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i liked digimon when i was younger, mostly for the nifty monster designs.
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Easily the best corrupted digivolution of the whole franchise.
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"Ladies and Gentlemen, your nightmare for the next few nights." Also I think Megidramon is definitely scarier than Skullgreymon mostly because of two things.
1. It's mere presence could cause the apocalypse.
2. It lacks the derp face that Skullgreymon has.  
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Quite possibly the best Megidramon drawing on DA. I love it X3
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Wow what a nice and cool pic.
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is it OK if i use it as an avatar?
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sure, thanks for asking me first :)
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Megidramon is epic. When I was younger, I was always so mad that Guilmon never Digivolved into Megidra after his initial "incident". I've always loved him far more than Gallantmon (who still PWNS, though XP).

Awesome pic!
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how monsterous
good work
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Wow I'm verry impressed with this one :D

I think this is the best pic so far !
Keep up the fantastic work !
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Woah, that is an awesome drawing of Megidramon!
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