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Anthro tutorial - Materials in SFM (VTF and VTM)


Hey everybody. I’ve prepared this compilation of tutorials on how I make my anthro models in SFM. These tutorials are pretty much a compilation of the things that I learned from a lot of SFM users such as :iconlegoguy9875:, :iconnarox22:, :iconsarcastic-brony:, too name some.

I am releasing this compilation of tutorials because I’m no longer going to use SFM for my work and will be a waste to not share this knowledge with you guys. In the right hands SFM can be used to achieve amazing stuff. But it’s insufficient for what I want to create. I’ll continue my work with more specialized 3D software that gives me more freedom.

These tutorials where made using a pony, but it can be used with any model that it’s available for SFM (Pokémon’s, Princesses, etc.), This tutorial it’s exclusive for SFM though, I can’t make a Gmod tutorial because I don’t use Gmod at all.

Tried to explain as good as I could. If you have any questions or want to learn more about it, contact me here or on my furaffinity, Thanks.


Bella Model Download(NSFW)

Celestia Model  Download…


Anthro Making Tutorial Part 1:…

Anthro Making Tutorial Part 2:…

Anthro Making Tutorial Part 3:…

Light Fix Tutorial:…

Materials in SFM (VTF and VTM): You are here

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May I ask for the Trishka model file?

Do the same steps apply for using Photoshop?

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Question, how can I remove the nails from Bella Model?
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How does this apply to pokemon?
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It can be applied to any model in SFM and Gmod as far as I know, including pokemons
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I dont know how to get their skin color but mostly the belly color.
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I don't know what you mean, but the skin color is mostly just the bucket tool, but for the belly color and extra details you have to paint them by hand.
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Oh ok that's how you do it. But how do I know where to draw in and how do I make it perfectly round know what I mean?
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Trial and error my friend
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there are some things I dont even know. I was gonna ask when you replied but it took so long I forgot...
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You be better asking someone who is more active here, I just visit every month or so.
This account is not relevant for me.
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Do you save the overrides on the custom vtm file?
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Oh it works DURING making an anthro! Of course!
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I'm curious, how did you get the VTF and VTM files to show in Gimp? I know there's the editor to install that allows Gimp to recognize and open said files, but when I do it says "Your computer is missing....." and won't install. So I get it, then something else pops up, and another and another, so I finally just gave up. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Gimp and still won't work. Is there a certain version I should be looking for or what?
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I personally use GIMP 2 the most recent one (I think). But it all depends on the compatibility script (It can be found on the interwebs, don't know where) between GIMP and VTF files.
VMT is a text file that tells Source how to read your texture and can't be edited in GIMP.
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Ooh, I see. Well color me embarrassed. >.<
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So, what media editor are you using? I don't use Photoshop, so if that's what it is, I wouldn't know. :P
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I use GIMP, it's a free to use editor and has a lot of complements to work with VTF formats and such.
It's uncommon for me to use Photoshop, if I've to use it is only for more specific work that Gimp struggles with.
For this kind of work I would recommend you to use GIMP and save a few bucks.
i can't open vtf with gimp, how did you open vtf?
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You need a script for GIMP that allows vtf to be recognized and edited.
Don't know where to find it, look around the internet for it.
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Thanks bunches! I've heard about GIMP in the past but I've never really known what it thanks again! Also, the headhack tutorial has helped me Soooo much. Thanks for that too.
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Glad they were useful to you.
Remember this is just a guide and it's not mandatory to follow step by step.
I encorage people to experiment different solutions, different techniques, etc.
Just never stop learning.
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