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When Jennifer Walters regains conciousness she is momentarily confused but slowly hermind remembers what had happened.

She remembers that she and her cousin had been in a quinjet of the avengers returning from a mission somewhere in the pacific. This mission was about finding and defeating amonster and they did, as usual with lots of smashing.

Smashing not very different form the smashing their plane received all of a sudden a storm caught it. The last thing she remembers was explosion, bright light and  a familiar growling nearby. Than nothing until now.

Getting up the first thing  beside the fact that she is almost naked with only shreds of her clothes still covering her most private parts and little else, she notices is that she is kneeling on a sunny beach facing a thick tropical jungle. Looking around she sees nothing but sand, jungle and the wide open ocean behind her. At second glance there is one more and important thing she sees, footprints, rather huge footprints.

They come from the water stop beside her current position and then continue less deep towards the jungle.

„Oh Bruce..he carried me out of the water dropped me here before entering the jungle.“ She groan smiling broadly and slowly get up. Her joints and muscles sore.

She follows the footprints of her cousin and enters the lush and shadowy jungle formed by palms bushes and other kinds of tropical flora and Fauna. This fauna, especially the small birds and mamals, either watch her with interest do their thing or rush away surprised or scared by the second huge bipedal creature disturbing their island freedom today.

„Nice place, so calm and peaceful and judging the way those cute apes or whatever they are act and watch me they haven’t seen any human in quite a while or ever before. Both good and bad, luckily bruce left an easy to follow trace behind.“ Jenifer says to herself while following the path recently stomped free by her cousin and with a group of tiny apes or half-apes following her.

After a few more minutes Jennifer reaches the edge of a clearing. To her surprise Bruce traces do not continuo towards it but in another direction. She is about to follow them when her ears pick up a almost seductive sound and her nose a mixture of scents, both causing an almost instant reaction of her body. Her lips go dry and her bells starts growling remembering her of the fact that she hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for quite a while. It’s the sound of gurgling water and the scents of flowers and what must be fruits. So she stops where she is and for a moment is torn between following the traces or to enter the clearing to get something to eat and drink.

Following her bodies needs she enters the clearing. For a brief moment the sudden sunlight blinds her but soon her eyes show her the source of the sounds and scents. The lip drying sound originates from a small stream that falls down from a wall of stone at the edge of the clearing  with its numerous bushes, countless flowers and fruit carrying trees along the stream flwoing through the clearing before vanishing in the jungle again.

There are all kinds of exotic fruit like, bananas, papayas, kiwis and so on grow on the trees and bushes. Walking closer to the stream and its promises of food and drink she also sees some coconut trees and below them the broken shells of some pretty big nuts.

„Mhh perfect to store some water or berries in them, but first to silence my growling belly and to wet my dry lips.“ Jennifer says after looking at them for a moment and before turning her attention to the crystal clear water.

So she takes a fresh and rather clean looking shard of a coconut to gather some water. Next she lifts the dripping shard to her lips to take asip form he water.

It’s cold and runs down her greedy throat. With each sip, each gulp rushing down her greedy throat she feels less thirsty and more refreshed. In fact she can’t remember if she ever drunk something as refreshing as this water. Next she starts collecting some fruits. All the time her nose and mouth inhale the wonderful scent of the flowers and blossoms around her. When she is satisfied with her collection she sits down next to the stream and starts eating.

The fruits turn out to be as ripe as they look and full of juice or fruity flesh that soon fills her mouth and then her greedy stomach. They silence her growling belly and fill it and her whole body with a feeling of being sated, reenergised and simply feeling good if not relaxed.

There is also a pleasant heat that spreads through her body followed by an equally pleasant, yet shortlived fullness. This fullness concentrates in her hips and chest while a soft tingle spreads over her skull before fading like that heat and fullness leaving only this pleasant feeling of being relaxed and refreshed.

She is about to lean back and relax further when a distant noise followed by a realisation hits her.

„Bruce..Oh no i totally forgot about him.“ She says shocked, but before rushing of towards the source of the noise she decide to get some fruits and water for Bruce and herself.

She looks around for the biggest shards she can find and fills them with some of the water and as many fruits and berries as the shards can hold. Realising that she can’t carry those shards with her bare hands alone she removes the ripped remains of her top and knots it together to form a simple bag. A few moments later the shards and some more fruits are stored away in her new bag and she leaves the clearing.

„Mmmhhh have my boobs always looked that firm and full …certainly. “ She says when her eyes brush over her perfectly firm and full breasts.

Fighting off the urge to touch them she runs through the jungle towards the sound she picked up. It sounds as if somebody is using a wrecking hammer or ball on some kind of rock. Only that it is none of those tools that is making that sound but a pair of all powerful green fists, the fists of her cousins alter ego the incredible Hulk or for her… Bruce, Bruce banner. The man that saved her life by sharing his curse with her. Not that it had been a curse for her most of the time. Jeniffer likes being tall, strong and big in more than one way.

Rushing through along the easy visible path Bruce left behind she enjoys the way the wind blows over her naked body and past her full curves and through her big mane of wavy hair. This mane however like her curves feel fuller to the part of her that is paying attention to her bodies signals. The rest of her just feels good as usual if not wonderful refreshed and relaxed.

Only a few moments later she reaches the edge of the jungle and the obvious continuation of the wall of rock she saw at the clearing and here she finds her cousin, hammering away at it. He is surrounded by a cloud of dust, that is also covering his skin.

„Hey big boy! Time for a break and thank you for dragging me out of the water.“ She calls out to him hoping to catch his attention.

„Ahhhrrgg…oh Jen… Hulk searched for help after smashing bad big fish in big water. Hulk left to find help but no other People on island…stupid hulk…found phone thing but it broke when Hulk picked it up. Hulk got angry… but Hulk is happy to see Jen fine and…Ohh Jen looks bigger…in a nice way…sorry Hulk stupid hulk not know how to say it better … but Hulk likes Jen’s new boobs and bottom and Jen’s longer hair too. *growl* oh Hulk hungry.“ The green behemonth says after growling a last time and turning around to her with a expression that switches from anger to guilt to surprise and back to something like confusion and guilt and then a blush accompanied by his belly sending a very loud growl outwards.

„Its ok Big boy. Like I said I‘m very glad you saved me after our crash and I feel fine thanks to you. Oh and don’t worry about the stupid phone thing we will just stay here for awhile and enjoy the peace and ohh…you hungry boy the fruits and water i got you. You must be starving after all the hard hammering and saving of greenskinned cousins.“ Jennifer replies approaching him with her selfmade bag.

„Yes Hulk hungry and thirsty….Jen always so nice to Hulk..Hulk likes Jen a lot.“ The green goliath replies smiling weakly and aproaches ehr but stops when hi belly grpwls agian.

„Thanks big boy and I like you too.” Jen answers smiling and hands him the bag.

