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mutual paper

a wallpaper version ( repainted almost all of it ) of my very first painting which involved a black cat ( by then with yet unknown name called Yin and a bubble - his "companion" )... Im not too much into re-painting old works, but this is kind of special. original here ...many asked for a wallpaper version, now few years later here it is... hope you like it :}

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this is so cute, can I post this on Scratch? (don't worry, I'll give you 100% credit)

This has gotta be one of your best pieces... I saw this on the web before I even knew DA was a thing and loved it.

Adorable. Beautifully executed. 
I am so happy to have stumbled across the maker of this finally! When I was younger i found this as a wallpaper on google and it just blew me away! You just earned a watcher and a favourite, please don't ever stop drawing this is incredible!
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I love your art! So awesome!
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OH MY GOD. You have magic hands. OwO
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This is fantastic. Not sure if the cat wants to eat the fish or be friends with it. :D But, very cute either way. :) 
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Dibujas hermoso!
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This is too adorable!! <3
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Thank you! I've always been a huge fan of the original work of this piece. Downloaded and using as the lock screen for my tablet. :D
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AWWWWW :) so cute!
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i love all your art but this has to be one of my favorites :love:
you really inspires me i hope to one day be as good as you
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did you draw these
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that fish is in a bubble its cute
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I finally made a life changing decision this was the perfect solution now I feel whole again just trying to look out for you
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I am finally became Boss
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Oh my gosh,i just adore all o your art.It is just beautiful and heart warming,nice job.Oh and i'm using this from my Backround. c:
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I'm using this wallpaper now, so exquisitely lovely!!!
WoouwPainter's avatar
I really love your pictures of all cats you have done! :D
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