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Stitching the World Together
    A tear was forming in the fabric. A man and his wife were drifting apart. Quickly she rifled through her bin, selected the red thread of love, passed it through her needle, and stitched the tear closed again.
    But even before she finished that repair, an earthquake had destroyed thousands of homes along the coast. She pulled out a purple thread for compassion and pulled the rift together. On the radio, the DJ announced that countries from all over the world were coming together to provide aid to the stricken country.
    At the edge, a bit was fraying. Someone was alone and hurting. For this she chose the blue thread of peace and hoped it held. More often than not, it didn’t.
    Over on the other side, a patch had come loose. Drought had stricken an area, putting them at risk of starvation. From her scraps she pulled a green patch for life and sewed it into the fabric. Weather reporters forecast rain that night for the first time in
:icontobaeus:Tobaeus 24 26
There are nights like this – with the drops of rain hammering the windshield like there’s a tiny kamikaze pilot controlling each one – when I hate my job.  My headlights pick out two arcs of wet asphalt surrounded by wet trees and wet, cold darkness.  There are no other cars, no other people and no other lights.  I haven’t been able to get a signal on the car radio in a half hour.  The car is bouncing into ruts and potholes I don’t see before it’s too late.  I’ve got the heating off to conserve gas and even in thick gloves I can barely feel my fingers on the wheel. All this for one fifty an hour.
I’m a reporter for the Northchester Echo.  I get the contentious planning disputes, the school fetes and, if I’m lucky, the odd interview with a local “character” for the back section of the paper just before the funnies.  
My boss got a letter Wednesday and called me into his office.  Mig
:iconfyoot:fyoot 6 3
Birthdays, Bubbles and Beauty
Talk to me about America. The green rind of the hills, the desert of the mind. The bubbles blown across Haight and Masonic by a hippy in her prime. Talk to me about the coffee shops, the flowers pushing themselves out of the earth in spring, the heart of things, the moles. Talk to me about dogs in the street and hobos in the park, the breathless rest, the soul. Tell me what it's like to land in San Francisco, the folk drumming of the engine coming to a stop and the tiny crumb you call yourself pushed out into the world. Tell me and I'll tell you how it feels to find a home in these tiny houses, to piece together a neighbourhood out of scraps and seesaws and stop signs, to push the border of what is unknown a block or two further away. Tell me about the beat, the street fairs and the hot air and the swearing and the blaring horns and running like a hare in the sun. Tell me and I'll tell you about me, about the life a continent apart. Let's talk about America. Let's start.
I've been livi
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Prompt 14: The Beginning!
:new: Just one day left to send us your slice of weirdness! I'm working on my desperate and pathetically last-minute entry--how about you?
Just under one week left to get those entries in! We've only had two so far, so all you people who favourited and shared and rhapsodized about how goddamn awesome it was we were back, get your arses into gear!
Yes, it's us again. We reincarnate more often than Kenny.
This time is going to be different, though. And you can trust me on that, because it's not me who'll be ensuring it. fyoot, a long-time contributor and judge for transliterations and someone whom I'm sure you all know if only by reputation, is stepping into the breach and making sure this dead horse keeps getting whipped. The one major change you should be aware of is that prompts will now go up on the 15th of each month and end on the 10th. Of course, this ending date is purely arbitrary and only influences who gets into the news feature; you can continue
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Exquisite Corpse Round 4: Results!
I really like where the two groups took the opening line. Each of them had various themes repeating inside themselves. Group A's poem has a lot to do with sound and Group B's poem reads like a piece of advice.
You can sign up for Exquisite Corpse Round 5 by commenting that you'd like to join on this journal or sending me a note!
Copy+Paste of rules:
Each person is shown only the line before. The first person starts by writing the first line, then the second is shown that line and writes the second line which is shown to the third and so on until we reach the last person. That's one complete cycle. Repeat again from the start depending on the number of cycles we'll do.
The order will be decided by a list randomizer!
We'll be using the Notes system here on dA so this means that you'll send the note containing your line to the next writer and to me, since I'm moderating it. I'm participating as well, so I pro
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Want to be a good writer? Read this journal.
Read that article.  I think Hugh (a major, MAJOR influence of mine) put the words in my mouth that I have been unable to find:
Where peo­ple are soooooooo fixa­ted on the desi­red RESULT, that they have lost all genuine, inte­llec­tual inte­rest in the actual STEPS that will actually get them there.  Even if it's pre­ci­sely BECAUSE you're inte­res­ted in the steps, in the PROCESS, is what allows you to get any kind of result in the first place.  These peo­ple are hard to work with. Because they can't see anything but the mytho­lo­gi­cal result they're cha­sing. Even if, yes, the result doesn't actually exist yet.
I see a LOT in the lit community, especially in the forums (and sometimes in the chats), a lot of new writers who are obsessed with their stories.  So obsessed with what could be that they are afraid to take, like h
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Cthulhu by nicktheartisticfreak Cthulhu :iconnicktheartisticfreak:nicktheartisticfreak 245 23 Maxilla by Cushicle Maxilla :iconcushicle:Cushicle 1 0
365tomorrows has reached a 2,500th story milestone
On this past Monday we published Clint Wilson's story It's All About Sacrifice, which marks the 2,500th story posted on 365tomorrows since we launched August 1st, 2005.
This site has undergone many changes since that first story, Outer Space Romance by Jared Axelrod, but our vision has never wavered, and here we find ourselves 2,500 stories strong.
Thanks to all the 365 staff writers who keep the fires burning, to all the writers around the world who trust us with their fiction, and thanks to all of you who keep reading.
Here's to the next 2,500 stories, here's to the future.
:iconsrsmith:SRSmith 2 16
Meet Harvey by Memnalar Meet Harvey :iconmemnalar:Memnalar 48 71 cucomma by StJoan cucomma :iconstjoan:StJoan 3 26 Whatupastronaut by nonculture Whatupastronaut :iconnonculture:nonculture 1 0 Epcot 1 by nonculture Epcot 1 :iconnonculture:nonculture 3 2
365tomorrows... we want your future
I've been underground for some time, working mostly, reconstructing things, digging out from the mess the economy and my inability to be brutally decisive left me in.
Things are better, trending in a positive direction not by luck and circumstance, but by my digging in my heels and doing what needs to be done to forge a new future.
I'm learning, educating myself, reading voraciously and packing my head not just with knowledge, but understanding. It feels very, very good.
I'm also planning, and part of that planning process is the planting of seeds.
365tomorrows is going to be turned up to eleven. It's time.
There will be a contest coming, so if you're the type to craft SciFi flash fiction stories, start crafting up some good ones. If you have friends who are so inclined, let them know to watch this space.
The sun has been coming out more frequently, and I, being the solar powered creature that I am have been basking in it. It too feels good.
How are all of you? What have you been up to
:iconsrsmith:SRSmith 2 11