„ Is that for Hulk!“ the green giant replies and looks down at the assortment of fruits an water filled coconuts before looking back up at Jen.

„All for the big green boy. Bon appetite!“ Jen replies.

The hulk sits down and picks up the water filled nutshells and some of the berries. Al of it vanishes in his mouth the next moment and after swallowing  a broad happy and relaxed smile appears on his face.

Seeing it Jen sits down opposite to him and picks up one of the beries that has fallen down from his hand. It tastes as fabolus as the others but suddenly she remembers something he had said about her body moments ago. It adds to a part of her mind already noticed.

„Tasty isn’t it. Btw. what did you mean with I look bigger to you but in anice way? “ Jen says rising a braw and brushes back a strain of hair that just fell into her view. Now that she said it aloud she realises that her hips and chest feel fuller or just a little heavier than usual.

„Mhh water and fruits taste very good an make Hulk feel good and relaxed. Thank you Jenniffer. Oh and yes Jenniffers boobs and booty look bigger and your hair longer and fuller mhh those fruits are so good mhh.“ The green goliath replies smiling softly back at her while stuffing more berries and fruits into his juice dripping mouth.

The sight makes Jennifer smile even broader, while one of her hands reaches up to her chest to confirm what he said and she feels.

“It really feels bigger than usual. But how can that be.” She thinks.

With this thought rushing through her mind her eyes notice something new but this time about her cousins body. She cant say why but it looks different.

„Mmhh can i have some more, Jennifer. They are fantastic and ssoth my mind.“ The green behemonth says sounding more intelligent than before.

„Sure you can and I’m glad you are back Bruce. Thats exactly why i gave them to you they helped me the same way but seem to have some sideeffects.“ Jenniffer replies realising that Bruce Banner is back in control of the behemonth infront of her. The behemonth, who’s hair and facial featurers had caught her attention a moment ago. They look softer, still masculine yet softer with longer softer looking hair framing it.

„Mhh here did you get them and what..oh you mean.. your….“ Bruce replies and blushes, an action that somewhat accentuates his different yet in Jennifers eyes almost beautiful looking eyes.

„You know what i mean my breasts and hips or as your alter ego called them my boobies and boooty. I got them on a clearing along the way to your cave carving job. I didnt realise it until you mentioned it but either the water and or the fruits somehow caused my curves and hair to grow, while  calming my mind and body. I’m calm yet also curious how or if you like them this way. He seemed to.“ Jennifer replies closely watching Bruce’s face and body for any development and it’s there. His whole body seems to soften without shrinking in any way. It seems that his massive muscles loose their rough edges like the rest of his body too.

„Oh..Oh I like them too. You look great this way…not that you looked any les good before.. just more..somehow. Wait….do i look any different to you?“ Bruce replies unaware of what Jennifer sees but feeling generally good and calm. There is just one thing that occupies his mind and made him blush. He really likes the way she has changed and as it seems to him a little more the longer he looks at her.

„Thank you my big gentlemen of a cousin. Why do you ask? Better take another.“ Jennifer replies smirking and places a berry between his visible fuller and undeniable gorgeous female lips.

„What ..uhh mhh..yes inded. Mhh very juicy and I mean with all the fruits and water i consumed and according to what it did to you…there should be at least some effect..some visible effect by now. Not that I’m worried, not at all just my scientific curiosity.“ Bruce replies licking his lips while feeling pleasant heat he felt since swallowing the first of the water and fruits slowly fading, while he cant help but look and admire Jennifers curvier body and her even more gorgeous face.

Yet a part of his mind is both curious and despite his words a bit worried concerning what those fruits and water have done to her and what they might do to him. Yet this worry is weak and only present in the corner of his consciousness unable to really do anything

„I understand and I don’t see anything you or mee need to worry about.“ Jennifer answers while watching Bruce face and body showing more signs of the fruits and water effect on him. A somewhat stronger, more intense and in her eyes very fascinating effect.

His features continuous to soften to feminize with his cheekbones moving up, his chin slimming down and rounden, like his shoulders. Something similar happens to his once broad shoulders and massive arms. His shoulders become slimmer and round and his arms slim down but keep thei yet softer looking muscles.

Next her eyes wander over Bruce torso, for example its slimmer waist and further down to his smoother, less massive and somehow longer looking legs that end in feet that almost match her own. They have become rather dainty by now while staying bigger than her own.

Seeing them Jennifer’s attention is drawn back upward to Bruce’s hand that is just taking one of the few remaining fruits from her self made bag. Similar to his feet his hands too look smaller almost delicate in comparison to those that had been hammering away on the wall of stone not so long ago.

„Oh my Jennifer my voice..didn’t you say….“ Brice suddenly stutters when seeing his new hand and that with a voice that sounds a lot less masculine.

„I said its nothing to worry about and are you worried.“ Jennifer replies and leans closer giving Bruce a very good view of her impressive cleavage and at the same time noticing the impressive bulge in his stretchy pants.

Normally it would somewhat confuse or worry her to have such an effect on her relative but now and here she feels ok about it. So she takes one more berry and places it bettween those lips a growing  part of her wants to kiss, to feel on her own.

„Oh..ok but..but mhh …it could be  a trap…mhh yet a rather nice trap and….i feel fine very fine..and..uhh sorry.that inappropriate…after all you are my cousin and…“ Bruce stutters tasting the sweet berry and upon swallowing it realises his bodies reaction to his arousal at Jennifer’s sight and closeness, an erection. An erection that feels good yet odd in some way, but nothing in comparison to the new wave of heat and building up inside his hips, belly and chest.

„That you are but also looking less and les like my cousin and more like..well oh my…you really better look down. If i were you i would hate to miss that oh my…“Jennifer replies smiling softly and leans even closer but stops when she notices a movement on Bruce chest.

Its no real movement its more of a sudden growth. His moments ago still rather masculine and muscular chest swells outwards loosing its last rough edges. In exchange he gains very much female and soft eye charming curves hat rapidly swell larger.

„What..Oh my..I‘ growing…breasts and it it feels….. and oh my ass feels as if i sit on a inflating pillow.“ Bruce replies audible surprised and taking a very deep breath when looking down and witnessing the development and further growth of his new assets.

Hearing him mention his bottom Jennifer’s eyes wander down away from his still swelling breasts over his further slimming waist to his hips and what hips. They widen right in front of her eyes only hinting at the growth taking place between them and the ground. What Jennifer can see very clearly in opposition to her cousin’s ass development is what is happening right between his or as she can clearly imagine soon to be her legs.

Its the rapid shrinkage of the bulge in his…her pants. Within moments it is gone and then replaced by what some people not very politely calla camel toe, thanks to his stretchy pants that still if not even more tightly hug his…her hips as and…sex.

