New Chat Room Rules! + SFS this weekend!

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November 2008

:spotlight-left:The new Apophysis chat room rules::spotlight-right:

Please feel free to join us in our Apophysis Chat Room!

Stop in and ask questions, share some parameters, post up your latest fractals, or just talk.  Be sure to also join us when we have cool events in the chat room, you can learn something new with Live Tutorial Sessions or experiment with some cool flames with the Speed Fractalism Sessions.  We do have a few rules in the chat room though, mostly from dA's general chat rules, but be sure to give them a look. :)

General Rules

Most of our rules coincide with deviantART's chat room rules, which can be viewed here: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

In short, the general rules are:

1. Keep it legal - Please don't talk about illegal software or activities

2. No spamming - Don't post things over and over (including thumbs, emotes, etc.) and don't advertise, if you would like to affiliate with us, you can note us.

3. English plz - short hand is fine, but the #Apophysis chat room has English-speaking admins and mods, so we really can't keep track of anything if you speak in Mandarin, French, Arabic, or any other language.  Unless one of our admins is a secret linguist. :paranoid:

4. Accept Responsibility - Try to keep it civil and friendly, that's the goal of the chat room.  If something happens (problems, etc.), please let us know by noting us, if you have a problem with a particular admin, please note a different admin of Apophysis and we will resolve the conflict ASAP. :salute:

5. No naughty topics! - We are a chat room for Apophysis and while you can talk about whatever you like, just remember what kind of a site this is and what discussions would be appropriate - some of our members might have kids near the computer at times. ;)

That's it for the general rules!  Be sure to take a look at the other rules and expanded information here: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

Hints for #Apophysis:

1. The staff of Apophysis will try to be in the chat room when possible, if not we do have two chat room moderators: ouT-Phaze and RyannaSilverthorn who help us out.  You can note any of us with problems and we will resolve the issue and hopefully be there to give some helpful Apo-tips for anyone interested.

2. If you would like to post some fractal parameters, please warn us before posting them by typing "IWoT" (Incoming Wall of Text) first. :thumbsup:

Also, subscript tags when posting parameters (< sub > and < /sub >, are awesome things to use, since we know that parameters are HUGE! :faint:

3. Try to keep the chat room free of drama! We would appreciate it if you don't bring arguments and other disagreements from another chat into #Apophysis.

Thumb Policy:

-Try not to post a million thumbs at once, use the single-line input to post thumbs

-As for how many, we really just ask that you not post a bunch of thumbs at once.  Posting a few is fine for feedback, but the chat room isn't a good place to post thumbs of your entire gallery.  If you would like to submit a fractal to the group so we can promote it, feel free to send it to us and take a look at the submission policy if you haven't yet.

A word on content:
-No thumbs or links to pornographic materials, viruses, links directly for +devwatches or +favorites, and links to websites with racist/hateful content.  If you keep it civil and clean, we'll all be good. :)

Special event Rules:

Live Tutorial Sessions (LTS):

For the Live Tutorial Session, usually one person is giving helpful information to everyone in attendance.  We ask that you hold any conversations or thumbs relating to anything other than the topic being discussed until the LTS is over.  Feel free to ask the Tutorialist questions though, they are there to help and teach.

Speed Fractalism Sessions (SFS):

For Speed Fractalism Sessions, we post up a set of parameters in which everyone has one hour to tweak the fractal, render it, and post it.  Discussions are open, but just remember there is something going on at the same time and we may be busy with Apophysis. ;)

More information on chat room events will be posted shortly, these are just the basic rules.

If you have any suggestions for rules that need to be added, please let us know by noting us.

Thank you so much for reading all of this!  Now head on over to the chat room! :#1:

-The Apoministration


The Return of the SFS!

It has been a long time coming, but in celebration of the new rules and a return to activity here, we are holding our first new Speed Fractalism Session this Sunday, November 30th, at 1 P.M. EST.

Join us in the #Apophysis chat room for a speed parameter tweaking session.  Have fun, interact with other members of Apophysis, and maybe learn something about a certain style of fractal.

Phoenix-22 will be your host and we hope to see you in there this weekend! :)

Apophysis is not the work of one single person. We are a community and every member deserves recognition for our present success. Both Administrators and Members do what you see here for fun and for the love of our communty. We won´t change that!


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