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Beginning Of Spring by pillemaster
Reach the fractal sky by AbstractFractals
Drop the Beat by Adrolyn
Persistence of Anger by Adrolyn
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Hopefull by 5atta
Worlds End by TropicalFractals
Supermassive Blackhole Messier 87 by Crownos
Nighttime Spring 2 by Caekster
The dream version by GLO-HE
The gate to the castle by GLO-HE
Fabulous Dream Work by malre
DllStockPlug by malre
Pierce Reality by mrtoxin
Kyoob by mrtoxin
a cold night for chess by dyslexxiicon
Black Hole Sun by Pwoz
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Autumn by Annie5357
Hypertiling a Tile - Chaotica Tutorial by pillemaster
Chaotica Tutorial: Final Post_transform Chains by pillemaster
Sea canyons by Annie5357
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apo 7x italian by cmptrwhz
Apo 7x French by SaTaNiA
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green spectralfireball sort of by scholarwarrior-lad
Obnoxious Sun by heavenriver
Deception Point by heavenriver
Lifes Complicated by Craig-Larsen
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ET Energy by primordialsea
One single maze of flesh and feelings by Golubaja
Burning Butterfly by Dead-Levaithan
The last tile to perfection by Golubaja
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At My Lake by PapaGolf54
Arrival by SpaceSR
The Fever by StuKarver
Entrapment by EvilBricks


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the work of apophysis users and strengthen their abilities in the usage of the program apophysis thru advice given thru blogs and tutorials.

Newest Members

Over the years this group has been a great inspiration to many. It has come to our attention that real life has put a burden on us older admins :).  So, we are looking for new energetic apophsis artists that are willing to take on the task of getting this group active again.

Requirements would be that you need to have a good knowledge of how to use apophysis, energetic attitude to assist other artists in learning how to use apophysis, and the want to get activities going within this group.

Please have apophysis work in your gallery as you apply we will be looking at your portfolio to see how knowledgeable you are with apophysis.

Please apply by mailing the group so we won't loose your application in the comments.

Thank you,

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purrrsia Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2020
I don't think I've ever asked a question on this site, so I hope I'm doing it right.  Five days ago I found the program apopyhsis through following a flower that someone made.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous, and I really want to learn to do it.  But I have to learn Apophysis first.  I have been all over youtube, pinterest, google, and landed here so hopefully there are some tuts out there as I haven't looked yet.  I have a few questions.  I've been messing around with apopyhsis and learning a little, not much, but there is nothing new or up to date as far as the program?  It seems everything is close to 10 years old.  The tutorials I have watched are different from what the version of apophysis I'm using.  I don't know which one I didn't say, nor does it say anything in the help file.  Right now I don't care about plugins or anything else, I just want to learn it.  So, can someone point me in the direction of a download that has a version (well the one I found on softonic was 7X but there seems to be alot of versions out there) and I wanted to get the newest one or whichever is the best to use.  I'd appreciate any help!  Thanks in advance.
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Caekster Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2020
Where should I submit? I'm unsure
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Garywhynot Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2020
LLamal - - Hello, Folks. - I'm very new here. - Can someone (please) tell me what a LLAma is? - Also, i discovered a few things here. Thank you. - Still (always) learning
Make-it1953Better1 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2020
New to DeviantArt, been creating fractals since 2010. When I my computer crashed I lost too many of my creations. Am 67, and now in search of patience as I begin again.
Phraktalous Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D (Big Grin) 
sakmakesart Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2020
New World by sakmakesart  Hello! I am new to the group, as well as Apophysis and fractal art. I have been making art since young, but now am a young adult and would love to expand my horizons to fractals as that's what I envision and see the most in my mind.

I have some very generic and what seems to me as "beginner" questions about Apophysis 7x: 
1: How do I run a script? On Apophysis 2 there is a "run script" and "edit script" button, but don't see one on 7x. How do I go about "writing" this? Or when I edit my triangles, this automatically edits my script? 
2. I have lots of "blurs" and "dots" that I did not put in to my fractal, but appear every time I make one. Kind of grainy, I guess you could say. How do I stop this and what variation/variable is making this happen?
3. What in the name is a .flame? I have attempted to look this up, as well as save all of my parameters to my hard drive, but no folders, applications, or files allow the parameters to be saved or opened as a .flame. Does anybody know how I could save the parameters and could possibly share more info on what .flames are? 

I am a complete newb to fractals, but enjoy this art form so much. I would genuinely appreciate any help/feedback I could receive. Thanks :) 

Attached is an image I made this morning called, "New World". Took me a little bit of time since I am just learning the ropes. This is week 2.5 for me on Apophysis, but I believe you can see in this image what I mean in question #2.
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AquariusAnqel Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
many thanks for the request!
jsunandmax Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2019
Thanks for the membership!  I have a total newb question....where should I start?  What I mean is, I have been playing with Jwildfire & Apophysis and went to try some of the 3D Hack stuff, but that seems to only work with older Apophysis 2.08?  Not the new 7x?   Also, cannot figure out how to actually RUN a script (a .asc file i think they are).... any help appreciated, thanks!
Randy6663 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks gang for accepting the art!
Lady-Compassion Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The address above for  downloading Apo contains no info for that...just Xyrus's other work....
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