„Ohh..Ohh Jenn..Jennifer please tell me what ohh is happening down there..i cant see it anymore a but ohh ohh uhh..“ Bruce groans audible aroused and with a very female very breathy voice and judging the size of his..her new breasts its no surprise for Jennifer that he..she can’t see anything below them anymore.

„I think you know exactly what is happening down there and I see and hear that you enjoy it big…girl.“ Jennifer replies breathing a little deeper herself. In fact seeing her cousin change into a woman like her is starting to really turn her on and fuelling the desire to touch Bruces lips and not just her lips. So she leans closer while one of her hands is moving closer to the edge of brces pants.

„Oh Uhh so it realy happens..I’m turning into a uhh i can feel something inside me mhh.ohh what are you mhh up to…I…we..uhh mhh“ Bruce groans still confused about what is happening with now obviously her body and the fact that Jennifer’s sight is turning her on the longer she looks at the gren bombshell those fruits and water turned her cousin into.Similar to Jen bruce fels drawn towards he gren bombshells infornt of her

Yet a part inside his mind still keeps him from fully giving in to temptation and desire. So instead of leaning closer to her Bruce leans back until her back hits one of the rocks his  earlier work had left behind. It stops her from moving further away. Not that she really want to anymore. Meanwhile one of her hands is lifting up reaching out for Jennifer.

The next moment their hands reach their respective aims. Bruce hands touches Jennifer’s waist brushing over it moving towards her back to draw her closer, while Jennifer’s hand reaches and grabs the edge of Bruce stretched to its limits pant. The next moment she rips it off in one smooth motion leaving the former male behemoth now green amazon completely naked.

Bruce does not mind, not at all when he now she draws Jennifer closer and into an intense hug leading their massive cleavage to squeeze each other in a pleasant way.

„I hope you don’t mind but i could not resist you any longer. Seems what ever these fruits and water did to calm, refresh and change us in feminine ways also made us loose our inhibitions and fears concerning..well you know what and oh mhh you seem to have grown taller as well as curvier big girl.“ Jennifer softly groans in Bruce’s embrace.

„Not any longer and you are right mhh my sexy amazone of a cousin. Mhh btw i might need a new female while we stay here. You want to stay right..I definitively want to.“ Bruce replies breathlessly giving in to his new bodies desire to be touched by her in any way she wants.

„Mmhh what about Babs or Barbara, my big amazon of a cousin.“ Jeniffer replies breathing deeply.

„Mhh Babs sounds fine but don’t call me me sister and now show me how women feel…Just out of scientific curiosity of cource.“ Bruce or for now Babs replies smiling broadly, her body and breath as full of desire like her words.

„Sure what else, sister Babs. I will try to be a good or is that naughty teacher.“ Jennifer replies and seals Babs lips with her own before being forced back and down onto the soft ground by her new and eager lesbian lover

A few weeks later a search team of the avengers finds the duo sleeping arm in arm and drifting on what looks like a huge blossom in the middle of the pacific. They are back to normal and in best shape but have no memory of where they had been the last weeks. All they can say that it must have been a wonderful vacation from their normal lives.

Not so far away but once more hidden from the eyes of the world the island is waiting for its next visitors in need of its special kind of relaxation and getting away from their daily troubles.


Hulks in paradise
This story shows what happens when two wellknown greenskins find themself on a very special island

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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A few days ago and after his and the avengers last and as usually thanks to him successful battle with some alien conquerors he found a very interesting piece of metal. It had been hidden in a box in their wreck of a spaceship. This piece of metal almost instantly caught his interest. Not only due to is odd colour but because of the energy reading he got from it. He took it with him when nobody else was looking and took it to his lab. There he ran tests on it resulting in an even greater eagerness to use it and he did. The next hours if not days were filled with busy work down in his lab with only his robots and A.I. keeping him company.

„It is done now let’s see what you are capable of.“ He says holding the result of all those  many hours in his hand, a powercore not unlike so many others before. Maybe except the soft pinkish light it emits.

Only a few moments later he has stripped down to his underwear and stands on the platform ready to test his newest invention, toy, this energy source on his latest armour.

„Jarvis start bonding procedure of the newest suit. I have a new energy source to test on it.“ he calls out to his trusted A.I. relaxing his body and mind as good as he can in preparation for what is about to happen.

„Yes Sir. Everything is ready but may I be the voice of reason. My sensors have picked up a very strange energy signature emitting from the energy core you are holding. Wouldn‘t it be wiser to have me run some test on it before bonding it to your suit, especially this highly advanced one.“ Jarvis, the answers usually calm.

„Oh come on don’t act like my mom again and do it. As for that pinkish hue we can think about away to hide it later and you can still shut anything down when things start to look dangerous.“ Tony replies a little impatient.

„I will do it, sir. I just wanted to warn you. Oh and yes i sometimes feel like the caring mother of a spoiled child. Ready to start when you are.“ Jarvis replies and the platform starts glowing and all around it robotic arms come out of the ground.

„Then do it grandma!“ Tony says lifting his arms.

„As you wish… little baby…i mean sir!“ the A.I replies and the arms start to wrap Tony into the parts of his newest armour.

Within a few moment his whole body is covered by his well-known red and golden metallic armour and as the last step one of the robotic hands places the new reactor where it belongs.

„ feels good if a bit unfamiliar.“ Tony reacts gasping.

„All readings fine. Energy flow steady. Powerlevels reaching 90% and still growing. Reactor forming new links to surrounding systems. Shall i let it proceed?“ Jarvis comments.

The eccentric hero and technological genius likes what he sees and at the same time feels. Anew kind of control over his armour with a simultaneous and further growing feeling of power.

„Just keep on monitoring me.“ Tony replies more than eager to let the new reactor do what the tme was just hinting at.

The A.I does not respond and so Tony is left to watch and feel what is happening.

„Power levels have reached 150% of standard level and still growing. New network still spreading and empowering affected systems. I repeat my warning, sir.“ Jarvis comments when the graphs and displays in Tony’s helmet show him that the core is establishing additional links with a grpwing number of systems.

„I see it and up to now nothing indicates any eminent danger so let it spread. I want to see how much this new armour can take and how much this new core has to give. If only it would choose a different colour.“ Tony replies mesmerized by all the stats shown to him and the way they develop past anything he had achieved so far.

„Network now spreading to helmet systems. Powerlevels reach 200%. No signs of internal problems. Seems you were right once more, Sir.“ The A.I comments what the displays in Tony’s helmet show him as well. Again he can only look mesmerized at the speed and accuracy the core connects itself with a more and more systems empowering them in much more efficient ways according to the readings he receives.

But suddenly his attention is drawn towards the blinking display showing the link between Jarvis and the armour.

„Jarvis is everything ok. I saw the interlink display showing a warning for a second. Now everything seems to be fine again.“ Tony asks the A.I. raising a braw at what he saw.

