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Star Trek vs Star Wars

Simple cut and paste of the Enterprise and the cloning of a few laser firings. I did this a few years ago back when I was still in high school and now it's kinda bothering me how you can obviously tell where I cloned the stars in the background.... oh well.

I have nothing against Star Trek.

Piece was used in this io9 article-
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By merging with Viacom, CBS looks to be establishing itself as the OTHER media juggernaut.

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Pfft. The only way that Star Destroyer can catch the Enterprise is if the old girl can't even do warp ONE! :)
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NCC 1701 can destroy easily a star destroyer
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Hello. Cool! This Trek Woid--a two-in-one Trekkie ("Star Trek" fan) and Star Woid ("Star Wars" fan)--loves it!
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Nice!!!! Darth Vader an't doing shit to Enterprise!!!!!!
One thing is the shitty ISD, and other is the Executor.
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One is awesome but can be disabled by a brave martyr, the other is nothing against a ship that can shoot a laser with the 1/10th power of the Death Star.
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I think the image is good, and lucky you got images of the two ships just about at the same angle of direction.  Really looks like a hot pursuit.  Kirk will sure have to do something clever to get out of this one.

I love both really.  But in this instance, I think the Enterprise is seriously out gund, and I don't think the shields would hold long against the barrage of turbo lasers.  The Enterprise's phasers surly could do damage to the Star Destroyer, but its probably way too big to be effective.  But what The Enterprise has that the star destroyer don't is a clever and experienced captain, Kirk.  He probably would find an environment that would give him a tactical advantage.  And if all else fails, Kirk would use his own ship as a bomb.  He has been known to do that.
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Runs away, comes back with Galaxy Class..........Super star destroyer arrives
gets Borg cube MIGHTY 3KM!!       Deathstar 140km    

seriosuly that would be awesome to see what the borg would do if they met the Deathstar....
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Hmm, i think the likely outcome is that the Deathstar destroys the attacking Borg Vessels, but not before borg drones transport onto the Deathstar and assimilate it bit by bit 
"Scotty, we have to adjust our Shields to the frequency of their turbo laseres!"
"That'll take two days!"
"You got 2 minutes" 
"I'ĺl do it in 1" 

..20 secs later... "I OGT IT!" 
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Hurry Sulu! Before Disney gets us too!!
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The ISD would probably stress the Enterprise's shields and systems with ion cannon blasts while the Enterprise's crew tries to take a shot for the bridge with a Photon Torpedo... Or get the fuck out of there and come back with more ships.
lol. and when shelds are down, beem the Macos to take over the ship, take the brige, doundlode there spects on hyper drives and any unek weapons, beem out, then get the hell out
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I would love this crossover to happen!
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Thanks! Thanks for the fave as well!Dance! 
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made me smile, I had a vision of the Enterprise saucer section being replaced with a smoothed out Millennium Falcon saucer shape, but lack the skills to do such a thing myself.
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