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lemon paper

based on lemon green ...repainted a bit to fit the background, enjoy!

used paint tool sai and photoshop for colour correction

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amazing works my friend, this is my wallpaper for like almost 9 years. =)

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Black kitty by Rayman12333321

Seems like this gets stolen a lot. Here's another person who has stolen this artwork.
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i apologize for re-drawing ur work. but i credited u, i mean i linked this page in the description. i got it my wallpaper pack with no signature hence didnt tried tracking the artist. 
i am sorry n if u want me to pull that down, i will. 
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I love how the asshole tries to defend himself, lol, he stole your concept, your OC, and your design, then claims you should be flattered and didn't credit you until after LOL.

What a selfish prick.

Sorry you have to deal with such jerks on here.
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someone has redrawn this and they did not credit or tag you.

Mystic Beauty by 7anbuKakashi     Copycat by catsdreams

upd: they just have added a link to the original        Copycat 2 by catsdreams
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I almost faved this on that other guy's page...thank you to those that alerted me. :moon: 
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar
Sure thing!! he's trying to defend himself by stating he's no thief and that the original artist should be 'flattered' lol.

He said basically he can copy it or else he has too many limitations..XD what a sleaze ball, what a poor excuse am I right?
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar
Yeah, sadly DA doesn't listen to third party reporting for theft, and the original artist is inactive rn. D; he's being a twat
Stay-Wild-Moon-Child's avatar
That really is too bad. Most art thieves will keep doing it as long as they get away with it. :moon: 
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar
Yep, even group admins told him off so he removed it.
Stay-Wild-Moon-Child's avatar
Well, I'm glad to hear it. Swiping someone else's work does Not make you an "artist," lol. :moon: 
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just letting you know but your artwork's been copied(?) and the user is claiming it as their own;;… comments
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This guy copied your art and is claiming credit.

Mystic Beauty by 7anbuKakashi
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copied? yes
claiming credit? nop

i saw it in my wallpaper pack hence tried drawing it. i saw no signature on it hence thought it might be by some unknown artist so didn't bother to track it to give credits to anyone. 

i didn't steal the piece. i redrew it. i copied the idea. 
sorry for my misbehavior. 
my whole process:…
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I found this posted on Google Chrome Themes here:…
I don't know how to report this, but I want to let you know so you can. 
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thank you for letting me know!
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I've seen you work from this series all over various desktop wallpaper sites without any credit to you :/
I tracked you down to let you know that I appreciate and adore your work and am using a few of your kitty paintings as my desktop background :)
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thank you so much :]
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I see you! lol really cute good job!
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I love your art so much. You are one of my idols!!!!!! 
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Hí, I don´t know if you know about this but this seller is offering phone cases with your art on it.…
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