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Commission Works

Status: closed / ask

Pricing: Portrait $120 USD / full body $180 USD

SAMPLE 0 ( portrait )
SAMPLE 1 ( portrait )
SAMPLE 2 ( portrait )
SAMPLE 3 ( portrait )

SAMPLE 4 ( full body )
SAMPLE 5 ( full body )
SAMPLE 6 ( full body )

SAMPLE 7 ( x2 full body )


*Personal commission works of cats only ( dogs? maybe, probably not )
*Upfront full payment via PayPal only ( no refunds )

HOW IT WORKS ( steps ):

Feel free to send ( via dA Note "Commission Work Request" ) me a request. If I'm open for commission works then I will ask for more info.

Send me reference photos ( e-mail will be provided or you already know it ). More angles, perspective and interesting poses help a lot to notice more details. Info - overall color tone; more cool, warm, dark-ish, bright, ect. Something specific I should know(?) You can also link me to some of my works from Deviantart gallery you like, it helps!

I prefer if everything ( most ) is left for me to decide ( better for creative process C: ) while keeping in mind base info provided.

Afterwards, before starting to work on your commission work, I will ask for a full payment. After few days time ( could take up to a week ) I will send you the final image ( in size around 3000 x 2000 pixels @ 300dpi ) to your e-mail. Make sure to let me know your e-mail beforehand.


The style of my work is something between realism and pixar-ish illustrations c: 


All personal commission works are ment for your own personal use only ( feel free to print it for yourself ). If you want to share it on social sites like Facebook then please ad credits "" and respective info to avoid any possible art-theft reports.

Personally, I may post personal commission works on social sites ( by mentioning it is a personal commission work ) or not if by any reason you don't want me to, it's ok.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hello! If you managed to find this deep dark corner of most frequently asked questions then most probably you have a question or few to ask. No worries you are on the right track to get closer to all the answers you may have! This has been long time coming as more comprehencive FAQ section was needed as lots of similar questions keep coming almost on daily basis. I hope you will find it helpful enough!




1. Art
2. Permissions
3. Various requests
4. General questions

5. Me elsewhere



1. Art

Q: What are your tools of trade?
A: Wacom Intuos 5, medium sized.

Q: What software do you use to draw?
A: Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Paint Tool SAI 1.2.0.

Q: What type of brushes do you use?
A: Mostly default brushes only!

Q: Do you have any recorded videos on how you draw?
A: I have! LINK

Q: How long did it take to learn painting/drawing?
A: No specific time frame; on and off few years I think.

Q: Are you a professional artist? ( do you make living out of it? )
A: I do, partly. I’m also into app design and development and other side activities that comes with it.

Q: Do you start with a sketch or...?
A: Usually I start with a rough sketch and add more details afterwards. Then it’s all about painting it, rendering details and adding final touches!

Q: Do you have any tutorials?
A: Yes! LINK



2. Permissions

* Licensing. I'm not open for artwork licensing.

* Facebook Cover image. I allow to use my artwork as a Facebook cover image only if proper and written credits are given; use the following credits in the image description - ...any change ( altering ) of the image is NOT allowed, except for cropping down to fit the frame.

* Avatars and icons. I allow to use my works for avatars with recommended size 128 x 128 pixels ( in forums, personal social network pages and alike ). Giving credits ( ) is appriciated.

* YouTube ( Twitch or similar ). I allow to use my works ( wallpapers ) as a static background image for music videos on YouTube ( I do not allow to alter my works in any way ). MUST give written and linked credits for the used image - SAMPLE - LINK

* Feature and Share. It’s okay to feature my images ( with a link back to ) on your blog or website posts. As for Tumblr or Facebook I appriciate a direct re-blog or share from original posts. My Tumblr and Facebook.

* Wallpaper websites. For all the wallpaper websites - I allow to host my old wallpapers ( these which are freely available outside my Patreon ) yet I DON'T allow to alter my works ( wallpapers ). DO NOT remove original credits/watersign from my works. Also must give written and linked credits - link back to the original artwork.

* Layouts. In case you want to use my artwork in your blog's layout ( top banner or background ONLY allowed ) contact me beforehand for further approval or disapproval. You must also include a link ( image by ) on or right next to the used artwork and in a well visible manner. Otherwise I do not allow to use my artwork as a part of forums, social networks ( except Facebook Cover images. terms & conditions apply ) or internet browser themes/skins.

* Mobile apps. I strictly forbid to use my works for any mobile/etc device applications.

* You can always use my artworks as your desktop wallpaper or even print out a little print for your own personal use.

* Any other ( commercial or non-commercial ) use of my artworks is NOT allowed ( note me on dA to clarify ).



3. Various requests

Q: Where can I find commission work info?
A: Info is available whenever I open them.

Q: Do you accept art requests?
A: Nope.

Q: I want to use your works for a commercial use ( or I have any other business proposal ).
A: Please send me a note here on dA or conact me on Facebook.

Q: Where can I buy your prints?
A: Currently I sell my work as prints ( and other goodies ) on DeviantArt Print Shop, society6 and RedBubble



4. General questions

Q: When did you develop your unique rendering style? Did you always paint like that, did it come slowly, or did you change your style from something else?
A: I think I had taken a grasp of it back in early 2008. I think it came rather slowly than not; it took a year or so before I slowly find what and how I really like to paint, something I really enjoy and could possibly explore more with giving more of my own. Other than that I didn’t really had a specific style at all.

Q: Have you gone to art school, or did you develope all on your own? Do you have any tips for a beginning artist?
A: I haven’t gone to any art school, I’m fully self-tought. As for tips, I think a young artist with burning urge to create should enjoy the process itself to begin with, just draw whatever you like, whatever excites you. And with that you can slowly come to understand which parts of it all you would like to take on the next level… if that’s the right wording for it.

Q: ...

5. Me elsewhere


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I'm wondering if I could use some of your cat artwork in my book serie's covers. I would credit you! These are amazing works of art as well.