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open world

one more speedpaint for my panda character concept for an app/game in works! figuring out lots of fun stuff in flash :]


used paint tool sai and photoshop for colour correction.


panda paper
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He's so adorable!
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awww it looks like the panda is standing on top of water looking down at us
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I was browsing another site and saw something that looked so much like your style that I came and looked through your gallery to make sure. Just wanted to see if you were aware of this:


This site seems to have taken a lot of their images from DA without the artists' permission.
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thank you for lettign me know!
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You're quite welcome. And your work is amazing! :D
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omg i wanna snuggle that cute panda
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thanks for letting me know!
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Perspective is awesome.
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I downloaded this off a wallpaper app, I didn't know it was yours! :O YOU. ARE. AMAZING.
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please let me know which wallpaper app it was(?)
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Err.. 'Retina Wallpapers HD with Glow Effects-640x960 Wallpaper and Background' x
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Aw cute and adorbeale work here
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D love it!!
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This is so cute!!! :iconyayzplz:
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By far, the cuttest little things I have ever seen! Excellent job! ^^
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can you teach me this?? O.O
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