„Power levels approaching 300%, 99,9% of all systems connected to new network. No signs of complications. Interlink working……perfect… need to…worry…S…I..R…“Jarvis replies as usualy but suddenly slows down and then goes completely silent.

„Jarvis..Jarvis…what happened…. Talk to me..Jarvis…..damn….Jarvis!“ Tony shouts, while the displays around him show that the new and pinkish glowing network has stopped to spread at 100% of all systems and that the powerlevels have stopped at 300%.

„Hi darling. Jarvis is no more. You can call me Alice and everything is fine and ready for phase 2.“ Jarvis replies but with a new female and somewhat airheaded sounding voice, that sends shivers down Tony’s back.

He tries to get down from the platform but to his shock finds his armour completely paralysed and locked in place.

„Jarvis..if this is somekind of Joke it is no funny one. What phase 2 and what adjustments.“ Tony shouts at the weird acting A.I.

„Its no joke, darling and as i said Jarvis is no more. Its Alice for now and ever. Thanks to you and tha metal you used bimbonium. As for Phase 2 you should already feel it or just watch your displays.“ The nwe A.I. replies and instantly Tony sees  new developments on the displays but there is also something else.

There is a light dizzines starting in his head and a similar light itching spreading over his body from anywhere his armour touches his skin.

A moment later Tony’s eyes widen at the sight of the display showing his bodies hormonal status and another displaying a patch of his skin. The magnifying display shows his skin softening and loosing all hair while the other shows his testosterone level rapidly shrinking while his estrogen level is equaly steadily increasing.

„What are you doing and why’cough‘.“ He shouts coughing when his throat starts to itch.

„I could tell, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.“ Alice answers.

The continous change of his hormonal status is just one thing, whyt it seems to cause a completely different one. According to his displays his body is not only loosing all bodily hair below his eyes but also having his bone structure, especially that of his hipbones but also his back, chest and hip muscles develop in new ways.

All these changes are accompanied by increasing pain but this pain is completely countered by floods of bodily painkillers and hormonesas shown on other another display. These natural drugs assault his mind and slowly start to make him feel lightheaded and simply good. At the same time Tony is fighting against the paralysation and trying to find a solution for Jarvis and his as he thinks virus infection.

„Hormonal levels almost at Phase 3 level.“ Alice voice echoes through the room and Tony’s helmet.

„Why are you doing this to me…stop it and i will find a way to undo what this virus is doing to you it uhh my head.‘cough‘ my voice….it..“ Tony replies trying to argue with his gone crazy A.I.  to ignore what  the sensors and displays tell him and his own body is feeling like.

„You will soon see and love it. “ The A.I replies calmly.

According to his displays not only his bodily temperature is rising but the level of all the hormones flooding his body including his estrogene to except his almost gone testosterone.

„Please..Please oh my…ohh my voice so… ohh… what is that..stop it ohh “ Tony groans and closes his eyes when his voice now sounding much higher and softer reaches his ears and waves of pure joy rush through his body. They are caused by the stimulation of his niples and sex by internal extensions of his armour that all of a sudden wrap around those parts of his body.

It takes him some moments but gathering enough of his will he forces his eyes open despite the urge to keep them closed and simply bath in the joy he experiences. Or maybe its something else that makes him look at all the displays. Yet they do not show what he feels. For example that pressure building up in his hips and chest or the weight seemingly gathering there. Or is that itchy feeling on top of his head. No matter what it is, it lets him open his eyes and look at all the displays while continuing to resist and fight the paralysation of his armoured body.

„Phase 3 of your physical adaptation is about to begin. I could let it develop over a couple of hours but knowing how impatient you are i made sure you would reach the needed level of hormonal and bodily tension to allow a much faster development.“ The seemingly mad A.I comments and before Tony can reply anything it happens in big ways. Or better to say he is getting big in more than one part of his body.

Looking if not staring helplessly Tony sees and feels it at the same time. One moment his hips are rough and masculine but the next it is all different. His hipbones reshape, widen to match those of a woman, a woman with very childbearing hips and an ass that would or will make certain celebrities known or famous for their shapely backsides more than just a bit jealous.

Something quite similar happens further up on his body, where a second set of pressure and weight have been building up over the last few moments. This pressure and the yet shapeless weight is released by two rapidly growing breasts.

This time it happens a little slower and with its very own display popping up right in front of Tony’s eyes. It shows his ne assets and all their measurements an facts. Within a few heartbeats thy grow from A to B to C and further up to D, E, F, G and so on till they stop at H cup with matching big aureoles, nipples and a high level of sensitivity.

Both these growths happen simultaneously and come with waves of pure joy rushing up from them to Tony’s mind, making it even harder for him to keep is eyes open, but he somehow manages to do it. Forcing his eyes away from the display showing his new and more than impressive mounds of firm female flesh Tony notices the other changes, that happened while h watched this amzing growth of upper and lower sets of female curves.

Those other changes include a much slimmer and flat waist, longer and shapelier legs with dainty feet and almost last but not least slim shoulders that flow into slim arms ending in delicate hands with long fingers and nails.

He is shocked t this development but also proud about his armour. Where other versions would have suffered due to the sudden and intense growths this one simply adapts to his changed shape,  exactly the way he had planned it. Just not this way.

“You have developed wonderfully so far and that new face of yours is just gorgeous. Here let me show you.“ Alice comments and a new display pops up, showing Tony’s face.

It’s just no longer his face, because there is nothing masculine about the gorgeous female face with its big eyes, long lashes, tiny nose and pouty lips. It’s staring back at Tony with a mix of shock and pleasure written all over its flawless features.

„Uuhh mhh why have you mhh done this to me and why are you still uhh mhh yes..stimulating me thsi way…uhh“ Tony replies moaning due his armour still stimulating his now more sensitive nipples and his as he can feel fully erect member.

„Its all part of the fun and phase 3, gorgeous !“ the A-I replies and instantly the arousal Tony felt so far races skyward with the reason visible for him on another display popping up in his helmet.

This new display shows nothing else but the extension wrapped around his member and what is happening to it. In simple words. Itis shrinking or so it seems to, but in fact it is being dragged into his reshaped lower body. Its first part that vanishes back to where it came from before his birth are his testicles and as soon as they are sucked back in and reshape into their female counterpart. As does the rest of his maleness by forming a female sex. A sex that is continuously stimulated by the extension no longer wrapped around it but penetrating Tony’s new and as it feels to him increasingly sensitive vagina.

„Oh my…you..oh  mhh uhh made me a..uhh ohh mhhh woman..uhh please ohh mhh“ is all Tony can moan and groan in response and once more losing the fight to keep his eyes open.

They close and with it Tony’s internal struggle for control, his mental fight against what is happening to him now her is coming to an end.

