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Free Use Background: Nebula #7694 by Ted-Drakness
S-E-1aP - PURPLE BLIZZARD by aremco7
Lace Knitting by Lachesis88
Seahorse Valley by Lachesis88
Recent Works 09-11
Snow Pattern by Lachesis88
Masquerade by Lachesis88
Fossil Plant by Lachesis88
S-E-1ag - BLUE STUFF by aremco7
Ugrimov Files Set 27 Pumpkin Drinks by Ampelosa
PJKfractals Pack 1 by PJKfractals
Truchet_X_Falejo(plugin_Apophysis)EndVersionSept by malre
The dream version by GLO-HE
Pierce Reality by mrtoxin
Kyoob by mrtoxin
a cold night for chess by dyslexxiicon
Black Hole Sun by Pwoz
Tutorial Series
Autumn by Annie5357
Hypertiling a Tile - Chaotica Tutorial by pillemaster
Chaotica Tutorial: Final Post_transform Chains by pillemaster
Sea canyons by Annie5357
Apo Languages
apo 7x italian by cmptrwhz
Apo 7x French by SaTaNiA
Recent Works 11-12
green spectralfireball sort of by scholarwarrior-lad
Obnoxious Sun by heavenriver
Deception Point by heavenriver
Lifes Complicated by Craig-Larsen
Recent Works 12-17
S-E-1aN - FLAPPY by aremco7
ET Energy by primordialsea
One single maze of flesh and feelings by Golubaja
Recent Works 17-
RIVER BED by aremco7
Free Use Background: Nebula #777 by Ted-Drakness
Desert flower by estfyr
Frozen Dream by Araen


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Our mission is to promote the work of apophysis users and strengthen their abilities in the usage of the program apophysis thru advice given thru blogs and tutorials.

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I am on the hunt for the source code to an Apophysis plugin called squarical.dll. I am needing a 64 bit version of this plugin. I would gladly appreciate a current compiling of this plugin but I also I would like to get a hold of the source code as well.
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beccaditto Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2023
I am very new to this type of program, can somebody tell me are flame packs considered a plug in?
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Lachesis88 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2022
Recently I recorded a continuation of the video dedicated to my "Apophysis AV" branch. It covers, in particular, the features of creating animation using the new built-in module and working with scripts that I wrote specifically for this branch. The video also includes a tutorial on how to interactively model classic fractal trees using the application's unique options, such as: selective local pivot, auto-balancing weights, copying and pasting individual transform parameters, calculating color values ​​depending on the flame structure. Hope that beginners found it useful.…
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moejeek Featured By Owner Edited Jun 8, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for this very powerful software, which makes great imagery of what can be.. :)
MilanVD Featured By Owner May 17, 2022
Lachesis88 Thanks A LOT for Apophysis AV! I came to this kind of art a month ago, it seems ten years after it was so popular here on devianart, and your program is what saves me - running on modern machines, including those with Linux (using wine), and including many features and plugins people had to do manually those days :) For example, I love one-click container xform... I'm still learning (do not expect any high art from me yet :) ) and Apophysis AV is why I can do so. Thanks again!
Lachesis88 Featured By Owner May 5, 2022
Recently I recorded a video illustrating the key features of "Apophysis AV", my own branch of the famous fractal flame editor. It can be viewed both as a visual instruction for the program, and as a series of short tutorials on creating classic fractals such as a Sierpinski triangle (carpet), a Koch snowflake, Gosper Island, and others. Hope that someone found it useful.…
istarlome Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2021
i've used apophysis a long time ago.  i wanted to again and downloaded the latest version 7x and the 64bit version as well.  i've been looking for a bit of help and decided to look here.

i see that there is an administrator and six co-administrators.  i'm very surprised that no one seems to get any question answered.  i've gone back over ten years and not one question has ever been addressed.

i know that pages get abandoned and this one is 18 years old so i guess it was abandoned over ten years ago. 
purrrsia Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2020
I don't think I've ever asked a question on this site, so I hope I'm doing it right.  Five days ago I found the program apopyhsis through following a flower that someone made.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous, and I really want to learn to do it.  But I have to learn Apophysis first.  I have been all over youtube, pinterest, google, and landed here so hopefully there are some tuts out there as I haven't looked yet.  I have a few questions.  I've been messing around with apopyhsis and learning a little, not much, but there is nothing new or up to date as far as the program?  It seems everything is close to 10 years old.  The tutorials I have watched are different from what the version of apophysis I'm using.  I don't know which one I didn't say, nor does it say anything in the help file.  Right now I don't care about plugins or anything else, I just want to learn it.  So, can someone point me in the direction of a download that has a version (well the one I found on softonic was 7X but there seems to be alot of versions out there) and I wanted to get the newest one or whichever is the best to use.  I'd appreciate any help!  Thanks in advance.
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Caekster Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2020
Where should I submit? I'm unsure
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Garywhynot Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2020
LLamal - - Hello, Folks. - I'm very new here. - Can someone (please) tell me what a LLAma is? - Also, i discovered a few things here. Thank you. - Still (always) learning
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