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mutual thing

Tried to achieve overt interaction, kind of vivacious emotion caused by two. Painted for a few hours. Enjoy! used photoshop.

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Hi i was inspired and made a drawing based on your peace i hope you like it :3  Inspired by Apofiss by AkiresaYasonska
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Awesome and very cool!  :toocool:
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Man, even though this is really old it's really good.
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Dang, even 10 years ago your art was amazing! 
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I bought a print of this eight years ago and hung it on my wall - it still makes me smile every time I see it!
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i really love all of your pictures o;
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do you still have this for desktop? 
I lost mine @__@
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So, I was looking up pictures of black cats for reference when I stumbled upon this. It captured me, and I was thrilled to see the copyright at the bottom so that I could track it down. You have an incredible talent. Thank you for sharing it with us!!! Huggle! 
your work is amazing!
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  I love the dreamlike quality to this.
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what photoshop did you use
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So cleaver and beautiful!

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This is stunning!
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utterly awesome, this is so dreamlike and mystical, metiphorical even.....just stunning, you are amazing, im in awe.
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WoW ! It's so cute *°* I love this little black cat ;)
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Oh my gosh! Every time I see one of these I always wonder how in the world you make them. Love it!
I really enjoyed each one of this pieces of art. My favorite animal obviously is the cat and even if i is common, the black cat always remind me something hidden, like the own reflexions about ourselves and our reactions to the others. I get inspired to make filosophy using your images, always remembering and putting your link and artist name at the end. Please continue doing this beautiful job.

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