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Opacity 3.1



|||||||||||| Opacity 3.1 ||||||||||||
- Removed 1px border from most themes
- Added border and no-border rar files in Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Opacity\IMAGES
  extract the one u want to use

dont know if i changed much after the last update
so will put 3.0 link below
u can also just grab the theme image rar files
- opacity 3.0 -

-        Theme image rar files
- Border   -
- NoBorder -
extract in Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Opacity\IMAGES

- After Install Right click rainmeter icon and choose layouts [CORETEMP] [HWINFO] [HWINFO-V5]

|||||||||||| Opacity 3.0 ||||||||||||
- Added HWiNFO sensors for version 5 and above

- Default plugin installed for HWINFO-V5
Older version is in the resource folder -- Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Opacity\resources\
Copy HWiNFO.dll to \AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Plugins\

|||||||||||| Opacity 2.3 ||||||||||||
Theme youtube…
- added Fonts Folder with popup menu on leftclick - choose any of the 13 Fonts
rainmeter wil refresh after you choose a Font
|||||||||||| Opacity 2.2 ||||||||||||
- added Themes Folder with popup menu on leftclick - choose any of the 13 themes
rainmeter wil refresh after you choose a theme
|||||||||||| Opacity 2.1 ||||||||||||
- added 5 new different skin themes
|||||||||||| Opacity 2 ||||||||||||
Updated theme with HWinfo sensors
- HWinfo

Maybe You will need to update the HWiNFO IDs included in "Documents|Rainmeter|Skins|Opacity|SETTINGS|" "" to match the IDs for your system. To do this:
1 - ensure HWiNFO is running, with sensors and shared memory active
2 - run the included "Documents|Rainmeter|Skins|Opacity|resources|HWINFO|-|HWINFO-V5|"HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe" file - you can also launch this by clicking the Mainboard skin
3 - find the sensor reading you need (CPU Usage for example) and get the ID at the bottom right
4 - edit "" "" to replace the provided ID with the ID for your system
5 - refresh the skin

For additional information, please see the following thread:…

- added 2 layouts
layout Opacity_CoreTemp - doesn't use any HWinfo sensors - its the same as before
layout Opacity_HWinfo - you can uninstall coretemp

- changed CPU Frequency to CPU Fan speed
- added fade effect on startup and refresh - to enable this choose variants firefox skin "folderFadeEffect.ini"
refresh doesnt work its disabled by default

enabled HWinfo sensors
- audible HDD temp warnings - edit "IfAboveValue=55" - Removed audible HDD space warning
- CPU Load hyperthreading on/off - choose skin variants for your setup..example hwinfo4coresHTon.ini or hwinfo4coresHToff.ini
- Ambient temp
- audible Northbridge temp - edit "IfAboveValue=75"

----left mouse click skins----
- MainBoard - opens HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe

- HWinfo plugins are included - you can also find them in the resource folder
- to adjust fade timing effect - right click rainmeter icon - choose "edit settings" add or change the settings
Group=All | NFade - these wil stay Visible after fade

Group=All | Fade - these will not
middle mouse on ram skin will activate fade effect

- added dual gpu folder for sli systems

|||||||||||| Opacity 1 ||||||||||||

- audible GPU temp warning - edit "IfAboveValue=79" to change
- audible CPU temp warning - edit "IfAboveValue=75" to change
- audible HDD space warning - edit "IfAboveValue=89" to change
- HDD read/write

- CPU skin - 2,4,6 cores - right click skin and choose variants

left mouse click skins
- CPU skin - opens taskmanager
- GPU skin - opens msi afterburner
- Ram skin - opens control panel
- Network skin - router acces - change it to your router ip
- Recycle bin skin - left mouse opens - right mouse empty bin

- 8 different skin themes located in "Documents|Rainmeter|Skins|Opacity|IMAGES" just extract the theme you want and refresh rainmeter
- psd files are in images folder
- group fade with sound effect - middle mouse on ram skin will activate it

- create your own audible warnings here - - i used damien
- shortcut links change example - ButtonCommand=!Execute ["????????????????"] to ButtonCommand=!Execute ["D:GamesSteamSteam.exe"]
- right click a skin and choose "edit skin" to change settings
- to edit shortcut or cpu name - edit Text="?????" under [MainTitle] in skins

- CPU and GPU skins need "msi afterburner and coretemp"
- GPU plugins are included - but here is link anyway -…
- msi afterburner…
- CoreTemp

original skin here - 7Aero Suite 1.4
© 2012 - 2022 apophisss
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Still working on Windows XP and your latest version here does not load with the older operating system.  Do any of your older versions of Opacity work with XP?  (If so, leave a post here with a link or download).