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little shen

re-imagined and inspired piece by Lord Shen as a little peacock, probably not yet as 'evil'. now this was a bit of challenge to sketch and paint such concept from a scratch; some elements are not peacock alike just to complement overall creature in a different ways. took me around 8h to complete~

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This is the cutest!

Such precious pictures! Thank you, just looking at them makes me feel good!

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I want him in my home

I want to feed him

I want to raise him

I want to cuddle with him


take a walk, then grasp how impossible that is.

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Cute! Still kinda feel bad for Shen having been banished, even if his actions were unforgivable.
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This cute little chick grew up to be a monster.
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Still wish for a resurrection, I mean, isn't the Kung Fu Panda series intended to be made out of six films
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So adorable, very beautiful.
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Cute. I always found Shen a beautiful villain and a reference to Hitler. ^^
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What a lovely birb o>o
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Aw he's so cute. Too bad he turned out so evil. 
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thank you for the picture I put in profile photo if it's not bothering you
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just add linked credits to the original and it should be fine~
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Awwwww... doesn't that look make you wish you could travel to his homeworld back in time to raise the cute wittle guy right? :heart:
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So really cute! ;___;
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awwww so KAWAII!!!!La la la la 
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This is amazing and adorable oh my gosh
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I bet his first words when he was hatchling peachick, that just hatched would definitely be: "Peep! peep!"

THAT would be so cute if an adorable hatchling peachick like him would say any of these first words! 💛💙💜💚❤️💖😄😃😊☺️😉
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This is just perfect in so many ways.
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