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MA-GNI-FIQUE ! *stuned*
axalendra's avatar
cool. love the colors
IVISEK's avatar
This looks really great!!!!
SweetlyDarkLullaby's avatar
Just love that poppin' blue
katzueki's avatar
hmmm smells like Sombra
ApollinArt's avatar
A few people have been saying that, it's quite funny since I literally had to google " Sombra" after a comment on Facebook, oh well!
SinfulFox's avatar
Super cute! Digging the colors, and the art style is really nice and clean and pleasing to the eye! C:
SprenklePhotography's avatar
interesting characters design/pose.
Mat0s316's avatar
It looks wonderful!
MyrielLachance's avatar
I agree with aly-zimm, this is indeed something different from you, but by no means a bad thing.

Really love the playful vibe from the pose and the colors! ;D
aly-zimm's avatar
Huh! This is a bit of a different style than I'm used to seeing from you. I started analyzing the different design elements until I finally realized, "Oh! This is Apolline!"

I like it :) The gradients are superb, as always. The shape of the boots is a bold choice that work well! And I like this person's curious body language. I would definitely like to get to know this person :)
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