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August 2008

Apophysis Resources

Get the latest beta version of Apophysis over at sourceforge!…

3D Apophysis is finally here!
Huge thank you to Zueuk for his innovation.

Download 3D Apophysis!


Check out our collection for all of our plug-ins on dA!…

Off-site plug-ins:
Apophysis Plugin Project's Newest Release:…
cyberxaos' Epispiral plugin:…
utak3r's Pie Plugin-…


Be sure to check out our Gradients collection for all the gradients submitted to the group:…


Be sure to take a look at our Scripts collection in our favorites gallery here:…

Off-site Scripts:
Seventeen additional scripts by utak3r (one of the Apophysis program developers) can be found on his website:…

Flame Packs

Need some inspiration for some Apophysis fractals?  Take a look at our flame pack collection in our favorites:…


All deviant-art based tutorials that have been submitted to our group can be found in our Tutorial collection here:…

Off-Site Tutorials

cmptrwhz's Downloadable Apophysis 2.08b2 and 3D Hack Windows help file.

cmptrwhz's Apophysis Users Manual that explains all the pieces and parts of Apophysis.  This website will be updated regularly.

JoelFaber's Tutorial on how to write/make/create Plugins:…

Not a tutorial, per se, but a thorough explanation by Scott Draves about what an IFS fractal actually is and the math behind it can be found here:

sharkrey's gradient tutorial: Creating and Saving Custom Gradients in Apophysis

TaraRoys tutorial collection:…

IDeviant's Helpful tutorial on creating Apophysis gradients, Creating and Managing Gradients

Arcane Fractals starter tutorial -…

Zueuk's Blob Spiral Tutorial -…

Phoenix-22's Beginner Apophysis Tutorial -…

Phoenix-22's Intermediate Apophysis Tutorial -…

Phoenix-22's Gradient Tutorial…

Tiling Tutorial -…

Apomap Beginner's Guide -…

Apophysis Wikispace Tutorials

Imager'sFractalDD's Tutorials page for tutorials also.…

:new: RMA Posers has a nice, basic walk-through tutorial for Apophysis here:

datagram's DD Improbability Calculator:…

Download Apophysis

Download the original Apophysis at . It's recommended that you do this first even if you plan on using the latest beta or hack.

Download the latest beta versions here at…

Make sure you keep an eye out for custom beta "hacks" by a few members of the Apophysis community:

Gygrazok's "Apophysis 2.06 Z+"…
cyberxaos's "Apo 2.05beta2Z+C++"…

It is recommended you join the official Apophysis Mailing List at to get hold of tips on improving your skills on Apophysis and to receive notifications about the newest  version release!

Fractal Websites and Galleries

Apophysis Stash

FracFan Forum



FAME Fractal Art Museum Enterprise


The Infinite Fractal Loop

The Fractal Artists´ Webring

The Apophysis Wikispace


TerraNuts fractal gallery

Apophysis is not the work of one single person. We are a community and every member deserves recognition for our present success. Both Administrators and Members do what you see here for fun and for the love of our communty. We won´t change that!


Background: Vortechs
by Natalie Kelsey
Used with permission
Layout & CSS: Farlander
Mamma Gamma font:
Designed for Firefox
© 2008 - 2021 Apophysis
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Several 404's in the links. :(
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Two questions: First is that I have been having a 'List index out of bounds' problem with Apo 2.09 jk. It only happens to a few files that I migrated over from an old pc to the new. The second, I really like the 2.08 3D hack version. Only it won't render anything now. Any ideas on how to fix either problem?

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List index out of bounds is from parameters calling for plugins or secondary params for variations like julian that have sub-params. that are not loaded into your program thru the usage of plugins.

as for your question on apo 3d I will need a more specific explaination of what is going on in order to give you a proper answer. what are the error messages you receive or anything that shows failure.
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Not sure what to say... apo 2.08 3d hack seem's to be working now.

Understand the problem with the list inex out of bounds. Is there a work around that would resolve the problem?
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Looking at the text of the param file and see what plugins you need to load. And trying to ensure you use scripts that have been updated to work with the newer apo. Its a pain but once you catch them all it will be better. Also one other thing is if you have a faulty plugin you can get that error too. You can remove all the plugins from the folder and add them back one at a time till you find the one that causes the error.
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Probably wouldn't hurt to remove all the plugins and download them again.

Thanks for everything.
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I have them split up into tested and non tested here [link] feel free to grab whatever plugins you desire.
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Many thanks! Yesterday I was thinking of finding all the
plugins I could find and put them into one folder. Now
I don't have to do it. Many thanks to the person that
compiled them all. :clap:
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it is an ongoing search so if you know of plugins that I don't have just let me know and I will add them to my collection
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I'm highly curious, is there a tutorial for creating your own plugins still available? The link to JoelFaber's tutorial appears to be broken.
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I don't know of one off hand but I would be willing to bet if you sent Joelfaber a note he would be glad to point you to a working copy of the tutorial. :)
I love Apophysis and have done many of them.I would like to not only be a paying member but I really need to know where to put the folder of plug-ins once I get them.I have v 2.02,2.07 and 2.08 Apo hack.I put the plug-ins into a plug-in folder I made in 2.07 and it doesn't work.Should I add it to the original Apophysis 2.02 in a plug-in folder?I really want to start doing some kick butt works.Could someone please help me?
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How can I to add plugins to Apophysis 7x?
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I have Apophysis 3D Hack, Apophysis 2.09 and =Xyrus02's Apophysis 7.
I was just wondering how do you apply plugins to these programs? It is probably simple but I have tried everything and I still don't know how...
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This program goes into a temp file and then vanishes. I can't put it on my desktop. It does not go into the program files. I saved it into Program files but then I can't open it. I have right-clicked on it but there is no way to save it.
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:ahoy: The off-site Apostash link [link] takes us to Adventure Tours & furfies. :confused:

Is this site still viable? I found it hugely useful when I 1st started using Apo.
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this is so awesome!!!!!!!!
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Hey all -

can anyone point me in the direction of list of minimum and optimum requirements of PC spec for Apo and Flam3/4. I've not been able to find one anywhere...

thanks all ....
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having a duel core or quad core cpu is major bonus as you can then turn up the amount of threads in the options to equal the number of cores you have. this decrease you rendering time alot. The more Ram you have available to use the better off you are as then you can render without having to render in slices, slices take much longer to render. Of course the faster the cpu's are the better. If you have to settle for slower cpu's but you can get a duel core or quad core cpu then that is still worth taking.
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yo, it's been a while i kind of abandond my DA for a while, but im back and it's been AGES since i've done any fractals, and have a question: I was working on a logo for a group i created and was going to make a fractal using the letters G and H layered ontop of one another using groups of rectangles, i used to know how to make them so that they did not interfere strongly with one another when their position changed. However, i cant remember how i did it and as of now when i make the second one it throws the first one off and so on if anyone has any tips that'd be nice its really driving me mad that i fell so out of practice after just 7-8 months
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