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i smile

my persoanl piece which is gonna be used as a test scene for a soon coming app/game ( on android platform )... painting such speedpaints is like a self-therapy mmm C:

WALLPAPER version 1920x1080…

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mugset three by Apofiss
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Wonderful colors ^-^
Jewel101's avatar
soooo nice!!! love the eyes!!!
Geminitrix's avatar
AAH this is such a cutie! ;3 The colours are stunning.
Adamje3's avatar
damn,i love your arts...
shyfox156's avatar
its too adorable i love it when i saw it i lost another part of my heart
midnigght's avatar
it breaks my heart :aww:
EmoFox721's avatar
I just died...alittle inside...from this immence cuteness i have just witnessed...this thing is so cute it made the guy on my icon smile...Good job, this amazes me and makes me shit rainbows!
S-E-A-S-H-O-R-E-S's avatar
I think that no other deviant could draw pictures so cute and realistic like you.
WarmWishes's avatar
In fact I've found more works if you keep going through to the 6th page...
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I’ve found this picture in an app called “Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina Free” After typing “cat” in the search, on the “4th” page. Hope I helped, I don’t like people taking advantage of others work =/
Apofiss's avatar
you definitely helped a lot, thank you for letting me know! using other artists works in such APPs ( without a permission ) is illegal indeed.
WarmWishes's avatar
Glad I could help :) Maybe you'd like to join my new group I'm starting up, Copyright Resistance. It's hopefully going to protect people's work better with all the members looking out for each other's work (Not that there are any at the moment, but I'll keep a look out for more in the future) [link]
HeartHaven's avatar
I smiled when I had seen him :meow: so freakn cute! I really like the colors too.
Hvitmoon's avatar
what do you think when your picture is used without permission?
SammyTristan's avatar
look @ those big 'ol can you not love this?! ;x
grafiano90's avatar
I like your style and I like cat..
So Cute..
:3 miauww..
freaky1like1me's avatar
AngelicMoments's avatar
Aww. This reminds me of my own cat Otis. <3
EverythingSweet's avatar
just like my Behemoth.....
cat-spat's avatar
almost all of your cats reminde me of the cheshire cat!
Callyvorra's avatar
Wonderful art. These eyes are hypnotizing!:)
pidopay's avatar
First you don't see the smile.
Then you see the smile.
Then it gets impossible not to see the smile.
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Beautiful piece of work, great colour and detail. Just got to love those eyes. Best of luck with your game.
SweetlyInsanexD's avatar
I love how much the eyes stand out! amazing use of color and cuteness >_<
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