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NATG3 Day 1 - Staring

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Day 1 (… ) of the 2013 New Artist Training Grounds hosted by Equestria Daily ( ).

An experiment. Created this using a phone's paint app. A day behind, but I'll catch up.

Image © 2013 a[placeholder(pony)]
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © 2010-2013 Hasbro


It was always dark. There was never any need for light; it was born in these tunnels and knew them by rote, so light was unnecessary for it to traverse them. Likewise with its duties, performed with mechanical precision. Every so often it would be sent out into the world where it would replace a pony, play at being ill and feed on the love and care intended for the copied pony, and then return to the hive after returning the pony to his or her family.

This was not Chrysalis' hive. They were a smaller hive, more subtle in their activities than the twice-defeated queen and her bold machinations, practiced in maintaining their continued survival. Keeping the victim in stasis prevented any questions from arising, and only an occasional perceived case of amnesia gave any clue that something had happened at all. And a day feeding on the focused affection given by a pony caring for a sick loved one or family member was enough to keep the changeling sated for some time before being sent out again.

There was never any need for light. But, sometimes, when it was resting between tasks and when no hive-mates were around, it would create a luminous point at the tip of its horn and pretend it was a piece of the moon. Staring up at the cool light, it thought about life outside the hive. It had seen that life, it had lived it while being a doppelganger, but it wanted more. But there was no way it could replace a pony permanently...could it?

There had to be another way.
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