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noir sun

idea I derived from an old artwork of mine called red sun ...not really a remake, but more of a fun variation of it :]

used photoshop and paint tool sai. FAQ

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goodies! sep '16 by Apofiss
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Cats hate to be wet. ;-)
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Hey Apofiss! I was wondering if I could use this awesome masterpiece on a website called Animal Jam Clans Wiki. It really ties in with a page I'm making. I would give you full credit and advertise your name. If not, totally uderstandable.
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if credits are given / linked and orignal artwork is not altered ( except cropping down a bit to fit a frame ) then it should be ok~

p.s. sorry for the late response!
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Thank you so much and the late response is fine
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Omg. You do cats. SO MANY CATS! I've just died and gone to heaven.
・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
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My standing ovation will forever continue! 11/10! Purrfect art!
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Those eyes are awesome
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The cat got angry at the bubble
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i just love your drawings!!! C:
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The colors go together perfectly! Your art should be in a museum! 
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Cool! Great use of color! :D
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is there a version without the watermark?
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Love this, it looks beautiful Heart 
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This one is really, really awesome...I love the surrealism and color, and how it evokes strong drama just by playing the red and black against the blue.
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I've been "watching" you for years and you're one of my fav artists and I'm glad you're still posting ^^
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Oh my gosh! Beautiful, like all of your other amazing pieces! <3 Keep doing what you're doing!
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Your black cat stuff is my favorite of everything you do.  Nice work!
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Bubble? oh, and i want to be eaten alive by that cat!
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You used such interesting colors in this one! I like this new piece :la:
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The saturated red makes this piece pop.  It creates really nice contrast with the desaturated blue background.
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