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Here we go again! Gallery Submission is open for business!

ba8y6irl here! Over the past month or two, submissions to our gallery have all but stopped and I would like to get it started up again. There will be a total overhaul on how we do submissions around here so I hope everyone is listening! First of all I would like to thank everyone that has submitted a piece lately, for their patience during our slight hiatus. We are hoping to get this all up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

As this new DeviantArt interface has been around for a little while now, we have decided to go the way of Collections, rather then taking each of your submissions and submitting them ourselves. This way the artist gets all the credit and can be easily contacted for questions or comments. We have set up the gallery with a variety of sections to make it easier to browse through. All fractals that are currently in our submissions have been added to our grandfathered fractals. All resources have been split up into categories for gradients, flame packs, tutorials and scripts. Recent fractals from this year are spilt up in monthly sections, with the current month’s submissions in our Apophysis Gallery. We hope this is going to be easier for everyone to browse and access.

We would like to open up submissions again with the following new rules:

• Submissions are to be submitted by Note to Apophysis. It’s easier for us to add to our gallery with just a drag and a drop from our notes. So please include a thumb of your piece to be submitted.

• 2 fractals per person, per month. Any more submitted and they will automatically replace the oldest fractal we have for that month.


1. Submissions must be sent to Apophysis by note

2. The subject of the note must say: Gallery Submission

3. The body of the note must contain following information:
- include image thumb
- mention if this is your first submission to the gallery or not
- state if you wish to remove or replace an item

4. Submissions can be sent only twice a month. Please be thoughtful about which image you want to submit. No changing your mind every week, or they will be ignored.

After your pieces have been submitted to our gallery, your notes will be archived and removed from the main inbox.

I will try my hardest to keep it current, and appreciate it if everyone keeps it simple by following the rules.

Should you have any questions about the submissions policy, feel free to note me ba8y6irl

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F4rn4's avatar
How can I add the image thumb into the note? Thnx.
Apophysis's avatar
One you deviation where it says how many people have viewed it there should be a box that had a thumb code in it... copy and paste it in a note saying gallery submission... if you still dont see it, just send me the link...


F4rn4's avatar
Ok, thx. Sry, for my stupid question.:-(
Apophysis's avatar
not a stupid question at all!!
baba49's avatar
Great news Shannon. I like this new submission rule much better. :hug:
marthig's avatar
In this new system, will we also have to have removed the previously submitted one ?
Example: I have a fractal already in the gallery (from quite a while ago) if I submit two now will the old one be removed ?
And the next two submissions (for December) will replace whatever I might submit now ?
Apophysis's avatar
If the fractal was from January 2008 or before, you don't have to worry about it. Actually, it should be from about May 2008 and before, I'm not sure why the collections have it listed as starting in January.

Otherwise, you can have two pieces in the gallery at one time, just let us know which one you want to replace and we'll go in and replace it, uploading the new one as you second, or first! :)

It is still a little gray because we are working through the grandfathered fractals and later we will put the newer ones into their respective collection month and go from there. We just needed to post new a submission policy.

Did that answer your question? I think I may have ranted a little. :|

ba8y6irl's avatar
I don't know why it's January, I think because I deleted a category and had to make new ones, and for whatever reason I brought it back to January without thinking :lmao: sorry I was :slow: the last couple days due to a insane sickness :sick:
Apophysis's avatar
:lol: That's okay, I fixed it the other day when I was going through there.
marthig's avatar
No not from my pov though. I understand, it's more or less what I imagined. Almost as before, except that eventually you will use "collections" and we could have two fractals in the gallery.

OK I got it ... I think :? :spin:

:rofl: I will note you (Apophysis) with the thumb of my second fractal.
Thank you for the quick response :hug:
Apophysis's avatar

Basically you can have two submissions in the gallery during a 6 month period, if one is still in there after 6 months it gets put into the collections gallery permanently and you can submit another one to make it two. If it is in there before 6 months are up, then it just gets replaced.
marthig's avatar
OK I am going to check when I posted that "Angels wings cascade" I like it very much and would not want to replace it so maybe I can submit two more after all :D :dance: You guys Rock !! Love the quick responses you are giving lately :hug: :blowkiss: :D
ToAPP's avatar
I think that the one thing that would make this work better would be if dA could somehow enable clubs to add their faves to their member's devwatch. Has anyone asked if this feature could be added? :idea:

As things stand, sure it's easier to admin a collection but I'm also pretty sure that you won't be attracting any where near as much traffic to the gallery submissions from your collections than if they could be dropped into your members' devwatch. :twocents: I am happy that you've re-instated the gallery though - some traffic is always better than none ;)
Apophysis's avatar
I definitely agree and I would love to have the collections work as deviations. The main goal of switching the system over is to make sure that the artist gets the attention and credit they deserve, but if it isn't a devwatch item, then the whole point of us promoting your artworks makes it harder for us to find ways to do that.

I will definitely put in a word about it and see if it can be implemented when the new groups format comes out. As for right now, we are going to try and do regular "latest collections" journal features. Another idea from a different group that I thought of doing would be to make a deviation that shows off a few of the latest collections and upload it as a deviation, that way people can see at least a sample of what has been submitted.

Thanks for the feedback!
cmptrwhz's avatar
now that is an interesting idea, I will keep this thread and bring that to the attention of the higher ups :)
ToAPP's avatar
Thanks Dave! Please let me know what they say? :D I'd love to set up a collection style gallery like this one over at :icontubaholics-anonymous: but I already don't get much traffic there as things already stand - so there wouldn't be any point until such a feature came available...
cmptrwhz's avatar
I found out that is in the equation for the group accounts :)
ToAPP's avatar
This is awesome news! :iconmonkeydanceplz: Thanks for letting me know Dave! :bounce:
cmptrwhz's avatar
I help with several group accounts to so I know just what your saying. :) :w00t:
Isis44's avatar
A great simple submission policy! The work you guys/girls do showcasing our art is greatly appreciated!
laurengary's avatar
I've already submitted one & yay it was easy !!! I love the new submission policy !
davekin50's avatar
Great Idea, just learning fractals but I love the
detail they give.
Dragon-of-Midnight's avatar
If I make a new submission, do I need to replace an older one?

I have sumbitted about 3 fractals in total, but I only see one of them in the gallery.
Apophysis's avatar
If you had submitted anything a year or two ago it's most likely not there anymore... but if it was somewhat recent then in may now be in our grandfathered collection... if that's the case then you are free to submit!
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