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November 2008

How to become a member of Apophysis:

First and foremost your skill level doesn't matter at all.  We accept all Apophysis user of all skill levels.  This is a community group for the support and friendship, we are just one big fractal family.  So please if you use Apophysis and want to be a part of a great community join the team.
  • Send a note titled "Membership Request", include a link to your gallery. Or to make the process can add your name directly into our membership list by following this link. Apophysis Membership List
  • Add us to your friends list in order to keep up to date with our new gallery submissions as well as our new journals.
  • Add the Apophysis link to your signature or your friends section if you´re a suscriber.  To add a link into your signature just use this code but remember to replace the word COLON with a real :
  • Upload at least two fractal art images made with Apophysis to your gallery.

Once we have checked on all Four steps, you will become an official member of Apophysis.


Membership reviews will be performed once a year.  The review process will be simply that I, cmptrwhz will visit your gallery/profile once per year for the simple purpose of verifying the above requirements are still being met, and checking you still exist in the DevArt community as an active member.

Inactive DevArt members are considered as someone who
  • Has not logged in for a year or more(nothing less).
  • Has emptied their gallery on purpose.
  • Has stated in a journal on their front page that they have left DevArt for good.

During this review process I will also be checking to see if you are still making fractal images.  If I notice you are not currently(the last 5 months) making fractal images with Apophysis I will Note you to ask if you still wish to be a member of Apophysis.  The decision of membership is up to you as I do not wish to delete anyone.  

Lastly, since you are reading this journal then you are an active member and should not worry about being deleted from the membership list.

Apophysis is not the work of one single person. We are a community and every member deserves recognition for our present success. Both Administrators and Members do what you see here for fun and for the love of our communty. We won´t change that!


Background: Vortechs
by Natalie Kelsey
Used with permission
Layout & CSS: Farlander
Mamma Gamma font:
Designed for Firefox
© 2006 - 2022 Apophysis
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ETHANR26's avatar
I have absolutely no idea about how to add you to my friends...
Apophysis's avatar
In the top right corner, there is a button that says is right next to it. Just click on it and it will take you to your friends screen.
lotring's avatar
I've registered and waiting for approvement :)
Clepsidras's avatar
Just a question: Having the community icon in my journal is not enough?
And I have my fractals, on my gallery folder "Fractal Madness". That way you don't have to search the entire gallery. :giggle:
Another question: The last point, upload two fractals, are you speaking about uploading in our gallery or submit to the club?

Thanks for your time! :D
Apophysis's avatar
We usually just ask people to have our name in their signature, putting it in your journal is optional.

And it is just two fractals uploaded to your account and you definitely have that covered. :)

Clepsidras's avatar
Ok. Added to the signature. :)
cylotera's avatar

I'd like to become a member of the Apophysis group. My name : Cylotera

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Apophysis's avatar
I am sorry but this message came thru in your language. can you write it in english and i would be glad to help.
DMG08's avatar
I would like to become a member however my"art" is not worthy of being uploaded :( ..even to my gallery...
Can I still become a member without having to upload my next humiliating attempt with Apophysis to my gallery? :ashamed:
Apophysis's avatar
we accept all levels of skill into our group. just upload a couple fractals and we will be more than happy to add you to the members list.
clarissafiller's avatar
How add Apophysis in the friends list? ciao Clarissa
Apophysis's avatar
click on our name above this message and when our front page finishes loading you will see the watch this deviant button in the top right corner.
clarissafiller's avatar
you're already in the friends list. and now? thanks
lilando's avatar
How do you know if you a member or not?
Apophysis's avatar
just goto this [link] and look for your deviant ID.
Do members get to try out betas
Apophysis's avatar
I wish, that is a privilege handed out by the programmers of apophysis.
SeawaterHillResident's avatar
Could i join Apophysis please?

im not sure how to add links to these but:

Apophysis's avatar
Of course you can join. Just read this journal and follow the steps: [link]
roufa's avatar
cool Happy Easter!
Darkraf's avatar
hi, how join your club!!
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