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Hello everyone, I have never belonged to any group, besides Bukoslav's Fans on Fractals, But I will try uploading something!  Cheers, Victor
Salut à Toutes et à Tous. Après de longues errances, je reviens aux sources, persuadé que ce bastion restera un phare guidant les graphistes (et chercheurs de tous poils) au milieu d'un monde bien agité. Merci de votre accueil
Saying hi/hello to all lovely folks here in Apo community. Love see old familiar avatars keeping the fire alive. Cheers y'all!
I am very new to this type of program, can somebody tell me are flame packs considered a plug in?

No, flame packs are files shared by others for people to use, manipulate or learn from. Think of them like a template or starter set.

From a technical point of view, this is not the case. Therefore, you can store them in any convenient directory. To open a saved flame with Apophysis, select the menu item 
File --> Open flame... 
and specify the path to the desired file.