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WATER tutorial

basic water tutorial on how to paint water with waves and some background theory / things to know about water within scenes. hope its helpful!

read from top right to left.

used paint tool sai and photoshop.

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please do a TUTORIAL for Tears 
XvShadowFire's avatar
Beautiful H2Orial ;) 
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Hey, I used a bit of your tutorial for some concept art. Thanks! c:
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Very nice tutorial. This is a dumb question but how do you create a tutorial like that? Yes I know you can video tutorials but I just mean in that method. Is the process time consuming?
Apofiss's avatar
hmm... by figuring out steps and the rest is up to doing it just like any other painting. it's enough time consuming, yup~
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I wonder if you can make a water ripple tutorial for paint tool SAI
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I love you dude/dudette. Literally.
k-eesri's avatar
Please, PLEASE make more tutorials!
photographyartest's avatar
I love this tutorial ! thank you so much  this helped me with my space art so much .
dragonsong17's avatar
This was very useful- thank you!
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Dude, you make everything simple!
artupida's avatar
such a nice tutorialll... how about posting this tutorial in so you can inspirate more artist with this amazing tutorial? you could help more artist there :)
Dizee01's avatar
Thanks for tutorial. :D
One question: you use win or mac?
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toshichan98i's avatar
It's more useful for draw clouds with lightning, thanks for your tutorial *^*
EnigmaticMemory's avatar
Thank you so much for this. :)
Kawamiri-chan's avatar
Your Tutorial help me so much :D
Thank You c:
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How exactly do you get the effect of light shimmering on top of the water?
Apofiss's avatar
there are various ways; soft brush or if done in a single layer then a bit of dodge tool may help~
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