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[DL/SFM/Gmod] Aunt Orange

Had this model stored in my hard drive since the last year and though that would be a waste to leave it abandoned in my computer.
Hope you guys find her useful.

Aunt Orange V1.0 by :iconapimpnc:

Model compatible with SFM and Gmod.
- Groupped Necklace.
- Posable eyebrows that can be adjusted with their respective bone.

I've never used Gmod to pose, so i can't offer any support with the model on that platform.

Any problems you find let me know.

Special Thanks to
:iconponinnahka: for the original source model
:iconnutrafin: for the eyebrows models

*Update- Fixed the problem with Gmod spawns. Thanks to :iconzero-jlk3030: for the heads up.

*If you came here just for the download, i've to inform you my main page it's NSFW. Viewers discretion it's advised.*
© 2016 - 2022 Apimpnc
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permission to include the mane and tail in my fallout 4 mane and tail addon for Crimes Against Nature?
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Please download the model again and overwrite if asked.
Should be working now.

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you sure she'll work this time?
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Hi Soad24k

Pretty sure she will work this time.
In case you find anything strange, please let me know.

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It still doesn't work. it's somehow an effect and not a ragdoll model
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I personally never use Gmod so I didn't realized the physics file was missing.
I uploaded a new version with the correction, tested it on Gmod before uploading this time.
Let me know if the problem is fixed.
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Congrats. Finally someone did this model :33
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Thanks, I made her like 7 months ago but never released her to public until now.
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Uhm No problem, but ya shouldve posted before x3
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