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Groove of the Night
    The air was cool that fine, summer night.  The city was hustling and bustling with people as they hurried from place to place.  Amongst the crowd, a small woman navigated the sidewalks, her shift having come to a close.
    Lana Helia yawned, adjusting her glasses on her casual stroll.  She was thin with chestnut brown hair, long but done into a big ponytail.  She wore a heavy, blue turtleneck and long dark blue skirt, all appropriate for her assistant librarian position.
    Gotta get the car fixed, she thought, tried as she strolled down the street, I hate walking home and taking all of these shady shortcuts.  As she thought it, she took a hard right and started moving down a wide alley, hidden between an apartment complex and some retro dress store.  It certainly didn’t look safe or out in the open, but it cut ten minutes off her walk by taking it.
    Seriously, I keep pu
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Loss and Gain (Muscle Growth, TF, AP)
Loss and Gain
(Muscle Growth, TF, AP)

"It looks ready."  In a kitchen fifteen year old Tanya was sitting at the table with a pink drink in front of her.  She was the only one in the house as her parents had left for a weeklong vacation and allowed their daughter to stay home while promising to not to do anything reckless while they were gone.
"Not like anything like that's going to happen."  Tanya thought her parents was over exaggerating as she was a bit of a loner as she didn't have any real close friends.  Those she did interact with were more like associates that didn't interact outside of school.
A reason for Tanya's uncertainty was being embarrassed by her appearance.  Namely that she was a bit on the heavy side and even hidden under baggy clothes it was still noticeable, which didn't help that she was on the short side, slightly less than five feet.  Along with her pasty white skin, stringy brown hair that hung over most of her face t
:iconanthony22fp:Anthony22FP 96 2



...but there's two more stories that have been bouncing around in my head, that are really starting to take form...

...they may make an appearance in print form, soon...

Long Road To Tow is LIVE!!!

Please enjoy the sample, and go to my Smashwords Page to enjoy the entire piece!!!…

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Long Road To Tow
by Apollo

Sabrina nursed her cola as she sat at the diner counter.  “I just can not wait to take a long, relaxing bath, followed by a nice long nap.”, she whispered to herself.  “Thank goodness, this is my last late night supervisory shift for a long, long time.  Sure, I get paid extra.  But, these hours are killer, and these macho meatheads have gotten on my last nerve!”.  She swirled her straw around the glass, popping the carbonated bubbles in her beverage.  “I swear if one more jerk even so much as glares at me the wr...”, “Well, hello there, sweet thing!”, Sabrina's train of thought was derailed by an unwanted self-introduction.  “My name's Dirk, and I'm definitely what you've been waiting for...”.  Sabrina, taken aback, looked in his direction.  Styled dirty blonde hair, check.  A stiff jawline, accented with a five o'clock shadow, check.  A work shirt that was too small, obviously to show off his physique, check.  “Yep, another meathead...”, Sabrina thought to herself, as she noticed his gold chains, and the sunglasses he was wearing indoors.  “Here, sweetie.”, Dirk tossed his credit card onto the counter in Sabrina's direction.  “Let me buy you some breakfast.  No problem for the Dirkster.”, he couldn't hold back an obnoxious smirk as he spoke of himself in the third person.  “ thanks.  I'm on my way home.”, Sabrina slid the Black Card back towards Dirk.  “Oh, sweetie.  Don't let the work gear fool you!  My dad owns the company.  I'm gonna inherit millions in a few years.  In fact, I'm just doing a favor for my dad, delivering this sports cars to a big time private buyer out in the desert.  I live in a 4,000 square foot condo downtown, with a magnificent view, overlooking the Bay.  You know, if you give me your number, I'll let you see it tonight, when I get back.  And, if you're a good little girl...”, Dirk whispered as he reached over to take a sip from Sabrina's glass, “...we can watch the sunrise tomorrow morning in my bed.”. Shocked, Sabrina felt a familiar rage well up inside of her, the hairs on the back of her neck standing at attention.  “You know, I normally go for women a lot hotter than you.  But, there's just something 'magical' about you.  And I just have to have you.  So, what do you say?”.  “Well...”, Sabina began, her brown eyes gaining a slightly perceptible blue tint.  “I think it's awfully sweet that you want to give lil' ol' me a shot at the 'Dirkster'.  I bet women are all over you, all the time aren't they?”, she leans over, placing her left hand on his knee.  At the moment, Dirk froze, feeling a chill run up his spine.  “I bet you have to damn near beat them off with a stick!”, Sabrina stands up, placing her right hand on his shoulder, a warm sensation now shooting down his spine.  “Well, far be it for me to stand in the way of any other woman who break down doors to get to the 'Dirkster'.  I think I'll pass this time, but good luck to you.  I think you'll need it.”.  And with that Sabrina left the diner, and drove away.  

“Sir?  Sir!  Hello, anybody home?”, the waitress snapped Dirk from his trance.  Dirk mumbled incoherently in response.  “Well,”, the waitress whose name tag read “Terri” giggled.  “Is there anything else I can get 'cha?”.  Dirk, gathering his composure responded, “No, thank you, pretty lady.  I think I need to get on the road soon.”.  Terri leaned into Dirk, her breath smelling like strawberry bubble gum.  “Are you sure I can't get you 'anything' at all?  I go on break in 5 minutes...I get thirty minutes for my break”.  Dirk quickly realized he was being propositioned, and smirked in acceptance.  “Well, since you put it that way.  I'll be outside in 4 minutes, right by my truck, waiting for you!”.  