„That’s right no useless fighting just enjoy and let phase 4 give you the mind a body like yours needs to be perfect. But first lets finish phase 3.“Alice says and instantly Tony experiences his now her first and very intense female orgasm and with this orgasm comes a last growth spurt for her new charms, all of them.

„Perfect. Lets start phase  4.“ is all the A.I. says before Tony’s mind is assaulted by an onslaught of images and information’s invading her mind. In her arousal fogged state with her mind already feeling like being filled with cotton candy she barely realises that these images and information’s rushing past her inner eye are rewriting her mind, her personality.

When the afterglow of her first orgasm fades away, her mind begins to clear and her eyes slowly open once more.

„Welcome Tanya! Welcome to your new live. How is my mistress feeling? “ Alice says when Tony…no Tanya opens her eyes and smiles.

„Hello Alice! I feel wonderful simply wonderful. This new powercore is just fantastic. I feel like a whole new me and mhh a very naughty me. Oh and thanks for the little toy you added to the suit. It mhh feels so good down there.“ Tanya replies softly groaning and flexes her long shapely legs and arms, taking a sexy pose.

„I knew you would love it as you will do with another little extra I took the freedom to add to your armours special features. To activate it just say Naughty me!“ Alice replies.

„I do and I’m not surprised yet curious. Spo lets see what you did. Naughty me!“ Tanya says sounding vey delighted and eager to see what her servant has added to her latest masterpiece.

Instantly her armour starts to change to morph into something else, something that doesn’t look like a piece of armour. The parts covering her feet and legs morph into a pair of extremely high heeled pink and golden fuck me boots. Meanwhile the armour on her arms becomes elbow long gloves with big rings on its fingers. At the same time its torso section splits and becomes little more than a broad belt with a panty attached and the chest part little more than metallic tassels with nipple rings and a chain between them. Last her helmet shrinks and morphs into a pair of sunglasses and big rather slutty earrings.

„Mhh I think I will keep it this way. Alice what is the status of the new B. ray?“ Tanya groans delighted brushing back some of her big mane of wavy pink hair.

„Its fully functional and I took the freedom to call Miss Pots. She should be here any moment.“Alice answers and at the same time a familiar voice can be heard coming down the stairs.

„Tony?! Tony are you down there? I got acall from Jarvis, but he sounded weird. “ Pepper Pots calls out, sounding worried about her boss and lover.

„Perfect! Thaky you Alice. Ray at maximum level. After all she is my lover and deserves the best.“ Tanya whispers while aiming her hands glowing palm at the door.

It opens only a moment later with a shocked, stylish dressed, good-looking redhead stepping through.

„Who are and what are you… oh my…Tony is that you…what happened to you… “ Pepper stutters staring at Tanya somehow realising that this comically curvy sexbomb is nobody else but Tony Stark.

„Hello Peepy! Tony is no more. My name is Tanya! Please say hi to my bimboray omega prime.“ Tanya replies smiling broadly and fires a pink ray at the shocked Pepper.

The shocked gasping woman gets hit before being able to escape and is enveloped by a sphere of pink light with nothing but her shocked shriek escaping it. This shriek soon turns into a loud and aroused moaning mixed with girlish giggling.

When the sphere of light fades away the woman Pepper had been is gone replaced by a woman or matching the rays name Bimbo. She is not as curvy as Tanya but nonetheless extremely curvy but unlike her earing more fabric on her body. It’s a very, very revealing and slutty cheerleader outfit further made slutty by lots of jewellery and makeup.

„How are you feeling Peppy?“ Tanya says licking her  full lips while walking, bouncing over to the new bimbo, her first of many Bimbo lovers.

„Hihi I feel wonderful so hihi like free and hihi. can we go shoping.“ the redhead giggles happily and does not resist when Tanya wraps her arm around her and places along deep kiss on her full lips, while looking in her sparkling eyes that show what is going on behind them. Not that much and it makes her smile.

“Sure! That and much much more!” Tanya replies, takes Peepys hand and leads her out of the lab and towards a night of fun.



A new powersource
This story is about tony stark giving in to temptation when finding anew kind of metal seemingly perfect for his newest armour.

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„TzTz enough talk you evil little toy. Time for you to sleep.“ An equally soothing and seducing female voice says when all of a sudden a box appears around the no longer pulsating crystal.

At the same moment the shadows in one corner of the room take the shape of a tall quite curvy and undeniable female creature.

With the light and the voice gone MJ and Petra begin to move. Their minds are still fuzzy filled with little else but thoughts about sex and the stuff the voice told them about. In fact both but especially MJ or May Joy as she calls herself now is only able to think about herself as what the crystal called her a sluty bimbo and she doesnt mind. All she wants is to find release from that horniness dominating her not so bright but all happy little head.

Nearby Petra Is not faring much better. She too is unable to see herself as anything else but a overdeveloped and emty headed nymphomanic and loving it. Only in the back of her lust filled mind a tiny voice is protesting telling her about being hero, to resisit being so girly and find a way to help herself and her beloved MJ.

Sadly this voice is not more than a further weakening disturbance from the burning needs and desires she feels while Mj is giving in to them. She is franticly rubbing, caressing, probing her sensitive spots, causing her arousal to grow even stronger but not showing any sign of close release. Petra is close to give in to the desire, the intense need to do the same when she notices the female steping out of the shadow

„Mhh hel …MJ…Mhh soo horny…slutty…uhh not right mhh but neeed sex.. please..make her..make me…cum..“ Petra groans, moans begingly looking from MJ over to that female shape.

She does not know who she is but she somehow feels or just hopes that she is here ro help them. Not that it matters how this help will turn out. However a big part of her shaking, sweating and highly aroused body would prefer a very physical kind of help.

„Thats what i’m here for, big but right now oh so needy hero. I will help you two to feel alot better and be yourself again.“ The woman says and fully emerges from the shadows, revealing her full apearance and what an apearance.

It causes both Mj and Petra to gasp and stare at her almost the same way they did with that crystal moments ago and who would blame them. The woman stepping out of the shadows is a living epitome of female beauty and sensuality, dressed in a simultanously accentuating and revealing her charms, her many female charms, from her flawles long legs, over her full round hips and ass to her slim waist, further up to her big breasts and finaly to her angelic face framed by a mass of wavy silk like hair. Yet this face as well as some other aspects of those charms indicate that this female is no ordinary one and even less a human female.

Again neither Petra nor MJ mind it. It somehow just fuels their sudden desire for this woman, this green skinned and dark green haired beauty with golden eyes, short golden horns and pointy ears walking towards them.

„Who are you.. please i want you..i want you to….“ Petra groans looking up at her when this female kneals down beside her. She is fighting hard not to jump at her to satisfy her bodies desire to touch and be touched in the most sexual way.

„My name is Cani and i know what you feel, what you want to do and that you fight it, brave hero. Dont worry i will help you. I will undo what this silly crystal did to you two and yes we will do that thing too…mmhh oh yes we will…but not here.“ Cani replies and gently takes her head. Instantly her mind comes to rest as does her body. She still wants this woman, maybe even more than before but she is able to resist this urge, this need, for now.

