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mini parrot


polished speedpaint of a little parrot! used photoshop and paint tool sai ( for more questions / answers go to F.A.Q )

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Calendar 2015

Calendar 2015 by Apofiss

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I wanted to ask if i could re-create it :) i would tag you on the picture and "watermark" it with your name :p
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re-create as in editing original artwork is something I don't allow, but I'm ok with others doing their own artwork ( fanart ) from ground up. thank you for asking me beforehand!
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Birdbirdbird it's beautiful
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This parrot has a curious mixture of cuteness and conspiratorial plotting in its facial expression ... if that was intended, you've succeeded brilliantly!
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thank you! my thoughts exactly, there is something going on between that bubble and little parrot :}
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Daawwwww what a cutie! 
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My favorite picture of this week! Love the colors and that everything looks so smooth, so fluffy. Great work.
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I love how he looks like he wants the bubble but doesn't want to want the bubble!!! So cute !!!
This reminds me to one I saw when I was little
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Cute little pets. ^^
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why do people still do this?!? 

nobody wants shit chain mail on there artwork 
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why the fuck does this still go around
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It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!!!!!!! That that that I don't I can't it's beautiful!
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this is life.
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:happybounce: It's so cuuuuutteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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I just died of a allergic reaction... to cuteness... Pervy Mark *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) OhMyGod Alex icon Sprinkle Splash La 
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So adorable! So fluffy!❤️
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