken by Gygrazok    Void by Scully7491

Noxious Weeds by psion005    Fake Dimension by MichaelFaber    Bloodstream by datagram

(Not all of these artists are members of the Apophysis group!)

This list is not sorted in any specific order. We plan to showcase 12 different images and no artist will be put up twice. If you feel like you know just the right image to put up or you have one in your gallery you feel is worth showcasing please send a note to the administration with a link to the image.

If you have time and want to find more art created with Apophysis check the fractal gallery on dA. Not all of the work there is Apophysis, but quite a lot of it is.

Where can I find Apophysis?

You can download either the Apophysis Version 2.02 or Apophysis 2.0 Source Code.

Additionally, you can download Apophysis 2.08 Beta 2 HERE

You can also create fractal flames with the Gimp's flame plug-in (for Linux and OSX).

Keep an eye out for certain "hacks" (custom versions created by Apophysis enthusiasts) and the latest versions on our resource page here: apophysis.deviantart.com/journ…

Apophysis is not the work of one single person. We are a community and every member deserves recognition for our present success. Both Administrators and Members do what you see here for fun and for the love of our communty. We won´t change that!


Background: Vortechs
by Natalie Kelsey
Used with permission
Layout & CSS: Farlander
Mamma Gamma font: 1001fonts.com
Designed for Firefox
© 2005 - 2022 Apophysis
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How do I install the latest beta please? When I click on it all I get is the program not an install wizard. What am I doing wrong?
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you just copy the file you downloaded into your apophysis folder and run it. There is no install option for the latest upgrades.
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Fantastic club, I am going to learn Apophysis soon for my architecture course. Soon I may be able to send some work to the club? Would love to be part of it if possible? I am already watching you.
Ryugexu's avatar
I may want to join this...

Question: how does one use the program? Do I, if I want to make something with the program, have to understand complex maths or something?
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there is a help file full of great information available at [link]
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Thank you very much!!
Hey I just came across the orgasmic wonders of fractal art..and I downloaded Apophysis to try and create for myself this graphical wonders. But I don't know what the heck I'm doing. How do you use this thing?? Is anyone willing to take in an apprentice? hehe
Hey I just came across the orgasmic wonders of fractal art..and I downloaded Apophysis to try and create for myself this graphical wonders. But I don't know what the heck I'm doing. How do you use this thing?? Is anyone willing to take in an apprentice? hehe
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This all sounds/looks encouraging, I'll certainly try this out when the Mac version is complete...
Thanks for the efforts in that direction [link]
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Anyone with an Intel-based Mac who wants to run Apophysis may want to try CrossOver which allows you to run Apo without installing Windows. Working great for me with Apo 2.08b under Leopard.

Check my gallery for proof. :-)
I am glad you are out there
cliftz's avatar
awe and amazement
exactly something I've been
looking for
thanx to a2j3 for recommending Apopsysis
I'll try not to torture you with the images while learning :)
but, you know how it is.
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Hello all,

Pretty new to fractals but am grinding out what I can. "School of hard knocks" at work.
I've spent most of the last year at Flickr where I post my photographs.
Then the Fractal bug got me and DA seems to be the home of the fractal artist. So.....here I am (I want to be one too).
The quality of the fractal work I see at deviantART is something to strive for.
Apophysis has become part of my life. It's strange sleeping with someone you don't know. Given all the resources I find on DA, it's only a matter of time until the relationship improves.

Good luck to all.

Manas Dichow
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Is Apophysis avalible for Mac?
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There isn't an official version for it yet, but there are some projects in the pipeline to get Apophysis onto Mac's.

Oxidizer is the closest program I know of for Apophysis-like fractals for Mac, but that's about it.

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Thx~ I'm trying it now~
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A fellow deviant buddy recommended this site if I wanted to understand more about Fractal art... I understand that the end result of using Apophysis helps one to create amazing geometric art, but after reading your Journal... ^^; it sounds a bit too complicated for me since the word "mathematics" was used lol. I was wondering, is fractal art easy to learn and do for a complete beginner?
Apophysis's avatar
I'm glad you asked! Contrary to popular belief, Apophysis is one of the most user-friendly fractal programs out there right now. A lot of the users of Apophysis have little to no knowledge of the math that goes behind it. But that doesn't mean that it's "hard" in any respect. It took me about a month to fully get the hang of Apophysis, and I fully believe it was worth it. Of course, the time it takes to fully "get" Apophysis varies from person to person is different, but it's not that bad. I encourage you to give it a try. :)

Also, if you do decide to try it, you can check out our beginner tutorials here: [link]

=TwilightAmbiance :icontwilightambiance:
BornPessimist's avatar
I'm always curious to know about new things--especially things that are interesting :lol:. Perhaps I shall give it a try in the future because it looks fun to do :giggle:.
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thank you so much for doing this!!! i was trying to figure out how people were making those images and what they were made with, cuz i wanted to try!! now i can!!! tanks u!!! :hug:
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Is Apophysis available for Mac? I'm running OS X 10.4.10
Thank you for the help!
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I am currently working on a version that will work on a Mac or any linux system. the progress is going slow but it is coming along. `cmptrwhz
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dude, this sounds so fun and rewarding, but it is intimidating to me at the same time. ill give it a try. see what a noob can do! lol
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awesome i wanna try!
pics are brilliant btw
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