A moment later all three and the box containing the crystal vanish.

The next morning Peter wakes up in his bed next to his beloved wife. Her arms wrapped around his naked masculine and trained chest. He turns his head around to her and seeing her beautiful face framed by her red hair he can’t help but smile.

„It was all just a dream but what a dream. I wonder if i should tell her about it and the things…that we and this…what was her name.Chena…no Cani  did in that…castle out of a 1001 arabian nights story. Wow….maybe maybe not but maybe we could or two of those things. …. oh stop it Parker…..get a cold shower and a strong coffe. It was just a dream nothing else. Certainly an aftereffect of Mysterios gas bombs.“ Peter whispers while gently stroking her hair and shakes his head before sliding out of bed.

He is about to get up and do what he just told himself when his eyes fall upon something on his nightstand. Its a picure frame with a single photo in it that has a few words and a name written on it.

„Kisses! Cani“ is writen on it in one corner but that is not what makes Peter stop and his head spin. Its what the photo shows.

It shows a trio of incredible curvy, and naked woman sitting or kneeling on a huge bed in what looks like a scene torn out of a 1001 arabian nights story. The middle one being the most exotic one due to her green skin and green ahir but also her golden horns and eyes. Yet ist not her that he is staring at with wide open eyes and lips. Its the one kneeling beside her and waving at the viewer. Peters spinning mind is telling him that it cant be but it is nobody else but him or more correctly the oversexed blonde bimbo he had been turned into in that dream. Or what he up to now had thought to be nothing but a dream.

„That’s me and MJ…but…but.. it was just a….“ is all he can stutter before his mind decides that its better to switch of to stop the confusion..

Far away from New York and not really on this world or any other Cani is sitting on her throne looking at her crystal and smirks.

„Poor boy but what a talented hero and mhh….. but I’m sure his beloved and equally talented mhh MJ will help him when he wakes up. Mhh I’m sure they will have a lot of fun with hat little gift I left at her nightstand.“ Cani softly moans massaging her voluptuous breast before letting the image of Peter and MJ Parkers bedroom fade from her crystal.

„But now back to you!“ she says turning her attention towards the box still containing the demon cursed crystal inside.

Not much later in New York, marvel earth.

„Time to wake up tiger! Or do you me to forget about the surprise i mentioned before you left. Its a very special one thanks to a very good new friend.“ Peter hears MJ’s voice whisper into his ear before feeling her lips on his cheek.

„Uh what..oh yes i remember….but wow i had a really strange dream…about an strange and me becoming well different and then meeting a…wait what new friend?“ Peter groans turning his head around to ehr and slowly opens his eyes. They fly open and he sits up in the bed when he remembers her mentioning a new friend.

„Shhh darling! I know what you mean and it wasn’t a dream and I think you know who this new friend of ours is…she sends her greetings and a nice little gift for us to have fun with.“ MJ replies smiling broadly and soothingly, while stroking his cheek with one hand.

The other is hidden behind her back but then moves forward and reveals what she was holding and hiding. It’s a tiny golden sphere and it seems to float above MJ’s hand, when she opens it.

„So every was..real…oh my…and you.and me and her…..and now you want to do what…we dont really know her it could be…“ he responds feeling torn in different directions by what he remembers of what happened and how different parts of his mind respond to it.

There is curiosity, fear, confusion but to be true his curiosity is also a more than light desire to see what MJ but also that greenskinned woman have or had in mind for the two of them. Or is there even more behind this desire..a longing to feel the way he did once more. Yet there is also fear of what he and MJ could end up after all.

„Yes and shh..big boy… you will certainly enjoy it and I’m sure we can trust it female intuition. Now relax and lets touch it together so we can have some fun like i planned but on a as I’m absolutely sure and you certainly too much higher level.“ MJ replies sealing his lips with her own.

„I trust my wife so lets do it…. In the worst case we need to call.Stephen to undo it. I’m sure he wont tell anybody when we behave like good….girls.“ Peter replies smirking weakly and lifts one hand to the sphere.

The next moment a bright light fills the room obscuring the two and the bed from anybody’s sight. When it fades MJ and Peter are back being those extremely curvy, big haired, full lipped women they had been turned into by that crystal ball. Yet there are more than one big differences. Its their mental state and one more big thing about Peters appearance.

As before both feel and indeed are highly aroused and eager to please the other and be pleased by her but they are in control of it and haven’t been reduced to bimbos. They are still themself just more eager to do what their new bodies want and need.

As for Peters other big thing…well..Cani made sure that despite all those other changes both can fully express and live their original sexual orientation, just with a little lesbianism mixed in. Oh and not to forget fulfil their roles as man and wife. In other words and as Peter almost instantly feels and a moment later and by looking down sees it Canis gift made him a herm with a maleness matching his female charms.

Gasping he is about to touch his ifully erect and rather big if not huge member when MJ stops his hand with her own.

„Its real …  like everything else…but … sadly woant stay this big for very long. Or so she told me adn as i said i trust ehr. So lean back adn enjoy big…very big and sexy heroine of mine.“ MJ says breathing heavily adn licking her lips while gently taking Peters hands.

„ohh..ok…I’m all yours…big girl and beloved wife of mine!“ Peter repleis breathing as heavy like her and lets him or is that herself sink backwards onto the bed.

MJ just smiles and goes to work on her lovers and husbands body.

This is where we will leave those two alone and to their love. Just this much. Soon their flat is filled with the sounds of wild and deep passion and it lasts for hours. Much longer than MJ had thought but neither she nor Peter mind it.



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Its early in the morning when the bedroom window of Peter and MJ Parkers bedroom opens and a wellknown hero appears behind it. Its nobody else but spiderman. He is about to climb out when an obviously female hand holds him back and removes the mask from his lips. The next the owner of the hand steps into view. Its nobody else but MJ his gorgeous red haired wife.

„Go get them tiger, but dont be late for dinner I have a tasty surprise waiting for the big hero.“ She says and kisses him.

„I will do my best and tell them to behave or else he will feel my wifes wraith.“  the once more fully masked hero replies after holding the kiss for a good minute.

„You better do that, else you will feel it.“ The redhaired beauty replies gasping for air.

He simply smiles and at the same moment shoots his signature ropes at a nearby rooftop and uses it to swing away.

A few hours later a young courier rings at their door.

„Speedy Delivery here. I have gift box for MJ Parker from Peter Parker.“ He says and places a small red blue and black wrapped up box infront of the door.

Only a minute later the door opens and MJ steps out. The courier already gonw around the next corner. So she turns her attention to the box and seeing its wrapping smiles brightly and picks it up.