I think the reason why so many people are liking this but not having much to say with regards to critique is that the voice is enjoyabl...

Hihi! Just now getting around to your critique from my forum thread. Apologies for taking so long but I've been a bit busy with IRL stu...




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:heart: These are reviews of my work written by my very closest friends and readers of my work. I love all of them! :love: :heart:


The degree of quality in apocathary's works is such that if I saw him on the street I would make my way over to him and swiftly run him through with my blade. Let it be understood that this murder would not be motivated by jealousy, but rather an attempt to slay the beast before its blight corrupts the entirety of the written word. At present he is mercifully confined to the digital realm, but it is only a matter of time, my fellows, until he manages by coincidence or manipulation to manifest in our physical world. On that day the sky shall rain bile and the seas will heave as the Earth Mother herself attempts to eject this sacrilege from its surface. Heed my warning! apocathary will devour us all! HE IS THE DESTRO--(transmission cut)

-- darkcrescendo


apocathary's works contain sentences which are in turn made up of words. The words, in a manner which reveals their function, are entirely composed of letters which can be said to belong to an alphabet. Occasionally numbers are present, but these are rare and generally considered to be mistakes. apocathary has shown he is able to take these building blocks and place them in such a way as to construct paragraphs, however it is uncertain if this is deliberate or merely accidental in the manner of a monkey brushing up against the return key. In any case, the paragraphs are commonly found to be loosely related in such a way as to suggest an overall narrative, but these relations are often tenuous or nonsensical.



If there is one word that can sum up apocathary's body of work, it would be 'bewildering'. Bewildering in the sense that one must wonder whether he has actually read any of his work before releasing it, like a rank fart, on the wider community. My beret could write with more skill than him; has done so in fact, with George Tsatsiki quoted as saying my beret's poems 'Have a fine weave about them.' In any case, if I were apocathary I would be leaning back and having a good head scratch, literally, to check if he has suffered any brain-damaging head wounds lately.