Four minutes later, Dirk was leaning against the cab of his truck, as he watched the waitress appear from the diner.  He took all of her in, as she quickly walked over him.  He noticed how short she was, probably 5'1” at best, her braided brunette ponytail bouncing off her shoulder.  Her curves, non-existent, in her frilly pink waitress uniform.  She stared at him lustfully, biting her lip in a subtle fashion.  He looked down at her, her head not even reaching mid-way to his chest.  She stood on her toes, and she beckoned him to lean in.  “I usually don't do this, but I can't seem to help myself.”, Terri spoke in a breathy, obviously aroused tone.  “We have a lock on our restroom, it's 'round the back.  I want you to give it ALL to me!”.  “Well then, lead the way little lady”, Dirk couldn't find the words to say “no”, either.  “Just a quick twirl, before I hit the rest of the road, is just what I need.  I didn't even have to feed her!”, Dirk thanked his luck as Terri's chilly hand grabbed his and led him to the restroom.

With a “Click”, Terri locked the door to the restroom.  The florescent light overhead flickered off and on as Dirk began unbuttoning his denim shirt.  Terri immediately ran and pounced on him, wrapping her arms and legs around him.  Dirk held her in mid-air as she assaulted him, kissing and nibbling.  Already sweating, her pony tail bobbed behind her.  Dirk guided her to the sink, sitting her on the edge of the basin.  “Take me!  Take me!”, Terri begged.  Dirk untucked his shirt, and Terri pulled him even closer, grabbing the collar of his undershirt.  “Now wait a minute...”, Dirk grabbed Terri by her pony tail, forcing her to relent, momentarily.  “I'm the captain here.  The 'Dirkster' calls the shots”, he chided Terri for her aggressiveness.  “Oh really???”, Terri growled, unexpectedly.  She pushed Dirk back a step, surprising him, as she hopped off the sink.  “We came here to fuck, didn't we???”, Terri now had a feral look in her eyes, as she invaded Dirk's personal space.  Again she pushed him back another step.  Dirk was shocked at the aggression, and her strength!  Terri shook her ponytail loose, and began to run her fingers through her brunette hair as it nearly reached her waist.  Dirk could only mutter in confusion.  No woman had ever been this forceful with him!  Just as she got close again, another, more forceful shove pushed him back into the wall of the restroom!  “You're gonna give me every...thing...I want”, a raspy growl came from Terri as she cornered Dirk against the wall.  With one hand she grabbed him by the jaw, the other hand she latched onto his crotch.  In the midst of the confusion, if he didn't know better, she was as tall as he was!  He was having problems pulling away from her.  “What is going on?!?”, Dirk racked his brain amidst the confusion.  Terri forcefully pulled him in for a kiss, her hair obstructing his view.  Her other hand, roughly massing his member through his jeans.  “No!  Something's not right!  I need to get out of here!”, Dirk's conscience yelled.  There he was, pinned against a wall, being ravaged.  With a yell, Dirk responded to an overly-aggressive bite to his neck from Terri.  He couldn't see anything.  All he could hear were her grunts, and moans.  And, the sound of something tearing.  

“Mffmg...stupid uniform!”, Terri momentarily stopped.  She stood, halting her assault.  Dirk watched in the dim light as Terri seemed to rip open her uniform like tissue paper!  The room alternated with shadows and dim light as Dirk took this momentary pause to gather himself.  He grabbed the nearby trash can, and threw it in Terri's direction, distracting her.  He quickly ran past her, unlocking the door and slamming it behind him, before running to his tow truck.  A fist barreled through the shut door in frustration, as Terri was left “unsatisfied”.
Long Road To Tow {Excerpt}

Set in the Liar, Liar Universe:

Dirk is spoiled and arrogant. On the way to make a delivery, he meets Sabrina in a roadside diner. Ever cocky, he says the wrong thing to her. What she does in response will have women chasing after Dirk, trying to TEAR HIM APART!

(Please go to my Smashwords page, to read the full story!…)

Good News!!!

The NEXT Story in the Liar Liar Universe is almost ready for posting!  

Full of Female Muscle Growth!!!
My latest story is 60%-70% done!

This one will be a FMG story, in the Universe of Liar, Liar


United States
I fancy myself an "occasional" writer. I've been writing for years, and I've seeded some of my work throughtout the 'net for years.

I'm definitely a fan of these genres, and I've started and stopped new stories for years now. I'm looking forward to all types of feedback, positive, negative or indifferent.

For, now, I will not take on any commissions. I'm just not writing consistently enough to do justice to anyone. I would eventually love to publish, or contribute to a website on a professional basis.

Current Residence: USA
Enjoy the new storyline.  Yes, I stared yet another series of stories.  I just can't help it that I keep coming up with new ideas, in addition to the continuations that I currently have floating in my head.  

So, that brings the current Story Universes up to 3:
Made To Order
Balancing Acts
Amazon Infection

I already have at least one new story in mind for each of these.  Actually, they each have two in, STAY TUNED!!!


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