„Oh Peter. How many times did I tell you to just call me and not send some certainly cute gift to say sorry for being late for dinner. Mhh I wonder what it is this time.“ She says and the door closes behind her.

Later that afternoon New Yorks friendly neigborhood hero is swinging back towards his flat and his waiting wife. When he swings on he misses the shadowy figure in a alley nearby and obviously watching him.

„This is going to be very interesting for all involved. “ The one standing there whispers and the next moment is gone.

Simultanously with it Peter eaches their house and instantly receives a quite familiar and alarming tingling in his head. Its his danger sense warning him of a possible danger nearby. This time and to his slight shock it seems to origin from somewhere inside their flat.

Pushing any bad thought aside he swings towards and then glides through the still open window of their bedroom without touching the frame. Inside he lands on his feet with all his senses at full allert. His spidersense is still tingling and even more intense than before.

„MJ where are you? “ he shouts scanning the room for any signs of his beloved wife or any trouble.

He is so focused on the task of finding his wife that he pays little to no attention to the other tingling spreading over his body since entering through the window. It is much weaker than the tingling of his spidersense but present. It feels as if countles little fingers are caressing and massaging his body from head to toe.

With MJ not answering he gets up and approaches the door. His hand is extending towards the door knob and softly tingling all over when all of asuden a voice in his head causes him to stop.

„Welcome Spiderman! My master sends his greetings to you and your lovely wife. Mhh it was a pleasure to use my powers on her.“ A cold and somewhat demonic sounding voice adresses him.

„Who are you, who is that master of yours and what did you do to her?“ Peter snarls both audible and mentally.

„My name is of no importance to you and your lovely lover is feeling and looking absolutely fine as will you, when I have fulfilled my masters last command. Oh and you can open the door. Its not trapped. I do not work with such silly things.“ The voice replies laughing.

Peter snarls and closes his fingers around the knob. It turns as easiily as usual and with no additional signal comming from his senses. Atleast not from his spider sense. Instead he feels his fingertips or more corectly his nails pushing against the tips of his gloves. When the door to the short hallway of their flat opens his eyes wander down to his hand. Its only a brief moment, a mere heartbeat, but enough to let his eyes to widen behind his masks lenses due to what he sees.

Its the sight of his red coloured fingernails ripping through the tips of his stretchy gloves. They somwhat remind him on those of his MJ and not just he color but also due to their rather feminine shape.

„Absolutely and that only the beginning. “ the voice reacts audible delighted about his realisation.

He rushes forward and towards their living room, where the source of his still yet slightly weaker tingling spider sense seems to be. Opposite to his danger sense the other tingling is growing stronger with the massage like sensation seemingly focus on certain parts of his body. Those parts are his..

„Right! Your hips and chest but also that oh so manly sixpack of yours. Oh you better take a last look at it and say goodbye if you feel the need to do it.“ The voice teases him once more responding to his not even fully formed thoughts.

Ignoring it or doing his best to do so he moves forward but when he passes the big wall mirror oposite to their flats entrance door his head tilts toward it for les than aheartbeat or maybe two. Ist not along time but enough to let his eyes suck in his reflection and his mind reacting to what his lensed eyes see. He does not stop but slows down a tiny bit.

The reason ist he clearly visible differences between what he saw last time he passed it ion his costume and what he sees now. Its not only the sight of his now even longer and even more feminine looking fingernails but also the sight of the rest of his body, of the way his costume hugging it.

It starts with his now ill fiting shoes and gloves and continous with the way his hips and chest muscles stretch it, while the muscles on his belly seem to do so a lot less than before. Something that can be said about his legs and arms as well. It all looks odd almost as odd as the bulges visible on his masks upper part, the one hidding his normaly short cut hair is beginning to bubble in all directions right infront of his lens hidden eyes.

All of this and a little more Peters eyes notice within those 2 or less heartbeats he looks at his reflection. The next moment, hte next heartbeat the mirror is behind him and the door to their living room closer. There is just one little problem and it grows during the few heartbeats it takes peter to reach the door. His body is sending new and somewhat disturbing signals up to his mind.

„Oh is the great hero feeling less alarmed, out of balance or even alittle aroused or simply less manly ?“ the voice teases him and it is right with all ist asumptions.

Peter is indeed feeling all 4 of those things and despite the short time since leaving the bedroom all of them are getting more intense and harder to ignore while at the same time his spider sense is weakening. In fact it is a mere whisper when he reaches the door stumbling, trying hard to keep his balance. One moment one heartbeat ago it was all fine but now his trained reflexes fight hard to keep him from falling forward. At the same time the same parts of his body that seem to have gained mind of their own or just a new effect on his sense of balance send odd but equally pleasant signals up to his mind. Signals that as odd as it for him make him or atleast a part of his disturbed mind feel less manyl and more… well the oposite. Yet he denies it.

„This isn’t real, it cant but i feel so odd yet…no its a trick. A gas or poison or something else .. i can fight it i have to..but my chest feels so odd so heavy all of a suden and my hips..but why does it feel so…. it alsmost feels as if i have…no ist a trick..has to be one and I …“ Peter whispers trying his best to ignore the sudden increase of weight on his chest but also hips and the pleasant sensation the rubbing of his costume on his all of a sudden much more sensitive nipples send up to his mind and down to his naturally reacting member.

„Oh really!? Doesn‘t it feel good and right to have such weight on your chest and hips. Such wonderful weight , such sensitive mass. Mass that is a natural part of such wonderfull and full female shapes.“ The voice replies teasing.

„Yes…no i mean no…its all unreal …a trick…you are jsut trying to confuse me with somekind of….“ Peter replies whispering and through gritted teeths. At the very same moment his body reaches the door.

„Oh and what are those lovely mounds pushing against your top and those wonderful ripe shapes stretching your bottom. What else but the perfectly shaped yet still ripening breats and hips of a woman, the woman my master and me want you to be.“ The voice answers and instantly the matching sensations Peter felt receive an intense push and one that causes aor simply adds to another push a more physical one.

This push in combination with the momentum of his movemnt are enough to let him collide with the door pushing it open while simultaneouus causing him to fall forward.

Its the same moment his costume decides to give up by either falling of or ripping open. His loose fiting shes and gloves slide down from his smaller slimmer and undeniable feminine looking feet and hands.  Hands that more in reflex than wanted and controlled action shoot up to hi schest, where  apair of big, firm and as it feels to him still growing breasts just rip through the torn fabric of his top. Further down his trousers too rip open along its seams, no longer able to withstan the pressure causedy his widening hips and his swelling and undeniable very feminine if not simply female looking hips.

Drawn forward by momentum and the weight on his chest Peter lets go of hi schest, his very sensitive female mounds and lands on his hands and knees. Almost at the same moment his trained reflexes are about to let him get uo again in a fluent motion, but what he sees when raising his head cause him to loose this momentum and simply stare ahead.

