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Ben 10 Omnivrese - Muscle Chronicles 01 :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 14 15
Warren Flexing by Apollotalon Warren Flexing :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 18 3 OC Darren - Mad House Audition Version by Apollotalon OC Darren - Mad House Audition Version :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 6 8 Surfer Dudes Turned Bodybuilders by Apollotalon Surfer Dudes Turned Bodybuilders :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 23 21 Scott and Duncan, the Powerhouse Boys by Apollotalon Scott and Duncan, the Powerhouse Boys :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 18 5 Total Drama Muscled Tyler - Athletic Clothes by Apollotalon Total Drama Muscled Tyler - Athletic Clothes :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 19 1 Total Drama Muscled Tyler - Standard Clothes by Apollotalon Total Drama Muscled Tyler - Standard Clothes :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 19 3 Total Drama, Shirtless Flexing by Apollotalon Total Drama, Shirtless Flexing :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 24 2 Total Drama 2019 OC, Warren by Apollotalon Total Drama 2019 OC, Warren :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 18 10
Ninjago, Muscle Chronicles, 004
The several pieces of wild foliage and such that make up the large jungle around him were dense, but he was able to safely manage it. Eventually, he was able to find it. The Temple of Eternal Endurance. He was able to enter the area with ease. His task? He was to find the treasure of the shrine-like temple for his master.
However, when he entered the center of the temple, he was in for a shock. The Orchid... was MISSING! He keep looking at the spot where the tree was supposed to be, just appealed. Master won't be pleased... the man thought, someone must have already taken the Orchid... but who??
Meanwhile on the Destiny's bounty...
“So, this girlfriend of yours... How'd you meet?” Jay asked, smug look on his face.
“Well,” Luke told him, “We've been friends for years. Eventually we began to fell in love,” Luke then smirked a little, “Personally, I think these muscles were a big turn on for her.” He flexed a bicep when he said that.
:iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 7 1
Ninjago, Muscle Chronicles, 003
It was a nice, peaceful day in New Ninjago City. The sky was clear, and  traffic was light; everyone was doing their everyday thing. However, that didn't last long...
“Don't try anything stupid!” A group of men were robbing a jewelry store. One of the men was aiming a sidearm at a woman who was running the cash register. She was frantic as he then pointed to a jewelry case next to the register and said, “Now, put the jewels in the bag girlie, and step on it!” Within a few seconds the men had almost completely emptied the store, when all of a sudden a thudding sound came from nearby. Thee of the guys turned around to find the fourth robber, knocked out cold. There stood the buff Kai, looking at them. He said, “Y'know, I don't think these jewels are right for your tastes.” The guys are frantic, they robbers then try to blast him with their sidearms, but Kai was able to dodges each shot easily. He was able to hit one of the enemies and flip another
:iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 5 0
Ninjago, Muscle Chronicles, 002
The night sky over New Ninjago City, even with all the city lights, it was still possible to see the stars in the skyline.
The public garden was calm and quiet, with only the calm lights of the garden illuminating the area. Each of the ninja has snuck into the central area of the garden, Nelson in tow. Side note, he's doing pretty good for someone who only got back the ability to walk a few hours ago. The ninja were clad in the robes they wore during master Chen's “tournament.” The robes looked a bit tight on them, which was expected, given their new size. Nelson was clad in simple civilian clothes, a purple t-shirt, simple jeans, and blue sneakers. The clothing was just as snug.
They then made it to the central garden successfully, when they're they saw someone there. The supposed hospital orderly, Mr. Williams, who was tending a plant whilst wearing a pair of earphones. They were about to inch closer to him when suddenly, he said, “I'm glad you guys could make it.
:iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 5 1
Ninjago, Muscle Chronicles, 001
It was a beautiful day in New Ninjago City. The Bounty was lower in the sky than usual, clearly a sign that the ship was going through maintenance.
That wasn't all though a few fangirls were eyeing the ship from the tops of some of the lower buildings. Indeed, the ninja were still celebrities in some way or form. Heheh, of course they're more than that now.
The ninja were in the skydeck of the Bounty, training with their new, larger bodies. Jay and Cole were arm wrestling, which ended bad for Jay as Cole was able to eventually, beat Jay in the end. “Oh yeah! Looks like I'm still the strongest!” Cole said proudly. Kai was doing some bicep curls using a pair of dumbbells, smiling at how his biceps rose with each lift. Zane was doing a few pull ups while Lloyd was doing a few pulls ups... while hanging from a bar otherwise used for chin ups. Despite each of their opinions of their 'growth spurt,' all five ninja were having a fun time testing out their newfound strength, endura
:iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 5 0
Ninjago Muscle Growth Adventure - Chapter 5
Zane was at the bilge of the ship, it was his turn to do the cleaning this week. He carried a mop and a can of cleaning water with him, as well as a duster. Once he actually entered the bilge he simply shrugged at the dusty environment. Placing the bucket in a good spot, he takes his mop and goes to work.
While working he sees plenty of misplaced furniture, then slides each piece to it's appropriate place.  He then goes to the nearby curtain to remove and replace them as well. There, he fount the odd and unique orchid-like plant (I forgot that when the plant was first described as a sort of orchid, so that's what it will be called from here on out).
“So, you are the one keeping the others busy,” Zane says about, almost, to the plant. He then carefully feels the soil in the orchid's pot, “Hm,” he said in response, “Needs water.” With that, Zane goes to the closest sink to get some water for the plant. He then goes back to the plant and waters it,
:iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 6 7
TD MC, Chapter 4, a Day at the Park
"So we're going to Action Adventures?" Rock asked. Action Adventures was about 30-35 minutes away along the beach coast. It was large and had a lot of areas. There was the beach themed area for sand castles, sunning, water skiing, during, parasailing, etc. Then there were other areas like high dive with the roller coasters and free fall towers. There was the jungle adventure further inland that actually went into the woods further back towards the exit of the park for kayaking and jungle tours and atvA. And in the middle there was the big swings, spinners, more roller coasters, various shows and performances, and other carnival activities.
"Wow," Shawn said. "I've never been there but I hear it's good. Kind of expensive though." Rock looked at him meaningfully. "Oh right," Shawn said remembering Brody and Geoff won a ton of prize money and they were making decent money at their performances.
"Shall we?" Geoff asked.
"I'm ready," Rock said and Shawn both said at the same time.
Later tha
:iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 4 2
Total Drama Dave Muscled by Apollotalon Total Drama Dave Muscled :iconapollotalon:Apollotalon 36 6


