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3D Cartoon Dog Model (3)
He has hands now! =D But...they look kinda creepy lol scared.... 'the 2nd'.
At least it is looking pretty okay on my first try! 
Gideon (Up and Ahead/No North) Fan Character
Full Name: Gideon 
Gender: Male (straight)
Breed: Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix --->…
Age: 21
Size: 22 inches
Nicknames/Aliases: "Giddy", "Fido Sticks"
Function: waiter at Margaret's Saloon, occasional drummer for the live band, Sunday School teacher at the local church

Personality: Growing up in a poor family, Gideon is hardworking and very determined to get things done. However, he does have a tendency to be very immersed in his work in which he neglects anyone that tries to pull him away from what he is doing. While education is not very prominent in his home town, Gideon was basically self taught and is one of the few intelligent dogs in the town. When he was little, Gideon was very introverted and didn't like mingling with other people. He has recently become a little more sociable, but still shows signs of shyness. Gideon is generally courteous toward people and quite chivalrous when interacting with women. Compared to the aggressive nature of most the males in Gold Marrow toward females, Gideon does it in a more, innocent and charming manner. While never have been romantically involved with any girl throughout his teen hood, Gideon is often doubtful and nervous about being in a serious relationship. Gideon has also shown to have a sense of leadership. This was developed in his job as a Sunday School teacher in which he is also good with children. 

Background: Gideon is from the snowy region (way north of Gold Marrow) where he was raised by his mother and father. The town where Gideon was raised was plagued with poverty as he witnessed his parents struggling to make a living to keep their family alive. Once he reached his late teens, Gideon was determined to work someplace else to earn money to help support his family. While he had left his home town before, he was still determined to help his parents. As Gideon aimlessly traveled to find a town where he could make good money, he was attacked by robbers. Despite being good with the sword (he was taught to swash buckle from his father at a young age), he was overrun by their sheer number. Besides having all his belongings stolen from him, he was bruised up and was knocked unconscious. Hours later, he managed to pick himself up and desperately looked for help. He then stumbled upon Gold Marrow, a town not too far from where he was attacked. As Gideon neared the town's limits, he collapsed of exhaustion. A couple of members of the nearby church came to his rescue and nursed him back to health. When Gideon recovered from his wounds, he thanked the church and offered his services to help around with the ministry in return. In addition to being saved (bud dum pssh), he found a paying job as the Sunday School teacher. A few weeks after recovering, Gideon decided to explore the town. While getting acquainted with his surroundings, he found a decent job as a waiter at Margaret's Saloon. As Gideon continued to work in Gold Marrow for the past 3 years, he was sending a steady stream of money to his parents who were slowly escaping the grips of poverty. Just recently, he received a letter from his parents telling him that they are doing fine and that Gideon didn't have to work as hard to support them since the town's economy has been picking up. But still hard working as he is, Gideon continued to work. But nowadays, he has been feeling burnt out and dreams about the more exciting things in life besides work such as going on a quest or an adventure of some sort. He currently stays in the Saloon where they have bedrooms on the upper floor.

Relations: He has a mother (Great Pyrenees) and father (Weimaraner) back in the northern snowy region. He is their only child. Gideon has been uninterested in romance during his teens, but has been recently crushing on female customers at the Saloon while on the job. No love interests yet.

Additional Information:
-Gideon learned how to fight with the sword from a young age and now uses it as means of self-defense.
-Gideon plays the drums for the live band in Margaret's Saloon. His exceptional playing earned him the nickname, "Fido Sticks" - a play on the word, "fiddlesticks".
-Living in the snowy region for the most of his life, Gideon has a high tolerance for the cold despite his short fur coat.
-The scarf that Gideon wears often was a "get well" present from the church while he was recovering.
-Gideon was badly wounded at his hind legs when attacked by the bandits. He wore wrappings around the wounds until he fully recovered. He now only wears them for a "fashion sense". (Personally, I just found them to look cool for his design *shrugs* Shrug

"Up and Ahead" and "No North" belong to Skailla: :iconskailla: 

I really had fun with this template/project thing that Skailla made! Hope you guys enjoy Gideon's character! :D
The Scream of Kanagawa Night
For my college art class, a project that I had to do involved making my version of a famous art piece. The guidelines for the assignment were very loose and just emphasized on the good quality of the artwork. Being a fan of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", I decided to do a parody of the art work by combing two other famous art pieces such as the "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" and "The Scream."

You can probably guess the amount of fun I had doing this piece 😂.
Hey yall!

Got a some "big" news! I've just recently opened a Tapas account (Tapas is a site dedicated to publishing comics/graphic novels online) and just released a demo comic to get used to the site's interface. I don't plan on posting LEGIT comics yet, but I will occasionally post "gag-a-day" strips when I have the time to do so. In the future, sometime soon, I plan on officially starting a webcomic series I've been working on for years. I hope you guys are pumped for this! (Even though it's going to be a while till that happens...) Once I'm through will college, I will hopefully draw webcomics for you guys as a part time career! =D Just wanted to share the good news!


Thank you always, and God bless!
Apooyo (Apollo Achilles Chua)


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Apollo "Apoach" Achilles Chua
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An aspiring artist who dreams to be involved in the animation industry someday. =) Romans 12:1-2

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