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Cosmos and star constellations vibe! Maia is a blue-white giant star ( more than 600x brighter than our Sun ) found in Pleiades cluster o_o

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OMG!! that's how my cat looks like...but less fluffy....but still!:faint: :heart:

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KamikashiHobbyist General Artist
Now all that's left is renaming Taurus into Felis.
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Ruth-LundHobbyist Digital Artist
And here I thought you were referencing LOTR, lol. That's a cool astronomy fact! TIL.
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MutouYuugiAiboufanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how it's eyes are glowing like that. Having that night time background works well with the cat.
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WaruyamiHobbyist Artist
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So beautiful!
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IsharkdrawingHobbyist Digital Artist
Living for these Heart Heart bum 
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Stunning! Absolutely stunning!
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glitterkittycakeStudent Digital Artist

Inanely beautiful as always!

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I don’t know why, but the eyes remind me of this image-
41b184fb-fd50-4e28-b46a-9de2ef61eb8c by Jaxo0  
Away with the memes, this is flipping gorgeous, wowie, the colors and the FLOFF
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StreamstriderProfessional Digital Artist
The sparkles!!!
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A beautiful constellation
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The cat of time
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meluvbinaryStudent Digital Artist
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Good morning, very sooo whoa!!!!!!. 
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he is okay
with Maia
cat okay maia
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RoseGoldDivaStudent Traditional Artist
A beautiful color combination.
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aceAlariHobbyist Digital Artist
this looks so good,,
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YES THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY AS AN ASTRONOMY GEEK!!! Pleiades is my favorite star cluster too!(is it weird to have a favorite star cluster tho?)
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PRwombatHobbyist Digital Artist
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VArtistryHobbyist Digital Artist
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imabratzgirl Digital Artist
Really pretty! Also, that's a really interesting fact. :)
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