I just think it's so wonderful to see a writer like apocathary trying so hard to improve his writing. His stories are just so...special. They're like seeing that guy with no legs crossing the finishing line at the paralympics. While he may not ever write like you or I, he's doing his best in his own unique way. A tear wells in my eye everytime I see something new from him. But they aren't tears of sadness, nor happiness really; more a kind of pity that he'll never be able to write like a normal person. Good on you, apocathary! You keep doing whatever it is you might call what you're doing!



apocathary's body of work is like being stranded alone in the darkest bar in the worst part of town, and all of a sudden a massive, tattooed guy wearing a dress comes up to you and asks you to dance. You know you gotta do it, but you also know that at some point you're going to feel dirty. Real dirty. Dirty like rape. Fist rape. Brass-knuckle fist rape. Spiked brass knuckle fist rape. By Oprah. apocathary's writing is like getting spiked brass knuckle fist raped by Oprah.



An exercise in motivation

Where writers workshop writing!

For excellent writing.

The words are the spark.

Elite Literature Collective.

Talented writers, quality lit!



FFM2014 List

Fri Jul 4, 2014, 1:41 AM
Sorry doodles, I'm out at the halfway point. Some paid writing came up, so I've had to focus on that for a week or so. It was certainly fun while it lasted though! Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. (:

#15 Bad Dog -- Threes challenge

"It’s just that he gets a little hot under the collar and things get out of hand, you know?"

#14 Freeway

"Oh yes, just let me solve this fiendishly difficult dee-ee and once I’m finished I can take care of climate change for you. Dickhead."

#13 G3cko

"He could sense the adbots’ interest heighten slightly as he fulfilled some other arcane recognition condition of being a human."

#12 The Golden Branch -- Child fiction anti-lie challenge

"Also in the village lived a boy called Fetch. He was called Fetch because that was all he did."

#11 Quite Contrary

"The commune smelled like what communes typically smelled like, a heady mixture of synthweed, B.O. and incense sticks."

#10 Send In The Clowns -- Clown and 527.5 word challenge

Bloody hell, the elephant’s escaped.

#9 Scraplicker

"Rust covered everything like a fine layer of mould, staining his teeth as he went over sheet metal with a serrated tongue."

#8 Passivity -- End of the world challenge [not first person, sorry :(]

"Oh fuck," Gary drew out the vowel like a phone-call doodle. "You've got that pissy tone in your voice again. Calm your farm man."

#7 Dead Scent

"She had somehow avoided the cynicism that seemed to infect those in the higher years, presumably by embracing the impenetrably optimistic veneer that she was currently displaying. Shian hated everything about her."

#6 Bounce

"I'd say it's better than sex, but they don't call her 'Triplicate Girl' for nothing."

#5 Newsreader -- Historical fiction challenge

"Sod the viewers, what do I care if they see me dressed comfortably?

#4 Milliners

"There she was, holding a flat silver serving tray in the background of a party where the hosts walked around nude to show off their temproids."

#3 Bali -- Unreliable narrator challenge

"Have you been to Bali love? Oh I love Bali, I went there just yesterday love, just yesterday. Yes, I did."

#2 The Violinist

"They worked in silence for a time, each string and peg coming loose to leave her feeling naked as his breath ran through the holes he’d left."

#1 The Futilitarians -- Username challenge

"It seems that one day, rather spontaneously, the residents of the suburb--to put it in terms they might have used themselves--stopped giving a shit. About anything."


Phillip M.E.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My name is Phill and I'm a former (:w00t:) PhD student operating out of Perth, Western Australia. I've been here on dA for quite some time, and have been involved in all sorts of activites including, but not limited to: hosting a workshop at Writers-Workshop, drunken teamspeak story deliveries, hosting multiple competitions including the Ugly and Dream Journal contests, watching almost a dozen GD/GMs do their time, being the patron of three clubs (one of which even survived), alias trolling the forums, posting ill-thought-through dramallama-tastic journal entries, suggesting about a dozen DDs, receiving four DDs myself, moving accounts once, being staff at ProsePlease, suture, Wordspill, and LitFFS, quitting dA twice, coming back twice, declaring jihad on the 'P emoticon, and much much more. I'm aligned strongly with the camp that uses dA to try and improve their writing through feedback, but I'm as open to entertainment and socialising as anyone that joins the wild and wooly world of the forums and chats!

