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inspired piece by Po being just a little panda which can fit in a little vegetables box c: ( this isn't a Po fanart yet heavily inspired by the little panda Po thus the blue eyes... thanks for noticing thought ). used paint tool sai and photoshop.

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Mugset 2014 by Apofiss
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Thank you so much for making this available for DL! I have this as a screensaver (that one that shuffles through a folder of photos), and this one always makes me giggle or feel chipper when I was otherwise less so... :D Can't recall from whence I DL'd it, but I'm grateful the website kept your watermark, because your talent really should be given credit!! Superb work indeed. Nod 
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I know this is a bit old work now.
But do you know it's been used as endcredit background by a youtuber?
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Oh wow I see these around all the time!
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This is my web background. I loved before I knew who you were.Panda 
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It's your work?  She at me long time stood on a phone desktop, funny)) Very cute animal.
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My friends keep finding this wallpaper theme option on Google Chrome :3
So I showed them all your account :heart: small world!
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I'm afraid I have to report another misuse of your picture.…
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thanks for letting me know!
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very cute & lovely
ask-waluigi-time's avatar… Your pictures are being used here too and the watermark is removed.
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thank you for letting me know!
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I feel it right to let you know that this image is being used on a tee shirt being sold on ebay.…
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thank you for letting me know!
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Plz come see my art just came to deviantART!! Thx :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin)
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