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Rumblings Around Town

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 8:10 AM
Rumblings Around Town


Hi Everyone!

I first want to start off by apologizing for my flakiness around here as of late. I work full time, have an almost 5 year old in full time kindergarten and a husband who has started working nights. I.E. busy woman.

Sadly I need to announce that we have lost one of our admins to the depths of real life and would like to thank pantherwitch4982 for her time and effort she put in to this lovely group of ours.

On that note, I would like to open up spots for 2 admins in our group. I am still a busy woman and could really use the help with running this supergroup.

I would like to have one person whose responsibilities would be to answer questions of the deviants, accept submissions when needed and create blog posts when required. As well as a person dedicated to running the contests and challenges that you all know and love.

I started off in this group as someone who would accept weekly challenge submissions, post the results and count the votes. Now look at me! This could be you! I had the passion and the desire to do this from the beginning. Although my passion has not died, my priorities are ever changing and as a result, I can no longer find the time to plan and execute such wonderful learning experiences.

So I pass the torch to you, or you, or maybe even you.

To be in the running for this position you must have the following credentials:

:bulletwhite:  Knowledge of Apopohysis (terminology, workability, program knowledge, and script work) (not necessarily expert, but general knowledge is key to answering questions promptly)
:bulletwhite:  A friendly upbeat attitude, a strong but kind individual (be nice but stick up for yourself!)
:bulletwhite:  The ability to answer questions mainly in English and/or a great translator (key to being able to assist everyone that needs help)
:bulletwhite:  The time to put a solid effort from start to finish
:bulletwhite:  Compassion for the newbie artist (we are a learning community)
:bulletwhite:  A general knowledge of the community (people who know people go places and get things done)

If you think you're right for this job then send us your "resume" (a brief description of what you have to offer) by note. I will take submissions for a week or two. I'll give you a heads up when I'm closing submissions though.

Thank you to all that enter, only those considered will be contacted... blah blah interview talk.

I also would like to add some recent info that has come to my attention. A valuable member of our community OutsideFate has recently been permanently banned from dA, for reasons that will be left unmentioned (mainly for their pettiness) so FarDareisMai has put together a journal and plans on spreading the word through blogs and posts, to show the resources and contributions he has made to our fractal community. Please head over to… to see how you can help lift this ban!

Thanks all! Good luck!


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We are now Super Group Again!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 9, 2011, 10:07 AM

Thanks to everyone who donated points to Apophysis

We really appreciate everything you've done to make this happen.

:spotlight-left: Coming Soon :spotlight-right:
   A Better Apophysis Group

:spotlight-left: fractalmentorproject :spotlight-right:
  guagapunyaimel has graciously accepted the responsibility of reviving the fractalmentorproject.  If you want to be a teacher or student please read and respond to this blog. fractalmentorproject.deviantar…

Hi Everyone :wave:

Me again. So after suggestions from the masses I have decided to open up a donation pool for Super Group status for our humble group.

I am not necessarily keen on the idea of begging for money, but it would really help us here.

Since a donation pool is not a featured widgit on group sites, I had to set it up on my page. The link here to Donate to our Super Group! will get you to where you need to go if you so kindly wish to donate to our cause.

Not asking for much from everyone, a few points here and there are just fine.

Thanks again,

The Apophysis Team

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We are half way there already! If any of you know anyone who may not be on all the time, can you give em a buzz and maybe they can help us reach our goal?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Yay! Thanks everyone for your generous donations! We are only 900+ points away from meeting our goal! If you haven't had the chance to donate it would be great if you could! Also, it would be awesome if you could maybe put a link in your journal to this journal so maybe those who aren't a member yet, can come on over and join the fun!

Thanks again!!
Hi All :wave:

So we have noticed that the featured folder seems to have a limit. We didn't know this, and thus have not prepared for it.

I don't know what we plan to do, but for now I ask that you be patient in submitting, and we will get it up and running as soon as we figure out what to do.

We no longer hold super group status, and it costs a whopping $60 to buy... I know I don't have $60, and I know most other people don't either. Super group status lets me move art in batches to another folder. Without it I have to individually select all 4000+ deviations to move them. Not going to happen. I will try and figure something to do, but any suggestions are totally welcome!!

Until then, sorry about the errors!

UPDATE: I may have come across a temporary solution, suggested by Soy-Mallika who wrote me a note with a great little tutorial on how to select whole pages of deviations to move them. I should have tried this I suppose, but was frustrated that there was a limit in the first place!! I have started moving older submissions to a new file I called "Recent Works" I am hoping to move about 2000, I have moved half of that already (almost)....

Other than that I think that the donation thing sounds nice, but I don't really want to ask for that much. $60 is a lot, and even with points (I think it's 4700+) It's a lot to ask of people. We do offer a very helpful resource, but we have also not been as up to date and active as we used to be... I would feel bad taking money from others.

I will put up a donation pool if you all think it's reasonable, but it will be up to you "the people" :)

Thanks for all your suggestions!!
I have put together a glossary of Apophysis terms on my own webspace. As it was originally created using ToDoList software then exported to HTML and manually tidied and hyperlinked, it isn't really suitable to either publish natively here or convert to a more portable form. So an external link it must be.

I've deliberately kept the style neutral and modestly technical in order to maintain accuracy without sacrificing comprehension to obscurity. That said, I've included terminology that may not be in general use.

I'm happy to receive suggestions for further inclusion bearing in mind that its function is a glossary of key Apophysis terms and not a definitive technical repository nor a Dictionary of Fractal Art ;)

Check it out:…

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