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cat eye tutorial

finally a tutorial! ;o a rather quick one yet most requested; hopefully this will give a basic understanding on how things work. if you have some questions feel free to ask in comments section... I will answer them a bit later~ used photoshop and paint tool sai.

*more tutorials by me - click!

me on TWITTER :bulletblue: FACEBOOK!

Almost Magic Clouds tutorial by Apofiss first days by Apofiss
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This was so helpful! Great to see such a great tutorial!
Thank you for submitting this! I'm glad to know that we can get some great tutorials here!
HumbleMarty's avatar
This is really helpful. I'm going to see how maylny differedifferent kinds of eyes I can paint with this technique.
yxabFOX's avatar
Uhm... there is no difference from 5 to 6?
ClarissaDraws's avatar
wow! after seeing this I want to draw/paint my cat
LOL, Ill try
ClowderCat's avatar
This was rally helpful just wandering what Brush u use?
Apofiss's avatar
default brushes like Pen tool and soft or water brush in SAI.
ClowderCat's avatar
Thanks. I use SAI as well and I just wanted to know
Kalliindra's avatar
Thanks for this !
evcheto871's avatar
Well time to be a hero and pray for a tablet soon! (I think my colorings are pretty nice for a mouse user hehe *proud*) Thanks for the nice tutorials~
SilverStar03622's avatar
I have a normal Paint Tool. The one that automatically comes with any computer that you buy. Will it work for that too?..
Apofiss's avatar
the Paint which comes with Windows? probably you would get less smooth result and working without layers would be a bit more tricky~
SilverStar03622's avatar
Ya.... Thanks though. :3
Caroline-sama's avatar
Hello !! Thank you for your awesome tutorials :heart: I used it here ^^

Tsubakie's avatar
I really love your tutorials >////7///<
Thank you so much !!!
Eluegl's avatar
Thannnks *^* it's really helpful for people like me who don't know how to draw eyes ><
Caroline-sama's avatar
Excelente tutorial Gracias !!! usado aqui -->…

Excellent tutorial Thank you !! used here -->…
andreavalentina991's avatar
y con que programa?? Clap 
fallingturtle's avatar
paint tool sai :) 
AikoBaker's avatar
could you do one on how to draw cats?
HorseQueenDiamond's avatar
yes yes YES!! thankyou!!  iwanted to know how for so long!
vanillaorangelatte's avatar
Useful, thanks again
kurokeiko's avatar
This is awesome!
anatame2's avatar
try ... continue to see your tutorials ... although I have photoshop cc

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