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    Here are a few FAQs that might be of interest to some people:

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: What kind of group is this?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: This is a group for pretty much anything. Any kind of art is accepted here.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: Do I have to have a certain skill level to take part in the group?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Nope! Everyone is welcome no matter what your skill level. Experimental level work is always welcomed as well.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: Can I sign up to be an admin of the group?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Well, sometimes. Every once in a while I do find someone new to come help out. But usually I'll post a help wanted journal when I need extra hands.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: What do you ask of your admins and helpers?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: I just ask that they are active a good portion of the time to help monitor what's in here and take care of stuff if I haven't been here in a while (such as if folders get filled or if there's someone being a jerk). I also ask if they could do a couple requests now and again to add more artwork here and get new members but really I don't care if they do it or not since I do about 600 or so each week on my own.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: How do you deal with bullies?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: We work on a 3 strikes your out method. If you're bullying someone with little things, we give 2 warnings and if you do it a third time, you're banned. If you're sending out death threats, you're instantly banned. If you harass an admin especially me, you'll be instantly banned.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: How do you deal with art thefts?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: I'm very good about keeping up with all that since I'm a member of an anti-art theft group. If I catch someone stealing art or if someone else tells me someone is an art theft, they will be banned from the group and I will go out to find original artists and notify them that their work has been stolen and check to make sure if they want to file a DCMA or not.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: How many submissions are we allowed per day/week/month?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Submissions to the featured folder are not allowed, but the admins choose their favorite works to go in there. Submissions to all the other folders are 10 a day per folder.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: Do you allow mature artwork here?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Yes and no. Yes if it is 18+ but still view-able by choice. No if it is strictly 18+. And absolutely not if it is porn or anything that is against dA rules.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: What folders do I submit to for what?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: The way that we have things organized is by the first category that you have placed your art under. If you look right under your username on your piece of art, the category that you chose first will be right under it. There is a folder for every one of them. Also, if it's just line art, no matter what the category, you can put it in the line art folder. If you have submitted to the wrong folder, one of us will try to tell you where you should put it. Don't worry about it though, everyone makes mistakes.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: Do you hold contests/raffles?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Occasionally. Not very often though.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: Should I be afraid to talk to the admins?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Nah, I feel like I'm a pretty approachable person. As far as the rest go, that's all on them.

Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U! Q: If I have a problem, who should I go to first?
Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! A: Usually your best bet is the founder.
        :iconwhitewolf7217:(the founder) I'm usually here as much as I can and I check my messages a few times per day but if I don't get back to you withing 48 hours, try one of the the co-founders since if I don't respond quickly, I probably wont get back to you for a very long time.

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Any other questions?:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 
:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Just comment or note the group!:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon:

Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U!If we requested your artwork, don't thank us. Join us!Dot Bullet (Rose Red) - F2U! 

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I'm guessing that a lot of you have already noticed, but DA has decided to implement a global submission limit of up to 10 pieces of art a day to each folder in groups. This is not only for regular members though. This is for EVERYONE. I have no control over it.

Not only is everyone limited to 10 submissions, but the admins of groups can only request 10 pieces of art per day! This is going to make is extremely hard for small groups to grow. When founders start new groups, they usually struggle to find co-founders and contributors that are going to stay active and will help request art into the group. So the founder is left on their own to make the group grow first before they manage to find others to help. This means the founder of the group puts in countless hours of work requesting hundreds to thousands of pieces of art every day just so that they might get about 40% of those requests accepted. Without this tool, small groups are going to struggle greatly in growing to help other artists gain exposure.

To make matters worse, there were no announcements about this update. The staff just decided to do this without any input from anybody. When other group owners came knocking at the staff doors with angry complaints, the staff just says to submit a help ticket. How is that supposed to help anything? The staff won't ever respond to those tickets and if they do then they just say "Thank you for your feedback." Nothing is ever done about the problem.

The staff is backing up their decision to put up these restrictions to say that it "prevents spam" and "clears up cluttered notification centers". Do you all want to know how many times I've gotten spam in not only this group but all the groups I work in combined? NOT ONCE. I am co-founder in groups that have 15,000+ members too. And so now groups are considered "clutter"? Doesn't that make the founders of groups feel nice.

*WARNING: INTENSE SARCASM AHEAD* I'm so sorry to all the members of my group for sending them so many notifications about who has submitted their art here! It's not like you can block those notifications by un-checking the notification option or anything. You're all forced to see hundreds of thousands of notifications every single day and there's no way to stop it! :faint:

The only reason DA has done this is because they are loosing money and they can't afford the massive servers anymore to support all the submissions. They lie to us so often anymore. Where has the DA that we all once knew and loved gone?

In conclusion, I'm sick and tired of DA pulling this crap behind our backs. They need to get their priorities sorted out, start thinking about their members more, and actually try to communicate with us for once. I will not be closing down any groups or leaving DA, but I am not going to request artwork until this decision is reversed.

Also, I'd like to hear all of your opinions on this as well. Please comment how you feel about this change. Just be nice about it and don't start a huge flame war in the discussions. Be nice to others please!
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