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working with water and lights is fun! trying to work on something more complicated~

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skins set by Apofiss red sun by Apofiss daily hunt by Apofiss
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when i first got my computer aka laptop this was my very first backround
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Great perspective & so fun!
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I had it as a lock screen, because I loved the picture,  before I discovered it here. Then I came to your gallery and it was all the same style, then I searched for this image and there it was! It is just so cute, I love your style, how you contrast those colours is so pretty!
I just love it!:happybounce: 
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this is my lock screen on my phone and I found the artist via a youtube video that had his pictures in it
KinderLily's avatar
Cool, nice art's you got there! :D (Big Grin) 
Dara1999's avatar
I love it. The perspective and lighting is just perfect.

Just thought you'd like to see who stole your art.
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Wow sorry for bothering, but i saw other person with the same image called katyGirl12 i think she stoled it.
DCSandface's avatar
the full photo of this one is my computer background :D
Zazzine's avatar
Aargh this is so adorable!
LauraTheStrange97's avatar
XxMinka's avatar
This is a very interesting perspective
WilliamTRausch's avatar
I have this to decorate my new tabs for Google Chrome! I didn't know you were the one that made it until now though!
YaB0iBlue's avatar
Cute, :D I love it.  This cat seems kind of familiar.  Are you the one that did the speedpaint of a cat underwater on youtube?  You know, the one where the cat is looking both very freaked by being so utterly soaked and at the same time very hungry and greedily staring at a fish.  Was that you?  Your style is just so great and unique that I have a hard time believing that it could have been anyone else... they're just so similar.
Apofiss's avatar
that's probably me :} my youtube account -…
YaB0iBlue's avatar
Oh, cool.  Yeah, it was you. :)  I love your style.  I have the hardest time with the painting type things. I think I'll stick to my lines. ;P
swag-k's avatar
I tell you, they got their digital paint and edited it without your permission, and are still saying that the image is not his and is not considered RIP.
Lumi47's avatar
I love the colors!
MarcusMyAlias's avatar
Fantastic series of images. Thank you, I'm researching black cats for my own project and these are pretty much the best I can find anywhere online. They really capture the expressive poses that only someone who knows cats can think of.
mjlagrone's avatar
Awesome perspective... and those eye! :)
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