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Kota the Sovereign


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BSL 1: Grocery Store

Blue Starlight Comics

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SSBA: Sunred as Waluigi

SSB Anime

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Master's Spark 0: A Brief History of Gensokyo

Gensokyo, the Land of Illusions and Fantasy. Many years ago, this world of magic was established and sealed away from the world of science by the Hakurei Border, as a last effort to cease the constant wars between humans and youkai, by locking away these supernatural beings from the human world. Reimu Hakurei, through her lineage of humans trained in the magical arts, inherited the duty to guard and maintain the border, with assistance from the youkai Manipulator of Boundaries, Yukari Yakumo. Many humans throughout time have heard stories of various types of youkai, ranging from vampires to demigods. Before the Hakurei Border's existence, th

"Master's Spark"

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Kota the Sovereign

Original Characters

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Trainer Lyssia and Mawile Bakuzan


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'Hai, Kyouko-san'

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Luigi Has Cancer...

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SSBB Photo: Not into the Pit

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2P reSTART Guest Comic: Gotcha

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My 2012 Summary of Art

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Do We Have Any Glover?

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Who Burned My... Oh You!


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