Set Up Downtown - Part 3 by Skyblue2005 Set Up Downtown - Part 3 :iconskyblue2005:Skyblue2005 5 1 Gentlemen of Darkstalkers by ElectricDawgy Gentlemen of Darkstalkers :iconelectricdawgy:ElectricDawgy 124 25 English Werewolf by ElectricDawgy English Werewolf :iconelectricdawgy:ElectricDawgy 75 14 Moo by MonsterGuitar Moo :iconmonsterguitar:MonsterGuitar 25 3 Screencap Edit #6: With That Bod? Yeah You Are! by mgtf Screencap Edit #6: With That Bod? Yeah You Are! :iconmgtf:mgtf 17 13 SHINING by MondoArt SHINING :iconmondoart:MondoArt 463 32 ''The Glare'' by Terrors-of-Nova
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''The Glare'' :iconterrors-of-nova:Terrors-of-Nova 7 1
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Hey there people, I've not done an update to this list in a while... So here. I think it's high time for a 2019 update. Enjoy the inspiration!

Oh... and please... leave a comment.

"Hey everyone! I've made a list of ideas for potential muscle growth subjects; characters I would like to see go through a muscle growth sequence or comic or etc. (something to watch, not read). I hope people are willing to see if they can do this stuff... I can't draw worth a darn. And I can't pay anyone so I know I'm just gonna have to wait until someone gets inspired to do one of these ideas, either way, here is the list. If there is anything that I would like to say per series, I will write it down."

Randy Cunningham; 9th Grade Ninja:
Randy Cunningham

Total Drama/Ridonculous Race:

Gravity Falls:
Stanley Pines
Stanford Pines

Steven Universe:

Ben  10; Omniverse:
Ben Tennyson
Rook Blonko
Kevin Levin

Penn Zero; Part-Time Hero:
Penn Zero

Phineas and Ferb:
Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher

The 7D:
Grimm (One of the Glooms)
Lord Starchbottom

Star VS the Forces of Evil:
Marco Diaz
Tom Lucitor

Danny Phantom:
Danny Fenton/Phantom
Tucker Foley
Dash Baxter

The Fairly OddParents:
Timmy Turner (10/11-Year-Old)

Regular Show: 

Big Hero 6:
Hiro Hamada


United States


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