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Updated: October 2008

:new: Updated 7/10/08

So, what the heck is a WTC?
WTC stands for Weekly Theme Challenge.  Every week we will send out a journal with the title WTC, which will contain three main parts.  The first part is WTC Winners!  Here we announce the winners from the previous week's WTC.  The second section is WTC Entries!  Here are displayed all the entries everyone sent in for the theme announced the previous week.  Please note that once you see the entries up, you cannot participate in that WTC.  You can, however, vote for your favorite entries that you see posted!  The third and final part, in the very bottom of the WTC, announces the next week's theme.  This is the part that tells you what theme you should make your entry!

How Things Work: WTC Edition
Just to clear up how we actually go from initial notes sent in by you to a final collection of entries and votes, I wanted to explain the notes system.


1. First, notes that are sent in containing entries are recieved and placed into a specific folder titled "Weekly Theme Event."  These entries are not read until it is time to put up the journal containing the entries for the next week's WTC.  If you check your sent folder and don't see your note as read yet, don't worry, we recieved it, we just haven't opened it yet.

Note: If you want, you can always send in a note asking if we have recieved your entry.

2. When the journal goes up, thumbcodes from the notes are placed into the journal, while we make sure that previous winners in the last WTC do not make their entries in.

3. Finally, previous entries are placed into a sub-folder, just to keep tabs if anyone has a question.


1.  Similar to entries, notes containing votes for the WTC are placed into a specific folder titled "Weekly Theme Votes."  The votes are not read until a new journal goes up, so as to keep the results unknown until the very last minute.  So, again, if you haven't seen the note as read in your message center, don't worry, we recieved it.

2.  Votes are counted up.  I have put the votes on a point system. When someone submits their top 3 I make up a tally and give 3 points to each person with a 1st place vote, 2 points for a 2nd place vote, and 1 point for a 3rd place vote. In the end the 3 with the most points are the winners. Sometimes there are ties, but that's why we ask for your top 3, to try and avoid that as much as possible!

3.  Lastly, previous week's votes are placed into a sub-folder, in case of any disputes...or other shenanigans.

Hope that clears things up, in case you were wondering how it works.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to note us!

Here are the rules for our Weekly Theme Event. Please read them carefully before taking part in this project.

If you do not follow these rules, we cannot guarantee that your entry will be posted for the contest and we cannot guarantee that your vote will be counted.  We try to catch any errors, but we are not responsible for missed errors.

:bulletblue:Fractal Rules

-> Stay true to the theme
-> Remember the time limit: All entries for that week will be due by the next Sunday night at Midnight EST.
-> Only Apophysis is allowed.
-> Any version of Apophysis may be used, including the 3D hack.
-> Absolutely no postprocessing is to be used other than to add a name/watermark, a border, and/or a single-color background.  You may also make limited color correction changes, such as brightness, levels, contrast, and hue/saturation settings.
-> No fractal collages, unless explicitly mentioned in the current theme's description.
-> Must be a new deviation as of the time the new contest is announced.

:bulletblue:Submission Rules

In order to submit your deviation just send us a note with the thumbnail link of your deviation and the subject "WTC Entry"
-> DO NOT send it to our email because it will be disregarded
-> You are allowed to submit only one deviation.
-> You must be a member of our group to submit an entry.
-> You cannot change your entry in the middle of a WTC.  It doesn't matter whether you say "I want to change my entry" or not, your first fractal will be the only one posted.
Note: the deviation you submit will not be added to our gallery. It will be featured in our journal


Every member of the Apophysis community can vote by sending us a <a href="my.deviantart.com/notes/?to=ap…>note with the title WTC Vote.
-> You are allowed to vote only once per week.
-> You may NOT vote for yourself.  If you do, your vote will be disregarded and you will be notified.
-> You have one week to vote, after that the voting will be closed and if we will receive votes after that they will be disregarded.
-> Every member is encouraged to vote for his or her top three entries each week. This makes choosing the winners easier and helps to avoid multiple ties.  You may not vote three times for one person (or any variation of that).  Please just list the title of the deviation plus the name of the deviant for each.


The top three artists with the most points will be featured in the next Weekly Theme Contest journal.
-> If you have won a weekly theme challenge, you are not allowed to take part in the following weekly theme challenge.

The purpose of this project is to stimulate your imagination and creativity and to help you improve your Apophysis skills, therefore we expect to see the best you can come up with for each theme.

Apophysis is not the work of one single person. We are a community and every member deserves recognition for our present success. Both Administrators and Members do what you see here for fun and for the love of our communty. We won´t change that!


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Just to ask, if you've taken part in the previous WTC, are you not allowed to take part in the following one, even if the results aren't announced yet? (on the other hand I could just submit it and see if it's accepted :D)