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more speedpaint practise with sky scenery... I didn't record it as I took my time to experiment - actually to learn something out of it. and enjoy wallpaper version c: ( p.s. umm it has nothing to do with the 'airplanes' song :p ) I remember looking at airplane trails up in the sky had some magic to it... still is. edit, fixed clouds a bit.

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lights by Apofiss day after end by Apofiss
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you offer the wallpaper then should consider let it without watermark... otherwise it's just a preview/screenshot of artwork, not wallpaper. Wallpaper should be fully expanded and includes nothing other than itself. If the copyright way heavier than that the offer shouldn't take place in the beginning. Just IMO. Beautiful painting, I was clicking right away when I search for wallpaper around here :D
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back then I had a thing for adding image title in caps right on it as a part of it, I kind of thought it looked cool :}
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Wow... Just, wow. This is beautiful!
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Your sceneries are gorgeous!
WHAT IT IS 1920x1080!??!?!?!
Dude this is the Cleanest most minimalistic perfect piece ever, I'd cry if it was 1920x1080
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hit download to get the full HD res~
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the color is sooo good, my eyes feel like in heaven :-bd
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Where are the Airplane?
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New desktop background for me.
I didnt think there was a way out this really intrigued me I am headed right for the top no pressure just check it out
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I love your wallpapers!
it reminds me of an anime I don't quite remember the title. It's beautiful, thank you for sharing.
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anime? "5cm persecond"? yeah it has the same style
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I fail to see any airplanes!
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This is so beautiful!:D
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Fantastic! It´s so beautiful! :)
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wow, this is really like 5 cm/s *u*
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This is magnificent!
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