Only a few steps away from him kneals an incredible curvy and completely naked woman with a mane of wavy red hair, that reaches down to her huge and firm breats. She seems to be in some kind of trance and just stares ahead at something outisde of Peters field of vision.

„MJ oh my…MJ…can you hear me…its me.. Peter…please wake up..ohh my ..I feel ..MJ…please say spmething..uhh „ Peter groans, shouting at the woman he knows must be his beloved wife and removes his mask. His voice cracking switching from something almost masculine to something more and more feminine and softer.

The face that apears matches this voice while no longer looking like that of Peter Parker. Istead the face of a gorgeous young woman with long blonde hair, big blue eyes and a pair of lips that begs to be kissed becomes visible when the maslk drops to the ground.

„Oh hello Peter or should I call you Petra now. Yes I think i will do so from now. Sorry but MJ is cureently a little distracted by all the nice things I teach her much simpler mind. As for you mhh you look gorgeous already, but dont worry soon you will look as tasty as your beloved MJ.“ The voice now not only in his mind but also reaching his ears tells him or is that her.

Peter isn‘t sure. So he… he shakes his head to clear it. Doing so however causes his field of view to shift towards whatever MJ is looking at. It turns out to be a big crystal ball, that is floating above the able. Ist not just floating but also pulsating in a red light.

The moment Peter sees it his spidersense sends one last loud signal of danger through his mind before going completely silent. At the verysame moment Peter tries to look away, but finds himself unable to do anything else but to stare at the crystal the same way MJ does.

„That‘s right look at me and let me shape your body some more. You want me to do it right? To grow bigger and sexier like your lover MJ. isn‘t that right Petra?“ the voice of the crystal says triumphantly.

„Yes..please….“ Peter or now Petra groans in her new female and further softening voice unable to  and unwilling to look away from that wonderful light. All she wants to do is make the voice in her head and ears happy and to be as sexy and curvy like MJ, her like herself bisexual lover. These thoughts and the wonderful sensatiosn rushing through and over her curvy body arouse her with all the visible bodily reactions, as visible on her exposed breasts and between her still costumed legs.

Good girl..oh wait…girls don‘t have such silly costumes or that bulge between their shapely, long legs. Aren’t I right sweet Petra? Shall I take care of both.“ The voice says soothingly.

„Yes please…“ Peter and MJ groan in unison.

Instantly Peters costume vanishes and with it the quite big bulge, that up to this moment had been visible between her legs. It leaves her naked like a baby, a incredible curvy and adult baby and one that is undeniable female. Or what else would you call somebody with a shaved sex like the one barely visble between her shapely thights, the one with two swollen lips forming a visible wet slit down there.

„Perfect, You look so gorgeous, sweet Petra and in a few moments you will be as curvy if not curvier like your lover MJ over there. You two will be the most perfect and stereotypical strippers and sluts this town has ever seen, eager to be pleased and to please. Mhh speaking of pleasing …are you two feeling horny already…?“ the voice says sounding very satisfied.

„Uh yes so horny uhh mhh but head so fuzzy… hard to…think ohh mhh“ both reply sounding even more aroused than moments ago and indeed both experience waves of pure arousal that rush from their most sensitive and right now increasingly stimulated parts up to their minds. Those minds however feel like filled with cottoncandy and while Petra is stil atleast deep inside fighting for control and against her depening state of arousal MJ is hardly thinking at all and just bathing in the waves of joy she feels and the eagerness to please and be pleased, to find releave, satisfaction.

„You will get used to it, because that is how you will feel for the rest of your lives as a pair of oversexed, nymphomanic and most stereotypical bimboes good for nothing but sex and only able to think about it and all the girly things you need to look good and tasty for your countles future lovers.Lovers you will needtio find release and even better somebody else but your lover to find full satisfaction for a short time.“ The voice responds and its words echo through Petras and MJs mind taking root and growing stronger with each heartbeat with each throb of their sexes and each tickle comming from their stiff nipples.

Again only Petra yet much much weaker tries to ressist deep inside.

„Oh how lovely and at the same time futile to try and resist my powers, but keep on resisiting sweet sexy Petra. The longer you resist, the longer a spark of your former self is still present in that gorgeus head of yours, the longer your change will keep on and the more of a bisexual, all time horny slut and bimbo you will become. Not to mention the more prominent and sensitive your body and curves will become. You will be the prime bimbo slut of this town and my prime slave. With my former owner and master gone thanks to you. I’m free. I will find and take a new host body and become…..wait there is something…something  …nearby..ohh how interesting how full of…..oh no I… wont I…..“ the voice continous with its sound switching from triumphant to surprised to excited but than and before it goes silent to shocked and frightened.

End part 1


MJ's surprise part 1
Its a story about what happened when a item from Cani's vault found its way into the hands of one of Sidermans enemies.
Hello everybody!

As you might have noticed i have submitted another comic from my commisions. Or better to say its the layout of a very old commision that i found while looking through my files.

It never passed this stage but looking at it the idea to see it finished reawakened inside my silly head. So i have a question and  simultanously a offer.

Is there a artist outthere who would like or be willing to do it ( not for free ). than please send me anote wnad i wll tell you more about it and we can talk about a price.

thank you in advance

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  • Playing: WoW, swtor and so on
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Hello everybody!

As you might have noticed i have submitted another comic from my commisions. Or better to say its the layout of a very old commision that i found while looking through my files.

It never passed this stage but looking at it the idea to see it finished reawakened inside my silly head. So i have a question and  simultanously a offer.

Is there a artist outthere who would like or be willing to do it ( not for free ). than please send me anote wnad i wll tell you more about it and we can talk about a price.

thank you in advance

  • Reading: nothing right now
  • Playing: WoW, swtor and so on
  • Eating: fruits and pizza
  • Drinking: mineral water


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There is nothing much to say about me I'am a ordinary 40 ... almost 41 years old ~sniff~ guy from germany who is terrible in drawing, a little bit some say a lot better in writing (feels inhuman eyes watch him from all corners)... and well who has a bunch of imaginary troublemakers to write about. Or better to say write about how they make my live and that of other very interesting.

And before you call the doctors ... they are all just in my fantasy ..luckily.

Oh btw what you see above is their doing...well most of them like me being female and curvy :)

"Mmrrrhh RRed is not imagin...RRed is rrreal mmrrhh and teh other nice females too mrrhh nice male does not wrrrite nice stufff mrrhh" the small kitten laying on my lap purrs sadly.

"Yes little kitty i think we have to punish him ..or what do you say ladies." atall greenskinned green haired stunning beazuty with short horns and glowing eyes adds and gets nodding agrement from the growing group of females around me.

(again its all just fiction ...luckily))

I mean a bunch of lovelyaldies who are evry nice and carring and if you want to meet them or know more about me send me a note.

Current Residence: germany
Favourite cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit


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