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NATG3 Day 2 - Journey

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Day 2 (… ) of the 2013 New Artist Training Grounds hosted by Equestria Daily ( ).

An experiment. Created in GIMP. Still a day behind, but I'll catch up.

Image © 2013 a[placeholder(pony)]
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © 2010-2013 Hasbro


One night, after feeding for a day, it returned its replaced victim and then left the town. As always, it returned to the hive. But, instead of entering the darkness, it continued beyond the hive and continued into the forest beyond. It couldn't stay where others from its hive might go. It had to travel further away than ever before, further than any of the others might wander.

But there were large fields, deep forests, and few ponies beyond the hive and the villages near that hive. It became hungry and weak. Physical food and water kept it going, but those were in short supply as well. Nourishing affection had always been close at hoof; it had never needed to know how to forage.
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