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mini trip

mini dino is on the trip, an unknown journey deep in the woods - that's the initial idea I have had in mind c: on the other hand I imagine ( more like an abstract daydreaming lol ) mini dinos to be a part of Zanzibari forest ( fictional place I came up with some time ago ).

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Mini Dinos Calendar by Apofiss
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wrecker159753's avatar
it just looks so squishy 
DropDewdropcupcake's avatar
Cute little Dino going on an adventure! Aww
ShebaKoby's avatar
awww tiny stego onna lilypad :meow:
ThatArtistReacher's avatar
Are bubbles your signature or something? lol
Apofiss's avatar
I'm not sure, it's some sort of unconscious phenomenon if you ask me D:
zillyflower144's avatar
i would ride the dino if i were small enough.. :3
aerial1997's avatar
SlayersXfan's avatar
omg;u; all these dinos are so fucking cute! I want one in real life *sob*
annafuru's avatar
THIS....IS.....SO......CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!*faints from cuteness*
RachelTheZoneCop's avatar
Hey, that's the dino on mah phone!Little Pixel HeartLittle Pixel Heart
Awesome job!!!!!!
Pixel Rose 
Mondanian101's avatar
Your little dinosaurs are too cuuuute! Love  Great jobs! La la la la 
Kat-The-Piplup's avatar
Your artwork is so beautiful and sweet >w< so pleasant to the eyes.
I will never understand how people make such lovely things in paint tool SAI
AlphaCyriaWolf's avatar
there is actually an wallpaper of this holyshit
ZimVader0017's avatar
I think I just got a cavity because of how sweet and cute this is, I love it! ^_^
My brother LOVES Stegosaurus'!
ninjastar16's avatar
omg its the cutest thing ive seen on Deviantart, its so cute your really good at this stuff, awesome work
firekitty11's avatar
Bellavira's avatar
Oh gosh...everytime I see a little Dino of yours I just sit here and squeee with how adorable they are! So so cute and very well done! :)
x-Sailense-x's avatar
Awwww... I want one as a pet.. ^v^
I cannot even process the mind blowing cuteness of this.
flameheart10's avatar
Very cute. You get a magical and cheerful feel from this awesome drawing. ^_^
K-HUD's avatar
So cute your brain explodes into candy.
Whiplash3's avatar
Who knew embryonic dinos were so cute?
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