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Anthro tutorial - Materials in SFM (VTF and VTM)



Hey everybody. I’ve prepared this compilation of tutorials on how I make my anthro models in SFM. These tutorials are pretty much a compilation of the things that I learned from a lot of SFM users such as :iconlegoguy9875:, :iconnarox22:, :iconsarcastic-brony:, too name some.

I am releasing this compilation of tutorials because I’m no longer going to use SFM for my work and will be a waste to not share this knowledge with you guys. In the right hands SFM can be used to achieve amazing stuff. But it’s insufficient for what I want to create. I’ll continue my work with more specialized 3D software that gives me more freedom.

These tutorials where made using a pony, but it can be used with any model that it’s available for SFM (Pokémon’s, Princesses, etc.), This tutorial it’s exclusive for SFM though, I can’t make a Gmod tutorial because I don’t use Gmod at all.

Tried to explain as good as I could. If you have any questions or want to learn more about it, contact me here or on my furaffinity, Thanks.


Bella Model Download(NSFW)

Celestia Model  Download…


Anthro Making Tutorial Part 1:…

Anthro Making Tutorial Part 2:…

Anthro Making Tutorial Part 3:…

Light Fix Tutorial:…

Materials in SFM (VTF and VTM): You are here

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May I ask for the Trishka model file?