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kuu fire

practise painting fire and thought I turn this out a bit more artistic :] if I'm not mistaken name "kuu" comes from the anime called Wagaya no Oinari-sama, a spectral fox. used photoshop.

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kuufire wallpaper by Apofiss
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So beautiful. <3
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Hello! This is so cool. Can I use it to accompany my poem called 'Flames of War'? :)
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hello! thanks :]

thank you for asking me beforehand, but I do not allow to repost, use my works on dA... sowry~
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ok :( (Sad) but i was not going to re-post on dA. I just wanted to put it with my poem and print out on A4 paper for personal collection :( (Sad) 
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oh well if it is for your personal use then sure go ahead! :]
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Thank you :) I can show you later if you want. But yeah, may I ask how long it took for you to develop your drawing skills to this level?
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sure :] I couldn't tell specific numbers or a time frame, but I'm sure I should draw a LOT more than I actually do uhm~
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It reminds me the Firefox logo!!!!
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me too ♥ so beautiful
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Wow, me and my sister love all of your artworks. You do such a wonderful job.
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amazed!!!! Every single one of your artworks I adore!!!
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This is beautiful! love the dream-like feel in this.

P.S. "kuu" also means "moon" in Finnish language. :)
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What version of photo shop did you use? Sorry, new to the whole digital art thing....
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