I've been spending progressively larger chunks of my spare time working on my stories. I'll let the reader make the call as to whether the extra time has been effective. :B

I'm always on the look out for being part of collaborations with visual artists. Whether it's providing the wordy part of your comic series, or something a bit more experimental. Give me a shout if you think I'm your man (:

My publication credits include Verandah, Voiceworks, Soundzine, and 365tomorrows, dotdotdash, Fractured West, and The Geek Mook. I really want to boost that record this year with submissions to a bunch of publications, but in order to do that I've got to write the words first!

Current Residence: Perth, Western Australia

List of critiques:

22/05/2011 :bulletgreen: Comment on Amoreuse by BitchMedusa

16/05/2012 :bulletgreen: Critique on Thoja by JessaMar

16/05/2012 :bulletgreen: Critique on Auckland Dreams by Cassildra

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09/05/2012 :bulletgreen: Critique on Street Performers by neurotype

^After NEW NEW forum thread

17/1/2012 :bulletgreen: Critique on Smokestacks, Trench Coats, and Silence by saevuswinds

16/1/2012 :bulletgreen: Critique on Timeless by Lucy-Merriman

15/1/2011 :bulletgreen: Critique on The Courier by phoenixofthenet

12/1/2012 :bulletgreen: (lol)Comment on ODE TO PINEAPPLE by Sperpy

12/1/2012 :bulletgreen: Critique on Cassette Tape by CrumpetsHarvey

12/1/2012: :bulletgreen: Critique on Monday Ch 1, part 2 by thorns

12/1/2012: :bulletgreen: Comment on Monday Ch 1, part 1 by thorns

^After coming back again (again)^


16/12/2010: :bulletgreen: Critique on Azure Glass: Prologue by AlecWolfe

7/12/2010: :bulletgreen: Comment on Given-the-Chance by GwenavhyeurAnastasia

30/11/2010: :bulletgreen: Comment on Alone Till the End by xTalithax

25/11/2010: :bulletgreen: Critique on Dolente by pullingcandy

24/11/2010: :bulletgreen: Comment on A Rare Feeling by NudeDoctor

23/11/2010: :bulletgreen: Comment on Scratch by Niallthecool

23/11/2010: :bulletgreen: Critique on Sly Razor by K47454k1

21/11/2010: :bulletgreen: Critique on The Name by clownscape

20/11/2010 :bulletgreen: Critique on Aphrodite by Memnalar

20/11/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on The Raven by art-acheiver-4eva

16/11/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on Sex, Guns and Lies by Magic-fan

16/11/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on Roots by corvuscreative

14/10/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on In Love With You by aBlondMoment

13/10/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on One - The Parents - Ch. 2 by CharredTears

13/10/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on A tourist by Niallthecool

4/10/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on Chess and Life Thereafter C1 by K47454k1

1/10/2010 :bulletgreen: Comment on Obsession and Monsters by theforsaken4

^After forum thread^


:bulletgreen:Comment on 1st draft-untitled-edit by ~lerkingshadow

:bulletgreen:Comment on Always and Forever by *xfaith-in-youx

:bulletgreen:#399607632 on The Death of Perfection by Em-E-chan

:bulletgreen:#356523694 on A Children's Novel by *essayist

:bulletgreen:#344631981 on Embrace by ~Ageotas

:bulletgreen:#343717822 on Children's War Game, Chapter 1 by ~jdskeleven

:bulletgreen:#340385060 on Hunting Darkness by =Triseena

:bulletgreen:#338196119 on Redemption Lost by ~Anglinagirl

:bulletgreen:#328802252 on Draft - Mother Nature by =bleebt (marathon!)

:bulletgreen:#327803927 on Solace by ~jdskeleven

:bulletgreen:#326811094 on Trust - Chapter 1 Part 1 by ~Varian-Nearic

:bulletgreen:#325402882 on Prologue by =bleebt

:bulletgreen:#324851091 on US2 Chapter 7: The Firewalker by =draco13

:bulletgreen:#324841443 on 9.33pm by ~CatchMe-22


:bulletgreen: Comment on by :dev:


apocathary has started a donation pool!
490 / 5,000
If you have gained anything from my critiques or merely like what I'm doing with them, consider donating to this pool. I'll be using any donations to offer prizes in competitions that will be organised once the donation pool is filled. NO POINTS WILL BE USED FOR MYSELF!

You must be logged in to donate.
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