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gold foil 1

By aplantage
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gold wallpaper desktop background texture
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Hi there. I bought the file. But resolution is not really that good. Do you have it bigger?
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Thanks very much, but no, sorry I don't. I made these a long time ago and don't have the resources anymore.
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nice aplantage .. thanks
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I have bought points several days ago- why dosen't this show in my balance, and why can't I use them? This is very unserious. 
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I'm sorry, but I don't know, and I can't do anything to help you. Deviantart is responsible for the technical stuff. You should ask their support.
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I'm trying to purchase the gold foil file (I love it!) but the website has had my purchase of points under review for over a week now! Is there anywhere else i could purchase this file?

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I'm sorry, I'm afraid not.
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how i can top up my account ?
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I don't know, you need to read the FAQs or ask support.
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I love this texture so much. It was free when I downloaded it, probably many years ago, and I see now that you are selling it and I think it is absolutely worth every point/penny. I am even buying copies for other digital-art-making people in my life as gifts :) I have collected so many over the years, and I find myself coming back to yours again and again. Whenever I can get away with it (small size or where tiling won't show) I pick using your texture over any other. Thanks so much for creating and sharing them! My most recent use is here:…
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Sorry for the late reply, haven't been here in ages and only saw your comment when I came to upload a new wallpaper. Thanks very much for your kind words and your contribution, it is greatly appreciated. I'm very pleased that people like them so much. That is the greatest reward.
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Hello! I have received receipt that I paid for points, but they're not showing up & it is not letting me purchase this :(
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Sorry, but I can't help you with that, you need to ask the deviant art support.
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Thanks for this foil!  Purchased and will be using in a rulebook layout for a boardgame. THANKS!
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COOL, thanks! :)
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what is the resolution for the gold foil and how big is the art file?
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72x72 ppi, 451x285 mm
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Perfect!  Thanks so much!
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Hi! Lovely foil texture! :)
I was searching for good gold foil textures and saw someone has posted this without the watermark. You probably will want to contact them about it. I send you a pm with the blog who posted it.
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Hey, have you got this in a higher resolution?
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Not of this one, sorry.
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reset password, worked, thank you!
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