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inspired from older work of mine called 'outa world'… used paint tool sai and photoshop.


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Sorry, I see that you get a lot of these but I found this website selling your work as a tapestry!

And while trying to find this piece to comment I found this website putting their own watermark on the piece for use as a wallpaper

It's a really beautiful piece of work! I'm sorry that so many greedy people steal it for their own gain!

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Hi! I've been a fan of your work for a very long time, and can't tell you how much I love your creations! Please never stop!

As a fan, I thought you should know I recently found this: on Amazon, and immediately recognized it as your work. I don't see credit given to you anywhere, and seeing as your signature's been cropped out, I'm assuming its an unauthorized use of your art. Thought you should know.

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This is weird.. because I have this same art on my lunch box...
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I'm so sorry to join in the commenting brigade on these but I found this on Amazon being sold as a bag too ;w;…

You did fantastic with this image with the colors, clouds, and kitty itself. I recognized the illustration as your style immediately, I thought I'd let you know!
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Hello! ^.^ Could I use this as a background on my profile on warrior cats amino? I'll mention and credit you of course!
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hey, can i use this as a banner on a forum of mine? its a forum of a game related to cats and stuff. i will credit you of course!
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sure, but make sure to give proper / linked credits and make sure the artwork itself is not altered ( exscept cropping down a bit to fit a frame is ok )~
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hey, thanks for answering but the game has been shut down so i wont need it anymore, but thanks anyways!
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I have this as my Google Chrome Theme -one of my favorites of yours! But I love all of your art!!
SharaX used this in a vid, and gave you credit. Infact, they only used your artwork. Good work!
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This was by google background. I seriously love you for making AMAZING cat artwork
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thank you for letting me know!
amazon feels like a weekly report marathon thing now for me -_-
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And yeah, but your art is pretty popular and all! It's a risk. If you just look up your name on amazon a ton of results come up ;-;
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Anybody else here because of SharaX??
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Amazing! In love with the colors and the cat :P
There is a firefox theme using this picture here:…
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thank you for letting me know!
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