Challenge No 6 - Let's Get Spherical

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Winners of the Challenge No 4 - Seasonal Mood
As every week, the challenge got so many lovely entries : hard to pick one, but you did it. Thanks to all the voters.

First place goes to allthenightlong Bravo! :party:

Autumn Colours by allthenightlong

allthenightlong is not only a highly skilled apophysicist but also wields mandelbulb expertly:
Lacy Bulbs by allthenightlong Mystic Flowers by allthenightlong Folklore by allthenightlong Glynnsim Unpolar by allthenightlong   Mobius Necklace by allthenightlong Handmade by allthenightlong Snowmen by allthenightlong Black Hole by allthenightlong

Second place Dead-Levaithan
Memories of an autumn.. by Dead-Levaithan

Third place innac
Apophysis Apple Tree by innac

Challenge No 6 - Let's Get Spherical

This week's fractals should predominantly feature the spherical variation:
  • The spherical variation must appear on at least 2 transforms
  • Maximum number of transforms : 5
  • All variations are allowed
You can create this fractal on your own or you may, if you wish, use the Apophysis Tutorial - Sphericals  by Fiery-Fire
Apo-Tuto Sphericals by Fiery-Fire
Il existe une traduction en français Apophysis Tutorial - Sphericals en français traduit par SaTaNiA
Apo Tutorial - Spherical FR by SaTaNiA

Have fun and good luck!
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Does Spherical3D count as one use of spherical? or does it have to be the native, 2D variation?