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Here we go again! Gallery Submission is open for business!

ba8y6irl here! Over the past month or two, submissions to our gallery have all but stopped and I would like to get it started up again. There will be a total overhaul on how we do submissions around here so I hope everyone is listening! First of all I would like to thank everyone that has submitted a piece lately, for their patience during our slight hiatus. We are hoping to get this all up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

As this new DeviantArt interface has been around for a little while now, we have decided to go the way of Collections, rather then taking each of your submissions and submitting them ourselves. This way the artist gets all the credit and can be easily contacted for questions or comments. We have set up the gallery with a variety of sections to make it easier to browse through. All fractals that are currently in our submissions have been added to our grandfathered fractals. All resources have been split up into categories for gradients, flame packs, tutorials and scripts. Recent fractals from this year are spilt up in monthly sections, with the current month’s submissions in our Apophysis Gallery. We hope this is going to be easier for everyone to browse and access.

We would like to open up submissions again with the following new rules:

• Submissions are to be submitted by Note to Apophysis. It’s easier for us to add to our gallery with just a drag and a drop from our notes. So please include a thumb of your piece to be submitted.

• 2 fractals per person, per month. Any more submitted and they will automatically replace the oldest fractal we have for that month.


1. Submissions must be sent to Apophysis by note

2. The subject of the note must say: Gallery Submission

3. The body of the note must contain following information:
- include image thumb
- mention if this is your first submission to the gallery or not
- state if you wish to remove or replace an item

4. Submissions can be sent only twice a month. Please be thoughtful about which image you want to submit. No changing your mind every week, or they will be ignored.

After your pieces have been submitted to our gallery, your notes will be archived and removed from the main inbox.

I will try my hardest to keep it current, and appreciate it if everyone keeps it simple by following the rules.

Should you have any questions about the submissions policy, feel free to note me ba8y6irl

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How can I add the image thumb into the note? Thnx.